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Very good idea and a unique combination of Blog and Portfolio, well done.

Great photography theme! GLWS!:)

Clean work, looks great. Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards

looking great EugeneO. I’m new to wordpress so pardon the ignorance, but can I edit things like speed of zoom when hovering, color of hover state, font selection, or the spinning action of the arrows? Can I change the code in the editor? Or is it WYSIWYG of the live demo? Thank you in advance if you can respond.

The Test Drive link on the demo takes you to the WordPress customizer. This is exactly the same as what is in the theme and includes all the built in theme options. Anything beyond that would have to be changed manually via coding.

got it, i’ll check out the test drive, thank you

Cool job!Best of luck :)

Good job! GLWS!

Awesome design. GLWS! :)

EugeneO, what say?
I simply love your works and I love it.
Keep it up!


This is a beautiful theme, just purchased it. Does the theme come with the demo images and video? I cannot find them.


Look for any video stock site such as Also Vimeo and Flickr both have Creative Commons videos.

Added the vimeo link into the homepage’s video source, tried both: Webm source and MP4, it’s not showing the video.

When I added a video to the media library it worked, but would rather show it from vimeo or youtube, etc.

You have to host the video yourself by uploading it to your WordPress site.

very nice

can you have the menu without ghosting ?

It would be nice to integrate a plugin ecommerce ….. like a “easy digital download”

it is possible to obtain the documentation or watch a video to better understand the functions of the theme?

1.) This will remove the transparency from the navigation links:
.header-content nav ul a,
.header-content nav h1:first-child + ul:hover a { opacity:1; }

But adding that will mean there is no hover effect on the navigation links.

2.) The theme was designed primarily as a blogging theme so eCommerce wasn’t ever on the agenda. I can see how it might be a useful feature but I have no experience with any of the eCommerce plugins and it would take some time to implement so I am hesitant to do it.

3.) The theme uses existing WordPress features and functionality so if you know the basics to WordPress you will no no problems at all.

Hi!, Amazing theme thanks. I just have one issue. For the home page i set it to a static page and i wanted the to show what category its in but i don’t know how to except using the home page as a cat . anyway of doing that? is the site

You can either have the category labels showing on all of the grid squares on this page ( or have the category labels showing on none of the grid squares.

Your portfolio structure should be hierarchical it should look like this:

  • Work
    • Websites
    • Photography
    • Videos
    • Prints
    • Vectors

Once your portfolio structure looks like that there is no need to create a specific portfolio category for the home page as you just select the “Work” category as the portfolio to show on the home page.

The portfolio grid will then show the lowest possible portfolio category from the hierarchy. In the above example “Work” would only ever be shown as a portfolio category label if the portfolio item was not in one of the other child portfolio categories (Website, Photography, etc).

AWESOME! i got it to work. thanks for your patience and your great explanation.

No problem. Best of luck with the website.

Hi. Great theme! I’m trying to change the default font. Any way to use google fonts with this theme?

You use google fonts the same way as with any normal website. As it is WordPress you need to enqueue the font stylesheet in the functions.php of a child theme rather than hardcode the link into the site page code. You can then apply the font via CSS in the style.css of the child theme.

Here is a tutorial showing how to correctly use google fonts with WordPress:

Any chance I can turn off, Some or All of the little animations of the icons? I’m probably going to purchase this theme today…

You can remove them via CSS.

.square-icon:hover span {
-webkit-transform: none;
-moz-transform: none;
-o-transform: none;
-ms-transform: none;
transform: none;

Hello Eugene0

Is it possible to center the single posts, without the Featured Image on the left side?

Thanks and Keep the amazing work Guga

ok…:) no problem. Good luck with the sales!

Looking at the code you would need to create a new version of navigation.php in a child theme and then remove is_single() from the big conditional statement that adds the feature-content-half class to the content area.

You would then need to create a new version of single.php in the child theme with the feature content removed (you could remove the entire .feature-content div) and replacing funky_the_remaining_content() with the_content().

After that I think it would be small CSS tweaks.

.single .page-content { max-width: 9999px; } // To remove the existing page width limitation.

.single .content-padding {
margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 980px

Great…i’ll follow your instructions.

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Hi. I really like this template. Does this template support selfhosted h264 files?

Best regards, Bo

Hi. Thanks for the very quick reply. I’m particulary interested in hosting my showreel in the portfolio section and using selfhosted quicktime h264 files. It’s good to know, that it works.

How about a Photo portfolio? Is it possible to have the portfolio set up that a click on the preview picture reveals a bigger size photo without the text? Or is it possible to navigate easier through the pictures besides the dots (like in the “Desktops” Post in the portfolio section)?

And is it possible to have a picture slideshow on the first homescreen rather that a background video?

Thanks for the help.

For the most complete browser coverage you will need both a .MP4 and .WebM version of the background video.

There are two two ways to main ways to show a gallery of images in a portfolio the slider and gallery:

Neither of them allow you to click on the images to expand them.

You can have either a single image or a video background on the fullscreen page template. No slideshows.

Thanks for the reply. That helps!

Greetings, I’ve installed this theme and am enjoying the organization and grid formatting. The documentation is clear and helpful. :)

However I find that the small menu button for collapsing navigation isn’t going to be enough for [my] viewers.

Can you help me out with some info? Is it possible to change the ‘icon’ style with three lines to a word, or to turn off the collapsible menu all together? I was hoping switching it to say something like “Menu” wouldn’t be too difficult. Any help is appreciated.

The three lines is the now the standard for “menu” however it is possible to change it.

The menu toggle button is found at the very bottom of header.php. Create a copy of header.php and place it in a child theme. Then change this:

<!-- Navigation Menu Toggle -->
<span class="square-icon menu-toggle">
    <span class="funky-icon-menu" />

To something like this:

<!-- Navigation Menu Toggle -->
<span class="square-icon menu-toggle">
    <span><?php _e( "Menu", "funky_theme" ); ?></span>

You need to remove the funky-icon-menu class to remove the original icon and add your replacement text inside the span element. You will then have to do some CSS tweaking to make the text fit as the button currently has as set width of 60px.

Hi! I really love this theme but Iam a little bit afraid of using it as I´d never used Wordpress before…

Is there a way to install a demo and just change the images or something?


The theme includes demo content in the form of an xml file that you import into WordPress using the WordPress import plugin. The content in the XML is very similar (although not completely identical) to what is on the demo site but does not include any of the images or videos.

The theme is built on existing WordPress features so it’s very easy to use. Here is a link to the theme documentation for you to take a look at:

Hi, great theme! I have one question. Is it possible to change the static picture in the standarttemplate for pages into a gallery simular as a portfolio post? Thx! Frank

No it is not. You can use the stacked gallery layout on portfolio posts and standard posts but not on pages.

That would be a nice feature for my intentions, if it is possible to use a gallery instead the static picture. perhaps one time it will be ;-)