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Hi Kenny,

Love your theme, it’s great.

I would like to make the homepage template a regular page though. So the main home page ( should be the ‘about’ page.

How should I do that?



Hi David, It looks like your using the WordPress version of Soap. You need to contact Theme Canon for support about this, and not me.

hi kenny,

i want to purchase this item for a client but first i want to make a design for him, do you have screenshot of the website so i can make a design in photoshop?

Hi, the PSD is part of the download if that matters.

Hello there, great layout. :)

I have one problem/question, hope you can help. I edited layout and everything is working fine – except – when I put my page on the server – on index page I can’t see sliding pictures (3 of them). “Pictures” are just blank, and on top quotes are displaying I everything else is okay. But – no pictures. Is it possible that this is JavaScript fail or? (I haven’t touched anything)

Please, help.

whats your URL please?

I’am interested in graphics arts that I see in the preview..Who is the author? Can I use the template with or without this graphics? Thank you

Sorry for the late reply, was away on holidays. The images in the preview do not come with this template. You can purchase them seperatley from Yes the template can be used without these graphics infact it is meant to be used with your own images.

Hi Kenny, this is my favourite theme and already use it here,

I’d like to use it for another site but I’d like to embed a video into the header/slider area, is that possible?

Thanks, and greetings from London.

Andy Francis

Hi Andy, I think you need to be commenting on the WordPress version of this theme:

Hi Kenny,

Great work! Had a quick question, I’m working on the menu portion of the site and my menu links are quite long for example, I have links on the menu like this:

Periodontics Treatment Gum and Tissue Deformation + 3 more of these.

The structure of the page and menu works for about 4 of these links, but when I add a 5th link, the menu link drops down to another line.

Any suggestions on this?

Thank you in advance!

Here is an image for reference of what is occurring: Here is the code I am using:

Hope that helps, and thank you in advance!!!

LOVE, this template!

Figured it out! Sorry to spam the comments, again awesome theme!

Hi, does Soap html(no wordpress) theme have dark skin? Is it possible to make 3-level menu?

No it does’ come with the dark skin, but it is easy enough to change. I can give you the color values. Yes it can do 3 levels of menu.


I wonder if soap template have some search place. I not find that! I want a search place in the top of the main page. What is the code html and where i put this code?

Thank and greetings!

Very nice template!


Hu Julio, This is a html template, you can add a form field for search however you still need some script to power the search. I suggest looking at integrating Google Search into your site, this will allow you to have a search bar in your site and will return search results from within your site.

Here Julio again!

My purchase code is: a02b8c68-ee2e-4108-a91b-522375585229- 6 Oct 2015 REGULAR LICENSE


I wonder if you cab help me more!

I want only search in soap website! How look the html code and where i can put this?

Do you have some nice template for a advertising company, advertising in a website?




Hi Julio, html is not enough on its own to make a search function. I suggest look at using this:

Hello !

How are you?

My questions is about this files:


1. when I click the image, the image gets larger, but can I have a new link in this picture so I can go to other website address? Solution?

2. Can i have pictures with “gallery” in another page (photos.html for example) not in index.html, men still i can see the pictures from photo-html with “gallery” in the index.html! Is possible? Or i must see only pictures with “gallery” only in the same page?

3. If this is not possible!

How can I have invisible images on index.html, so nobody can see, but they can only see the images after they click one image with “gallery” (data-FancyBox-group = “gallery)

I hope you understand what i mean!

Best Regards



3. You can have multiple classes on a single element. Put the class hidden on the “mosaic-block” element.

1. Use a screensharing service like:

1. you can see here:

I click one picture in the website and the picture be more big!

but now I want click the big picture to go to the other website! I mean the big picture must be link!

Is possible?

No sorry you can have a link inside the picture, it’s not possible.


I only wonder if you got my messages?

Have a nice day!


Hi Julio, I have just responded to your previous support, sorry for the delay.

hello! The webside processForm.php is incomplete, not have the phone number.

The webside contact.html have phone number but when i get the email is not include the phone number!


// Assign the input values to variables for easy reference $name = $_POST[“name”]; $email = $_POST[“email”]; $message = $_POST[“message”];

// Test input values for errors $errors = array(); if(strlen($name) < 2) { if(!$name) { $errors[] = “Du må skrive inn et navn.”; } else { $errors[] = “Navnet må være på minst 2 tegn.”; } } if(!$email) { $errors[] = “Du må skrive inn en e-post.”; } else if(!validEmail($email)) { $errors[] = “Du må skrive inn en gyldig e-postadresse.”; } if(strlen($message) < 10) { if(!$message) { $errors[] = “Du må skrive inn en melding.”; } else { $errors[] = “Meldingen må være på minst 10 tegn.”; } }

if($errors) { // Output errors and die with a failure message $errortext = ””; foreach($errors as $error) { $errortext .= “

  • ”.$error.”
  • ”; }

    $subject = “Soap Contact Form: $name”; $message = ”$message”; $headers = “From: $email”;


    <form id=”contactform” action=”php/processForm.php” method=”post”>

    <input type=”text” id=”name” name=”name” placeholder=”Navn” />
    <input type=”email” id=”email” name=”email” placeholder=”E-post” />
    <input type=”text” id=”phone” name=”phone” placeholder=”Telefon” />
    <textarea id=”message” name=”message” rows=”5” cols=”20” placeholder=”Melding”></textarea>
    <input name="button" class="btn" type="submit" value="Send Melding" id="send" />

    Good thank! But you forgot: “Test input values for errors” for phone!

    Now work but the information come together , see the example down! How can be better, not together like this.

    Julio Toledo 90103761 Hello!

    How are you?


    I think something like this:

    Julio Toledo



    How are you?


    Hi, Please do the following. Add this to after line 30 in the PrcessForm.php

    if(!$phone) {
        $errors[] = "You must enter an phone.";
    And then on line 59, update to this:
    $message = "$name \n $phone \n $message";
    Hello, I’ve purchased your theme and I have a problem with the galleries. Here the link of my web site: As you can notice the images are not uploaded correctly. Your demo on line doesn’t have the same problem. Can you please help me? Many thanks, Michela

    The gallery is not initialising after the page load, which is the update that was added to the main.js. This update can be seen in action here: if your page is not doing this it looks like the main.js wasn’t overwritten of updated. Can you send me your FTP details at all, use the contact author form on my profile.

    I copied the main.js from the link you gave me and now It’s ok, my gallery now works.(pay attention, the mai.js in the package is not updated!). Anyway, Thank you so much for your cooperation.

    I have doubled checked this, and it most certainly is updated, as that was the whole and sole reason for the theme update.

    Hello Kenny, Help! My web host has discontinued php 5.4. Can you send me updated php scripts to fix this? Thanks! Lisa

    From my web host: We recently informed you that the PHP community no longer supports PHP 5.4 as of September 2015. Due to customer demand, we have assumed support of this obsolete version to ensure that your website remains protected from hackers. If you would like to update your default PHP version, you can do so in just a few clicks. We highly recommend using a current PHP version, such as PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0, in order to benefit from the new functions and improved performance. You are currently using PHP 5.4