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Brilliant support team. Fast and efficient answers. They have helped me out on two issues recently and that’s worked perfectly. Thanks again.

Hi@Smessalti: I am glad to see you in satisfied clients list.Thank you :)

Gallery is not working.Picture link here it going.Only show pictures.There is a problem.This is not what I want.Click the gallery we should open a popup.but not open.please help me.thank you

HI@buyanik: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Please create a ticket to our support system, write in detail about your issue with screen shot. Along your WP-admin site and FTP credentials. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved. Thank you

OK. ticket number #397849

Please visit your website your gallery issue has been resolved. Thank you

Hi the The “Cart” Page has some Layout Issue, you can see the problem in your demo page too: Could you tell us How can solve the issue?? many thanks

Hi@inetika: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Please visit our demo page ,cart layout issue has been resolved.For fix on your website please create a ticket to our support system ,explain your issue along your WP-admin site login credentials ,Your issue will be seen and resolved there.Thank You

Hi, theme is not compatible with 4.5. When will it be ?

Hi @ turchii. Thank you for your purchase and feedback. There is no known issue with latest wordpress version. it is working fine with latest version as there are no major changes in latest wordpress version.

Hello why doesnt this theme have a responsive mobile logo??

Hi @gootz123,

Thank you for your notification!

Issue has already been considered it will fix soon.

thank you.will it be included in an update?

Yes, next update will bring the solution for this. Thank you :)

Hi, I like it very much . But i check it in live view with the mobile vision , the nav / pull-down menu wouldn’t get shorter , then it blocked the header (including logo), is that fixed ? Thanks .

Another Q: Does the theme has a search bar?

Hi @altertig, Thanks for your notification, navigation issue has been resolved at our end, it will be live in next theme update.

Default wordpress search widget is available.


hi is there a way to take off the overlaying grid on the slider?

Hi @ gootz123 , Yes, That can be possible via adding custom css.

.mas-cont-sec article figure:before{
background-color: none !important;


Why are all the links broken in the demo? Almost nothing works.

Hi @ gootz123 , Can you please extend your support regular license as there is no supported tag against your buyer name where i can help you getting demo as per live demo. Read further licensing details here:


i am not looking for support!! im letting you know that your demo site on is not working! the the main navigation doesnt go past the 1st level and the home page all the links are broken. why does it take you 3 days to respond?

Thanks for notifying. All functions will be set right shortly on live demo.