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Hi mate,

Nice job on this theme :) Finally found something pro & quick to edit !

However I still have some questions about the code, can’t make something perfect & need you help on little details :

1°) I’ve tried to adapt music post using the theme but even if it’s specify & I’m using the soundcloud wordpres URL the sound appear below the image but also bugged in the post :/ How can make something clean & perfect like in your demo? Look this example :

I also got the same problem with video :/ doesn’t appear normally : 2°) Why can I justify the Title post to the post size? Seach for hours but didn’t find why the post title only fit in post list and not inside a post..

Can you tell me what’s wrong in the code to have the post title justify like the text?

3°) Last but not least, Do you know how to add the same padding to the Disqus plugins to have something perfect?!

Thanks for your return ! Can’t wait to rate this theme :)))

Hello man, Thanks for your quick answer.

Because all the blog content is going to the iOS & Android app & now I’ve put a gallery on each post, it’s appear in the app & look more than ugly :(((

Is that possible to talk about this modification? I’m ready to pay for this little edit that can just let me launch my project ! Here is my mail :

Check your email.

Done ;0)

Can I have image on homepage not video?

any thoughts of homepage slider?

Yes you can have an image background instead of a video on the Fullscreen page template.

No there is no option to have the navigation load in the open position. You would have to modify the code yourself to achieve that.

There is no slider page template. I have no plans to add one.

so close…thanks anyway

I’m using this template for a non-portfolio based website. When I add an item to the portfolio, the URL renders as http://www,[webdomain].com/portfolio/ How do I change the folder hierarchy “portfolio” to something else like “collections” for example.

Thank you for your help.

The portfolio post type is added via a third party plugin. You should ask over on the plugins support page as they will be able to give you much more accurate advice.


You can easily download that plugin and use Notepad to do a find&replace of every word portfolio. I can help you out if you need help. Just lemme know. :-)


This theme is truly amazing my friend!!!! SOOO sleek and clean. Love the blog formatting too!

Really great job. On my purchase list.

Hi there. I bought the theme and it looks amazing. I am very new to all of this so please excuse If I’m missing something obvious. I upload and install everything, hosted by go daddy. I get my logo into the middle of the home page but I also want to put my video in and loop it. So I upload the video and it says yeah fine. I say top of page full screen for video (or whatever it precisely says) press save, publish and load the homepage..but no video. The video is from the Videohive and in MP4 format and 3MB’s.

Any help? Thanks

Awesome. Thanks. Have to say this is really great after sales service. Thanks a lot! Have already recommended to many people :)

Another thing. How can I add a soundcloud social link to the template or is there any way possible we could come to an arrangement to include one? Thanks

Thanks. Make sure you also upload a still frame image from the video background to the image background option on that page. The image will be shown instead of the video on smaller resolutions.

Hi there,

Great theme, just bought it.

I have a quick question that I hope won’t be too much trouble. For portfolio items, the video portfolio item layout outputs a video player generated from the first URL found in the page content.

How can I make it not do this?

I’m trying to use the video layout for different means. I still want to keep the media background image, but I don’t need a video. So I don’t need theme to generate a video player from first link in content.

Any help is appreciated!


Thanks for the fast reply!

I’ve tried your suggestions but still can’t seem to get it working correctly. The first image url keeps being removed and appears as a broken link in the content area.

In single-portfolio.php there are 3 instances of

<?php funky_embed_feature_content(); ?>

One of them is in

I’ve removed all I found and it still doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also replaced the <?php funky_embed_feature_content(); ?> with the code you provided and all it seemed to do was put all the images in the featured content area but it still removed the first one from the main content area.

You are correct <?php funky_embed_feature_content(); ?> appears three times in the template. It is the first instance you need to remove.

<div class="media-wrapper">
<?php funky_embed_feature_content(); ?>

Becomes this:

<div class="media-wrapper">

You might then also need to give .media-wrapper a minimum height to act as padding so that the background image is visible.

The code changes prevent the video or audio from being output at the top of the page and retain the first URL in the post content but only on the video and audio layouts. The Gallery and Slider layout will still behave as they do in the default theme.

EDIT: In fact this code would be better than what was in my original post.

Replace this:
<?php funky_the_remaining_content(); ?>
with this:
<?php if (
    get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'soapbox_portfolio_item_layout', true ) == 'gallery'
    || get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'soapbox_portfolio_item_layout', true ) == 'slider'
) { 
} else {
} ?>

Perfect! It’s working correctly now.

Thanks for the help! And again, awesome theme GLWS!

Hello there,

I have 2 questions that I hope you can help with:

• How do i set the home page to be the full screen video player and not a blog listing?

• Is there a way to get the audio to play for the video backgrounds?

Thanks in advance!

Scratch that first question, i figured it out ;)

Any help with the audio would still be a great help, thank you!

EDIT: I would not recommend enabling audio on background videos. Research has shown that many visitors immediately leave pages that autoplay sound.

If you still want to enable sound on background videos you would have to remove the muted attribute from the html5 video player code in each of the page template files (templates named “page-{template name}.php”).

The line were the muted attribute needs to be removed looks like this:
<video class="background-video" <?php echo $poster; ?> preload="auto" autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" muted="muted">

To make this change you should copy each of the page template to a child and modify the child theme version of the templates.

You would then have to take the uncompressed jquery.custom.js file from the development folder in the theme download and remove the line of code that mutes the background videos (this was used to fix a bug in safari where the mute attribute did not work).

/* Safari Background Video Sound Fix */
jQuery(item).prop("muted", true);

You then rename the file to jquery.custom.min.js and upload it to the theme js folder replacing the existing version in the theme. You might be able to upload it a js folder in your child theme and the theme will use that version instead of the version in the parent theme although I’m not 100% sure about that.

I completely agree with you on your recommendation, but, thank you for taking the time in order to give me the option of having sound, i greatly appreciate it!

Will their be a Wordpress version of this amazing theme. It’s perfect and I hope to see a wp soon:)

This is a WordPress theme.

Yo, smashing theme with good documentation. I purchased and got a dummy site up for someone very quickly. Thanks.

The only problem I had was when adding categories and subcategories for portfolio. If you select to ‘Show category label’ what then happens is that both category and subcategory label layer on top of each other so you can’t really use that feature. You might want to fix that. Other than that, good work


Sounds like you have setup your portfolio incorrectly.

Your portfolio structure should look something like this:

  • Work
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Photographs
  • Staff

You then assign the portfolio items to the lowest level portfolio category (in the above example that would be “Staff” or any of the children of “Work” (but not the “Work” category itself). Put simply portfolio items should be in one portfolio category and that category should be the lowest level applicable.

Hi, i’m struggling to figure out how to get the text over vid effect that the demo displays, can you help?

The content shown over the background image or video is whatever content you have added to the content editor.

To get the background image or video select the Fullscreen template on the page edit screen and then set your background image or video in the options that appear below the content editor.


whenever I read a blog post, I try to exit out of the individual post, but it just reloads the same page. For some reason, it is going to the individual post url instead of back to the general blog page. Please help if you can.


Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention. This happens when you have the main blog page as your home page rather than a static page as your home page. The page_for_posts option is empty so no URL is output.

Its a simple fix. At the top of single.php replace this:

<a class="square-icon back-to-archive" href="<?php echo get_permalink( get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) ); ?>">
    <span class="funky-icon-back" />

with this:

<?php if( get_option( 'show_on_front' ) == 'page' ) {
    $back_url = get_permalink( get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) );
} else {    
    $back_url = get_bloginfo('url');
} ?>

<a class="square-icon back-to-archive" href="<?php echo $back_url; ?>">
    <span class="funky-icon-back" />

I will be adding this fix in the next update which is planned for Monday or Tuesday.

thank you

Hello! I love the theme! It’s just giving me some headache in regards to two issues I would like to address:

1. How can I create a stacked gallery layout on the portfolio pages? Has that something to do with the difference between Posts and Portfolio? Because I want to create an item that has more than one image in the item page.

2. How do I control what images are linked to a gallery for a specific page?

Kind regards!

On the portfolio edit screen select the gallery layout from the layout option below the content editor. This is the help text from the portfolio page edit screen.

The gallery portfolio item layout automatically outputs a gallery consisting of images specified in the first [gallery] shortcode found in the page content. If no [gallery] shortcode is found in the page content any images that are attached to the page will be shown instead. N.B Images must be attached to the page but must NOT be inserted into the page content.

I really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to answer everyone’s question, thats awesome. I have one more for ya.

Is it possible to turn off the animation on the menus, arrows, etc?

Yes it has to be done through CSS. I think I posted the code in a previous comment so have a look back.

Can the blog right sidebar be removed?

And before I purchase the theme, I would like to know if you will help me on replacing the buttons and removing the animation from the buttons. Thank you, Eugene.

I can give you some general guidance but I can’t necessarily provide code or do it for you.

Yes, guidance. With some tips I can do it myself. Thanks

Great Theme! Does it have the possibility of multiple portfolio pages as in the demo? Cheers.

You can have as many portfolios as you like.

Okay, so as I was saying, I would like to know how to (1) remove the animation from the buttons, and (2) I would like to completely remove the blog right sidebar. Thank you, Eugene :)

1.) This will remove the animations:

.square-icon:hover span {
-webkit-transform: none;
-moz-transform: none;
-o-transform: none;
-ms-transform: none;
transform: none;

2.) Copy single.php to a child theme and remove this:

<span class="square-icon sidebar-toggle">
    <span class="funky-icon-more" />

and this:

<?php get_template_part( 'sidebar' ); ?>

Do I have to upload a child theme? I don’t understand poit 2, sorry.

If you are customizing a WordPress theme you should always use a child theme. Refer to the documentation.

Hello, is it possible to scale the left part with the pictures in the templates from 50% to 30%? It would be nice to do so in the option panel. Best regards, Frank

Add this to the stylesheet in a child theme.

.feature-content-half > .feature-content { width: 35%; }

.feature-content-half > .page-content {
margin: 0 0 0 35%;
width: 65%;

Thank you very much!!!!

Hi. I’m interested in buying your theme but I have two questions.

How easy is to setup the portfolio style? I’ve bought one theme a couple o months ago and it’s being a real pain to setup the portfolio.

The second question is, do you have any contact form with this theme?


It’s very easy to setup portfolios.

There is contact page template that outputs a map beside the content.

The form is not built into the theme because that is not how themes should be built. Instead the theme is built to be used with the Contact From 7 plugin.


I would like to know if its posible to add more items to a project like this and how would I visualize it.

Also I would like to know if it´s possible to make the image in the project above bigger…


That is the standard portfolio layout. You can add as many images to the posts as you like as it is just an image inserted into the content. The image width cannot be larger than the content area.