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So, I just tried to buy this theme 5 times… but apparently paypal won’t work? None of my cards are declined, but each time I’m told that the payment can’t be processed.

Is there another way that I can buy this theme?

I got it to go through… but now I have endless code and my website is a mess. The app that allows you to customize the theme in wordpress isn’t updating things… what is going on?

I just rechecked the things for you and found no error here. If you are still facing them, please contact support team at They will set it right for you.

getting error on thumbnail images when I rollover on homepage v10…

Warning: substr() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in /home/dansites/public_html/dev-sites/earthcare/version1/wp-content/themes/snapture/functions-theme.php on line 884

Your ticket has been replied for this issue. Please stay in touch with support team to get it resolved.

Not sure if i’m completely missing it or if it isn’t listed but is this theme retina ready? Really interested in this one.

It is high resolution supported theme and have gone through retina test successfully.

Can you tell me how to change the ‘getting impressed?’ read more text?

I am unable to find this text ‘getting impressed? Kindly refer me the page link.

Nice and awesome theme! Could you tell what font of logo use ? It’s simple and beautiful ^ ^

@gzjian we used News701 BT,Thanks for kind words, But why not take little time out to give us reviews on download section with 5 stars ;-) .

How to use icon menu? I can’t find it in documents. Thanks :)

You need to add “i” tag like this in the menu section for each menu title.

Hello, I am interested in buying snapture, because I want to change to wordpress and this Template looks great and should fit my needs.

I never did use wordpress for website building, but I am used to “copy&paste” messing around with code for my websites. And I have two questions before buying Snapture:

1. Because I work as a music producer and live performer, I would like to dd music to my portfolios. Is there a possibility to integrate bandcamp`s music player instead of soundcloud (maybe by changing code?)

2. Is it possible to integrate event managing (for example the kalendar function like you offer with the “bolster” theme) ?

Thank you very much, and best regards.

I am really grateful for your kind response and acknowledgement. Also, I appreciate your feedback and agree that it can go more deeper. I will try to make it more better surely. However, video caption option allows you to select different captions from the given captions in the back end for your videos.

Ah, I see, “caption settings” is in relation with the “custom text” field. Thank you. Next Questions: Can I easily integrate widgets (eg. small newsletter form) into the menue bar, or do I have to use the additional sidebar ? I also would like to integrate static text (contact adress) under the menü, and I don`t want to use the “Copyright” field as a workaround. Is this possible without editing code ?

And I found some bugs (nothing really bad, but still a bug). Do you want to know about it ?

Hello. I want to know if this theme works on the latest version of wordpress 3.8.1?

@elblind021 yes it does , do let us know if you face any trouble.

I want add comment form to bottom image in gallery. How to ?

You can add comment form by activating page comments section in screen options.

Hi Pre-Sale Question,

Can your caption area on your fullscreen slide/video have HTML codes or short-codes? My goal is to put a simple form in the caption area on top of the slide or video.

Thank you. Cheers!

That caption is a simple text. You cannot put a html form there.

Great theme! I need to ask a question before purchasing. I want my home page to look exactly like your gallery page. But I want a mixture of actions for these images when you click on them.

Some I want to click through to a product in the shop, some to go to a blog post, some to go to a page. Is this possible in one click? Is the option available in the gallery image setup?

thanks, Karen

Thankyou for your appreciation about our theme. No, this is not possible . You can put only images in the gallery and on click image will open in light box. Other options for gallery images you can use are video or URL. Through URL option you can put Shop product or blog link for gallery image.

I’m trying to upload a post with WORDPRESS ANDROID APP but does not work, just a gray box appears.

this can be corrected?

@elblind021 please take a snapshot and create a ticket on our customer support system so that we can have a look for you.

Hi,Some questions here

How to change cation settings content in HOME v5 Fade Slider element of page builder?


I love your theme and am desiring moving away from my current one. However, I noticed that your theme is only compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.X and not the latest 2.1.2. Is this true?

Thank you,



How to edit skill text in portfolio page in demo data? I tried to create a new portfolio page and can’t find way to input skill text at left side as your demo site.

Thanks :)

At portfolio page there is field for Skills, add skills short code there.

How easy is it to add options to a product? I noticed none of your items in the demo have any options. Is there a max amount of options you can add per product?

Also how easy would it be to add a product zoom feature to the existing template? Is this handle by your theme or Woocomerce?

All these options are handled by WooCommerce. There is no limit for maximum amount.

Does your fullscreen video have Video control, such as volume/stop/play?

Yes, it does have the controls.


I’ve installed contact form 7 plug-in,and create a new form.

I just can’t see input text border when I placed it in tabs.

page link blow

Please help, thanks

@ Please open a ticket at our support system we will do rest for you, and request Contact form 7 fix thanks

WOW!!!! Love this one :D

Thank you @ virplay :)

Hello, Can we use left menu bar as fixed ? wihout collapse… Is there an fixed side bar option in theme settings ? Thanks

Yes, there is option to fix it. Please go to the theme options > Header Settings and do it for you.

Purchased! Thanks.

Thank you for your trust!! :)