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I believe I’m having the same questions with user goldeneye!

Looks great , it’s a shame that newsletter notification does not work.

Hello there, Would like to know if it works with wordpress ? Many thanks in advance , Kindly, Van

It’s not “developed” for WordPress. But you can integrate it yourself.

Kind regards, Fusion media

Hmm… sadly I bought this before realizing this was not for Wordpress. Any plans to create a wordpress version of this?

We don’t have any plans of releasing a Wordpress version at this time, sorry.

Kind regards, Fusion Media

I bought this because it had the newsletter sign-up on it – now I find out that the very feature I most wanted is the only non-functional one. I am disappointed.

Sorry about inconvenience, but: As it is stated on both the preview and the description, it is simply a form. We do not in any way indicate that it is functional.

Kind regards, Fusion Media

Can you give me some direction on implementing this on a wordpress site ?

...How do you activate the jQuery countdown…?


...Never mind, I found it…I change the date in the main.js file…


Lovely template, but extremely disappointed the sign up tab doesn’t work at all.

I am not a coder / programmer / web designer and just wanted a nice holding page for my new site.

If anyone could point me – a complete newbie to this – to somewhere I can learn how to make this vital component work, I’d be very grateful.

Thanks FusionMedia for your nice work and with a quick edit the contact forms works really good.

Have a nice day.


Thank you so much for the kind words.

You have a nice day too :)

Kind regards, Fusion Media

Hi I was very excited about using this but the file doesn’t open it keeps saying corrupted. :( Help me please

Hi, thank you for buying our template.

It sounds like something went wrong when you downloaded the file, try downloading it again and unpack it.

Kind regards, Fusion Media


How exactly did you do a “quick edit” and get the form to work?


I bought this template just because it had the newsletter sign-up on it – now I find out that the very feature I most wanted is the only non-functional one. I am VERY disappointed.

Hi mehranmahouti.

We’re sorry to hear that you are disappointed, but the feature you are talking about, is in no way mentioned as a functional one (it is only mentioned as a form), it is instead a “placeholder”, so you can integrate your own newsletter system.

Kinds regards, Fusion Media

Nice Work.

Does this template send me an email when someone signs up to be notified or contacts me through the contact form?

And does it collect the email addresses in a text file or database?



It doesn’t, it’s just a static HTML form.

Kind regards, Fusion Media

This is a REALLY misleading template. It wouldn’t take much for you guys to make the mailing list function work. You are pissing off more people than you are making happy. Me not happy.

Sorry to hear that you’re not happy. This is merely a HTML template, and therefor just the shell. We nowhere say that it contains a backend mailing list (which a lot of other authors templates does not either).

Nonetheless, I will consult with the programmer to hear his opinion regarding an update.

Kind regards, Fusion Media

We have uploaded a version 2.0, with the mailing list function, and some other enhancements.

We hope you enjoy it.

I must add my voice to this, you may choose not to post. Fusion Media stop misleading consumers and spell the pros and cons about your products. A bunch of BS…. Sorry to this…sorry to hear that shit ….I am looking forward to a refund cause the shit is of no use to me

Hi Nic_Tranq.

Thank you for your message.

We have now gotten a couple of messages telling us that they expect a functioning mailing list – though we are talking about 1 percent of the total number of sales. Though that might not be a whole lot, we have still concluded that we want to satisfy the few who needs a mailing list. Therefore we have now updated the template to version 2.0, with the addition of a functioning mailing list, as well as some other enhancements. Also note that it now says “Working e-mail subscription” in the description – where as it before only said it was a “form” (never did it say it was functioning) – That aside, it is functioning now, and we included a intuitive control panel to manage it as well.

We hope you enjoy the update.

Kind regards, Fusion Media

Could you please refund?

I thought the template was for wordpress websites.


Dear friend, I am not able to access the area of “admin” already tested it and redid the settings database and everything else that could cause the error.

SQLSTATE ” [ 28000 ] ” ” [ 1045 ] ” Access denied for user

Can you give me any tips or advise if there is a Bug?


Dear friend, have solved the problem, lol. It was something with my hosting. PHP 5 .3 and PDO .


hello, your design and also your preview is not working on multiple firefox versions. me and a friend of mine tested it … the counter just says 0 days and is not counting down.

can you tell me a workaround or provide a hotfix?