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Hi, great theme! 2 Things,

1. I uploaded an mp4 video as background for the home page, it takes a while to load. It just showed black background, how can I improve that?

2. The structure of the URL is the following:


I can’t have that, It just need it to be


Please advice?

thanks Eugene, looking forward to hear from you!

Can you send me a message via the contact form on my profile page? I wasn’t able to replicate the problem myself so I would like you to try my fix before I release it.

I’ve sent the message Eugene, thanks!


1. Is there any way to eliminate the animation (when hovering) and by this make it more responsive?

2. Can I choose a different type of overlay for the Portfolio (Home Alt) Page?

1. Any animates you want to remove would have to be done through CSS.

2.) What do you mean by “overlay”? If you mean the portfolio item title and category then no there is only what you see in the demo.

Really cool UX work for this theme. Bravo !

Subject : Insert Page List Shortcode.


Can’t figure out how to make this work. I didn’t find any explanations inthe documention and this is only my third wordpress site. Maybe i’m still kind of newbie. Using the “Insert PageList” button I got this shortcode to call a specific page in a Page List after choosing options in the Page List Shortcode pop-up : [funky_pagelist number=”1” columns=”1” page=”name-of-the-page” orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC” image=”true” title=”true” excerpt=”true”]

This only thing i see after is the lien of code in my content just like as i would have been a classic


Help appreciated. Thank you. Really cool UX work for this theme. Bravo !

I’ve founded the shortcode in the xml file for the dummy content. In fact ID must be numbers… now it works. Is it possible to display the feature image of the page as i’ve seen on your WirePress theme ?

I come to something for the image too. But if i use the button “Insert Page List”, nothing… still got the shortcode as p in the content…

The image parameter is true or false. This option determines whether or not the page’s feature image is shown in the output page list.

Hey! Awesome work, EugeneO! Love this theme – just bought it :)

Here’s a question I have: I really like the blog layout ( Is there a way I can use that layout as a portfolio grid? (I know square, landscape, and protrait are the only options, but I be totally grateful if you could suggest a hack :) Or, if not, is there a way I could use that layout and link to ‘pages’ instead of ‘posts’?

Thank you,


Hey Eugene, I am going to PM you about this :)

Unfortunately I do not take on any freelance projects.

Understandable :) Thanks for offering such great support anyway. Much appreciated!

Hi, I’m having some problems with the theme. could you please help me? How do I use the social networks feature? I added my facebook link – in the format – but it is adding my site address to the link and it doesn’t work.

How do I change the format of text on my posts? I’m getting a white text on a white background when writing the posts that is very hard to use. also, I can´t change any parameters of the text like bold, color, etc.

1.) Include “http://” at the beginning of the social network links.

2.) The theme does not interfere with the styling of the content editor text. This sounds like it is being caused by a plugin.

thanks! the social network links are working now.

this is the link to my website for you to check the other issue:

If it’s in the admin area I’m not going to be able to see it. As I said in my previous reply, the theme doesn’t change the content editors styling at all so my best guess is that a plugin is causing the problem either by loading CSS that shouldn’t be there or because of a Javascript error.

The first step to solving the issue is to disable all plugins and seeing if the problem goes away. If it does you reactivate each plugin one by one to identify which was the cause.

thanks for the quick answer. I’ll try that, but now I’m dealing with a much worse problem. I updated all the plugins and now I’m getting a fatal error when I try to access the admin page :-(

I solved the problem removing all the plugins. now I’ll put them back one by one to find out the one the is causing the error.


is it possibleto have a just one page and/or just blog page?



It’s a WordPress theme so you can have as many or as few pages as you like.

How can I make the buttons backgrounds transparent? Thank you

The default buttons are already transparent. The background of button added via shortcode (with the exception of the default button color) cannot be made transparent because the CSS is applied as the shortcode is added to the page content. Instead you would have to use plain HTML with a style attribute.

<a class="funky-button" href="#" style="border-color: #000; color: #000;">Button</a>

Sorry Eugene, by “buttons” I meant the menu icon, next and prev icons, etc. How can I make their bgs transp.? Thank you

This is what you need:

.square-icon { background-color: transparent !important; }

Hey, great theme EugenO! just purchased it! :) I recently tried to have fullscreen image in portfolio.. as you have last project in your theme preview (“Desktops”), with slideshow function. How can i do it?

Choose the “Slider” layout from the Layout option on the portfolio item’s edit screen. Then follow the help text that appears,

it works now :) thank You so much!

Eugene, I would like to replace the menu button, the + and the arrows with customized .png buttons. Since they are not .png files it’s difficult for me to find them in the source and simply change them. How/where can I change them with normal .png format buttons. Thank you so much!

The icons are in the navigation.php, single.php and single-portfolio.php template files. You need to remove the span icons and replace them with your PNGs.

I know where they are, I’m just asking how can I replace them with .png files (a short example or something). Most of us, your clients, we are not developers that’s why we use ThemeForest. Is there other way I can get support, a forum or something? Thanks anyway.

P.S. This one here too “Use the page’s body class CSS selector to set the button to display: none;.”... You’re not guiding me, you’re telling. I know you can’t provide full support, but at least for this kind of small things we should get some help and guidance. No offense, Eugene.

What you are asking goes beyond the scope of bug support with this item. It is not my place to teach you CSS or HTML so you need to take it up on yourself to learn. I have answered every question you have asked with exactly what you need to do. If you CSS and HTML knowledge is not adequate enough to understand it the instructions it is your responsibility to correct that.

So again,

1.) To change the icons you need to replace the <span class="funky-icon-{icon name}" /> at the top of header.php (not navigation.php as I said before), single.php and single-portfolio.php with your image PNGs.

2.) Use the class on page’s body tag to select only the menu icon on that page. Every page has a body class. Find the class on that page’s body tag that includes the page ID so that it is unique to that page.

.page-id-6 .menu-toggle {}

Hi EugeneO,

Fist of all, great job with the theme.

I have one big problem. When I try to set up my portfolio, the grid looks like working (the featured image appears normally), but when I click on the portfolio item, It brings me to a complete white page.

You can have a look here

I strictly tried to follow the steps of your index document, but I might have skipped something. It has been 2 days I’m trying to fix this, but nothing…

If you have a bit of time to help me, it’d be great.



The site you linked to is using the default twenty thirteen theme.

Yes, sorry, I just reset the complete theme from scratch now. I still get the same issue with the portfolio.

Never mind. I wasn’t working on the latest version Worpress. I just made the update, and it looks that the problem is solved.

Thank you anyway, and sorry for having bothered you.



Hi Eugene, great theme.

But. i guess i find a bug. When i close portfolio detail page, its returning portfolio archive instead of portfolio link (url/works etc.) it may not be a problem but, portfolio archive page is kind of weird;

category name is broken (out of style) and theme customization options (appearance/customize/portfolio archives) can’t effect this page.

i think the solution is ’’back-to-archive’’ button should redirect ’’portfolio link’‘


The link works as it is supposed to. The only bug is the category label styling which I will fix in the next update.

You customize the layout of portfolio categories on the Portfolio > Portfolio Categories screen.

Hey Eugene, The social icons you use are beautiful, but my portfolios are not inheriting them and I am stumped. Do I need to install and activiate a particular pluggin for those icons? Any advice? Here’s an example of what I’m getting: Thanks again, man. Great theme and great support.

You need to enable them in the Portfolio Categories options. Go to Portfolio Categories and click on the Edit button under the portfolio category name then enable the “Show social share buttons on portfolio items” option.

Got it. Thanks I had to do that for the parent category too, but now, looks like it’s working :)

Dear Eugene,

Could you please advice how to get all features from post eg: search button, Archives, Categories, Recent Post? Can’t find this option,

Also ho do I remove Meta field?


I don’t understand what you mean.

Eugene :) , in demo version if you go to any post and click red button with white cross (upper-right corner of the screen) window pop up with : search button, Archives, Categories, Recent Post. How I can turn these on?

They are widgets added to the post sidebar on the Appearance > Widgets screen. The sidebar is only available on posts.

Hi Eugene, One more thing :) I’m trying to make a video portfolio item, but i am unable to get the video to show in the hero. I’ve selected video in the dropdown – and it works when I point out to a vimeo page – but when I point it to the path of the video (.mov) in my media library, nothing shows up in the page. Here’s the example below: Any advice? Thanks again, -Brendan

Self hosted videos need to be in MP4 or WebM format.

Hi. I love the theme. Perfect for what I am building. Anything special I have to do to get FitVid to work on embedded Vimeo videos in the portfolio posts? Do I need to add a selector in the plugin’s settings?

When I use the Fitvid plug I just use “body” as the selector.

Thanks! Works perfectly.

Hi, Great theme, really clean and fresh. In the Documentation it says you can have a landscape, portrait, square or a mix for your portfolio grid. How do you set it to mix?

The mixed layout was removed before the theme was released but the documentation was not updated to reflect that.

The layout was removed because of a bug it caused with the AJAX loading.

Hello, just purchased this theme & very excited to get it setup fully. I’ve installed and updated all the recommended plugins for this theme.

My question is how do I set it up like the example/demo?

• how do I get a video as the very start of my site (fitvid?) I don’t see any tabs that let me select a video

• how do I add the blog to the menu (instead of it starting on ‘blog’ by default)

Please let me know when possible, would like to have this up and running soon as possible as I just finished my store-front as well.

Thanks!! :)

Thanks! Didn’t notice the video part at the bottom of the page. ;p

>> how would I use a Youtube or Vimeo, I’ve included the full URL with ‘http://' but doesn’t seem to load at all.

To add a YouTube or Vimeo video to a post or page simply copy the video page URL from your browser address bar and paste it into the post content editor. YouTube and Vimeo videos CANNOT be used as background videos.

Background videos must be self hosted. Select the fullscreen template, from the Page Header option select “Video” then upload your video files to the WebM and/or MP4 video source options.

Hi Eugene,

thx for your theme, great job especially whit portfolio ergonomy !

I have a probleme with juste a few points. I builded my protfolio correctly with my categories inside and my images in my order. However when i look on my website, all images are in disorder. I don’t understand what happen, do you have any idea ?


If you use the [gallery] shortcode to add images to a gallery post or portfolio item then the images are output in the order they are added to the shortcode. To reorder them change the order of the image IDs in the [gallery] shortcode.

If you do not use the [gallery] shortcode the images are output in “menu order”. To reorder them, go to the portfolio item edit screen and click the “Add Media” button. From the drop down menu select “Uploaded to this post”, then drag and drop the images to reorder them. Close the media library when you are done and click the update button to make sure the changes are saved.

I use the second part. And yes i used “Add Media” and droped my images to reorder and saved them. When i look in my wordpress dashboard,i see my galerie with MY reorder but when i look on my website, all images are placed in random order.

I have tested it on the demo of the site so I know it works.