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Awesome Theme 8-)

Thank you :)

HI Have you fixed the missing options on the theme options panel, I still cannot make the changes I mentioned yesterday? There’s no option for wide or boxed and i cannot change the way the blog items display, so basically the the theme is broken!


Wide or Box option is only available for pages and posts. There is no layout option in Theme options. Also, I have gone through the documentation, I admit that the point you referred in your last comment are included it, but they will be edited as they are no more available. Initially they were included, but later we removed in the update due to some betterment of the theme for the clients. I will get the documentation updated.

OK, so how do i go about making the home page display the posts as you have done in the demo, so they display across the page and are not paginated?

Can you please open a ticket at Dont not forget to give your site url and admin access , we will get that fix for you.

Hi Is this theme supports RTL? Thanks Rani

Yes, it does support RTL.

Hi I’ve bought the template today. I’m looking for a way to add video as a full BG in the homepage or video as portfolio. I can’t find it. In addition I don’t have an option to set up my homepage. Please advise Thanks

Have you purchased the WPML? If not, then please get it and install, it will support all languages. If yes, then please create a ticket at and provide your login details there. Support team will look into the issue and resolve it for you.


You are welcome :)

Hi, I like the full screen gallery and possibly an option to use it for home page,however I don’t want the images to be stretched. I want to upload each image at it’s own size eg 700×600, 1000×700 and leave them in full screen gallery with a slider. Is that possible?

Please use high resolution images and they will not stretch.

Also, I cannot see purchase code against your name. Please use the same email to comment which you used to buy the theme.

Very cool theme, although…. How I can set photo backgrounds in posts? I really cannot figure that out?

@hupcio this theme don’t cover post background.

Nice work! GLWS :)

Thanks thecrea!

looks great, i like the style ! Good job :)

Thank you :)

Hi, can u share PSD file please ?


And, can u add “filter category” for portfolio or gallery please ?

We cannot provide PSDs for this theme for now. Also I am afraid we cannot add portfolio or filter category.


Is there an installation set up guide somewhere that I am missing. A tutorial on how to set up pages to look like the way the theme looks on teh sales page? I’m lost on some things.

Please find the documentation in the package you download from theme forest. It is complete guide on installation.

Hi, i’ve purchased your theme but the CS option is different between documentation and live installed!! There isn’t Home page settings and Twitter API!!!

The documentation is being updated for this reason. We had given the same options initially as they are in documentation, but to make it work more better, we removed some of the option.

Hello I am interested in purchasing this theme, but I am wondering (since I cannot see the backend obviously) - The products featured in the “shop” as in your demo…. are they coming from portfolio products or from gallery photos or is it a completely separate thing? Can you explain a bit the workflow? Is woocommerce integrated or separated? Is the “fade slider” working only on the homepage template or is it applicable to other templates? I am interested in knowing if the fade slider or otherwise the fullscreen slider can or could have thumbnail navigation added somewhere on the page. If I can get some help I am more than qualify to change some of the php myself. Was wondering if in theory is possible, and or if the template can be modified as such. What is the usual turnaround for support for paying customers? What are the future improvements for the upcoming releases or otherwise what is the lifespan of the support for this peculiar theme?

We are not providing back ground option for this theme. Shop products are being shown here. WooCommerce is fully integrated but have to install its plug in. Fade slider can be used any where on any page. You can do any kind of customization, but we are not responsible for any errors after wards. Contact our representative via Contact Us form to know about paid customization.

Pre-buyers questions: 1. Are you planning to add filters to this theme? 2. I would like to build a home with an slider at the top and then the posts… is that possible???

Can you explain what filters you mean to explain?

Yes, you can have the above said home page.

I mean ajax filtering for masonry or posts grid…

Not really, we are not planning these filters for this project.

Another pre-buyer question:

I am a photographer and would like that my viewers to have the option to buy prints straight from the image galleries. Is it possible? Something like add to cart button with some possibility to choose dimensions etc.

I see now that there is a dedicated shop menu which is great, but not enough from my point of view.

Many thanks

I am afraid this theme does not offer this liberty.


Does this theme offer password protected galleries?

Thank you.

Yes, it does offer password protected galleries.


really like to purchase your theme, but have a short question. Is it possible to remove to icons/pictos in front of the menu buttons? e.g. little house in front of the home button.


Yes, you can change/ remove menu buttons from admin menu.

Are you planning to add revolution slider ? or any type of page building features?? Thanks.

We have given demo slider in the package. You can see them if they suit you.

What do you mean by demo slider??? The sliders that are in the “demo” of the page?? (I’ve already seen those and as i said i haven’t seen any half page slider) If you don’t mean that, how can i see them?

You are right. But we do not have any half page slider. you have to make one for you as per need.

Almost there, really looking forward to buy this:

1. I’ve seen that galleries appears also within the posts grid… is there anyway to give a link to those galleries, what i mean is that when you click in them (within the post grid) they do not do anything…

2. I’ve seen that there are Facebook and twitter squares within the post grid but when you click in them hey send you to a post within the webpage… those are posts??? are those twitter tweets??? I don’t understand very much that feature…

3. Is there anyway that i can integrate this theme with revolution slider by my own and used it within the page builder without losing any responsiveness????

4. Is there any individual authors page with all the posts that an author has written??? Can i build something like this by my own??? (Could i add a fancy header in the upper part?)

5. Where is the search bar?? This is a main feature for me… do you give any option to put it in the left sidebar? (right now there is no search widget there)

Thank you very much for your kindness.

1. A pop up for Gallery opens when You click it.

2. You can put facebook and twitter latest updates here, and it will show on detail page.

3. We are not providing revolution slider. it can be done via customization.

4. Whenever you click an author link, it will direct you to its page where all his posts will show up.

5. You can add search in any sidebar by adding a search widget.

1. When i click it does not open anything. 2. What do you mean by “it will show on detail page”, so this are not links to the twitter and Facebook publications?? 3. Without losing responsiveness?? 4. The demo doesn’t show any authors page… 5. Thanks.

1. It is showing up properly here at my end. 2. It is not linked properly. 3. Yes. Revolution slider is already responsive. 4. See this link 5. You welcome

Are you planning any important updates that it would be good to know in the near future???

It depends if any fix is needed. No trouble is there so far.

Hi Can I use the gallery to place youtube/vimeo videos? Or shold I upload all my videos to my site? Thanks

Yes, you can use the gallery for the said purpose.