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Can we change the secret menu black color to another one?


Yes. The navigation sidebar can be any colour you like. Go to the live preview, click on the “Test Drive” link in the navigation menu and then go to the appearance tab to test it out.

Hi there,

I’m contemplating purchasing this theme as it looks brilliant! I just had one question, I couldn’t see a Search feature in the preview, can you confirm if this is something I can make easily prominent on the website? I’m planning to put up portfolio work (similar to the Home Alt) layout and want to provide the option to search for work by keyword..

Thanks in advance and great work on this, really love it so I’ve got my fingers crossed for your response!

Cheers Pat

You can place a search widget in the widgetized sidebar however the sidebar is only on blog posts. You could add a search widget to the navigation sidebar but you might have to tweak some CSS to make the search box look nice.

Alternatively you could put a link to the search results page in the navigation:

Thanks for the reply! Happy to try and work it into the navigation sidebar with CSS tweaks – and I’m glad there’s the alternative options if that doesn’t work out the way I want. I think one of my other concerns was that search would only pull up search results from the blog, not the whole site, but I can see that your search example for Lorem pulls up portfolio items. Perfect :)

Going to buy the theme today, have a great day!

Yes the search returns results from all post types.

Hi Eugene,

I’m having problems with the fullscreen video on the frontpage too. I included a mp4 and a webm file but the files are not playing in Safari, Chrome, FF and IE. I tried it with Mac OS and Win7 too.

Some days ago you said something about a javascript problem and the fact, that the page loads faster than the script. I experienced the same problem on your demo page.

Do you already have a fix for this? Do you plan to publish it in the next template update?

Regards kasenga

Something in your WordPress installation is playing your background video with MediaElement player. The theme is supposed to play the background video with the native HTML5 player.

Do you have a plugin installed or your own code that is doing this?

What ever has caused the background video to load via the MediaElement player has changed the page structure by wrapping the video element in divs so the JavaScript that resizes and fades in the background video no longer works.

You were absolutly right. The widgetkit plugin was the problem. This plugin tries to play any media with the MediaElement player. I uninstalled the plugin and now everything is fine again. Thank you for your time and help.

No problem. Best of luck with the website.

Hi there,

Just wondering how I get my logo on the homepage – I’ve set up my homepage to ‘fullscreen’ but can’t find out how to get my company logo to overlay over the video?

Cheers Ben

You just add the image to the page content area.

Thank you very much, easy fix :D

I’m also trying to find out how to make the filter function display in the navigation bar?

I’ve assigned portfolio categories to my entries but cannot seem to get the filter function to display..

Any help, greatly appreciated


The filters will display in the sidebar automatically when you are on a page using the portfolio page template or when you are viewing a portfolio category or portfolio tag term archive page, provided the term being displayed has child terms assigned to it. If there are no child terms for the term being displayed then there are no filters to display.

Hi. I’m about 99% ready to implement this theme as I got it all worked out for my needs. I have a quick question though. Can you point me in the right direction on where I need to be to adjust the the speed/style of the menu-drawer animation? It’s a little too tapered/jerky of a motion for my tastes – most specifically the drawer closing action on the mobile layout. I’d be happy with a hint and am willing to do my own homework on this request.

The animation is achieved using CSS animations so how it is executed is completely dependent on the browser.

This desktop code in style.css is (animating left and right):

.feature-content-half .feature-content {
-webkit-transition: left 0.3s, right 0.3s;
-moz-transition: left 0.3s, right 0.3s;
-ms-transition: left 0.3s, right 0.3s;
-o-transition: left 0.3s, right 0.3s;
transition: left 0.3s, right 0.3s;

The responsive code in responsive.css is (animating the max-height):

#menu {
max-height: 0;
overflow: hidden;
-webkit-transition: all 1s;
-moz-transition: all 1s;
-ms-transition: all 1s;
-o-transition: all 1s;
transition: all 1s;

Reduce the value below to shorten the animation. I had to make it big by default because I do not know how large the end users navigation menu is going to be.

.active-menu #menu {
max-height: 9999px;

Great. Thanks for the fast response!

Just curious – would there be any plans in the future to make it compatible with mb.YTPlayer? (

Only reason I ask is because I think it would go perfectly with your theme & allows people to save bandwidth. I got it working with your theme somewhat – but cant figure out how to make the background/feature image work (the feature image seems to go on-top of video - *but that is probably because of the plugin from what I can tell.)

Anyway, loving the theme – thanks again & great support!

There are no plans for that.

Is there any way to change the menu square (top left corner) icon/design – the button you click to open the menu. Where would I find this in the editor? Can change the colour – but not the three line icon =

You can change the colour of the icon by changing the accent colour option in the theme options. Otherwise it would have to be done via CSS by editing .menu-toggle.

tnx – ended up editing the ttf file, that’s where the icon is.

Page loading issue

Hey loving your template so far but having an issue I cant seem to fix…

Right now no matter what I do when I load a page my “site logo” and nav bar stays popped out for a moment and then goes away.

So if i have a high quality logo it actually floats randomly in the middle of the site while pages load and then shrinks down.

Right now I have a smaller logo but still larger than nav bar but it just looks shanky right?

if I make it really small it looks a little better but then the logo isnt as crisp. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks T

EDIT: Quick and dirty fix add this to the CSS.

#menu {
left: -320px;
width: 320px;

ORIGINAL: The logo and sidebar being visible is normal page loading. The page loads from the top of the code to the bottom so the navigation loads (and is visible) before the rest. I think this is more noticeable on your site because something is holding up the page JS.

Try disabling plugins to see if one is causing the issue.

One more quick question! I have the theme styled and implemented. It works great! In particular, I love how simple it lives on a mobile device. I’m having trouble getting the Gallery or Slider posts to maintain image order though. Are there any tricks to forcing a specific order? Those page layouts don’t always seem to respect gallery ordering of images in wordpress.

I know it works because I did it on your site on the “The Bartender” portfolio item.

Stop using the [gallery] shortcode.

  • Remove the [gallery] shortcode from the post. You do not need it.
  • Click on add media button.
  • Click on Media Library tab.
  • Select “Uploaded to this post” from the drop down menu.
  • Drag and drop the images into order.
  • Close the media library window.

Ah. I got it know. Thanks. I never realized that you can rearrange media in that panel—I though that drag and drop rearranging could only happen in the “gallery view”.

In the next version of the theme drag and drop ordering will work by both methods but for now use the method I outlined above.

Navigation menu / Responsive layout / Touch issue / Breakpoints


Problem is when viewing site on touch tablet device. On desktops the navigation menu Level1 items opens when hovering to display Level2 item of sub-nav. Touch device don’t have ‘hover’ inputs and so on smartphone the nav. menu is all opened. You did right, according to me. I understand that because viewports the are close to each others, between laptop and tablet, it goes tricky. But on tablet (like IPad) Level1 items link directly to the Level1 pages. So I can’t view Level2 items in sub-nav.

So i’m wondering how can I set the navigation menu ‘all open’ with same layout. I mean on the left, not on top as it goes under 930px breakpoint.

A way would be to change to move this breakpoint to 1024px on the other hand that would be ok to me if nav-menu is simply all expanded.

Can you focus which CSS rules i have to custom ? Thank you.

Suggesting something with input types with no hover effects. Like first input expands Levels 2 and second input links to the page.
1- Clic/tap Level1 expand Levels 2.
2- Clic/tap Level1, when Levels2 are expanded, link to Level 1 page.
3- Levels 2 collapse when you clic/tap another menu item…

In the next version of the theme the menu will always be expanded because support across devices is inconsistent.

Hi EugeneO!

I would like to buy your wonderfull theme, but I have one question: is it possible to add an item slider plugin in each project? I would like to be able to see each item using the mouse…

Something like this:

Or if its not possible, the next project button can be reconvertered in next item?

thanks a lot!

Hey EugeneO! Another option to do that could be to use the Page (Left Header) template a to put one vídeo below the other on the left?

No because that layout is only available on posts and it only allows for one video to be placed in the left side.

Hello :) Haven’t modified the theme (except background colour), but small question; I notice on any page template I use (except ‘fullscreen’) it adds an underline even though I have no content on the page.

I’ve made sure to turn off all header options (and hide page title as well).

Where would I go to remove this completely? example:


Thank you! :) For now I’ll remove – and update when a fix is out.

I’m uploading the new version of the theme now. It should be processed and available for download by tomorrow.

Thankyou :)

Hi Eugene,

Need some help. (1) Were do I find and edit “Load More”, “Loading…”, and “No more posts” texts? (2) How can I make the navigation content align right instead of the default left?

Thank you so much.

1.) You have to edit the translated text strings in the .mo/.po file. The .mo/.po files are in the “lang” folder in the theme.


#menu { text-align: right; }

Thank you!


Ned some help on the Portfolio aspect of the theme.

On my site I have set up my Portfolio to use the ‘gallery’ function, in place of the project header I wish to include a company logo, the only way I seem to be able to do do this is to hide the project header and insert the logo into the projects content.

This works, however it now includes the uploaded logo into the gallery images for this post..

Is there a way to show the logo in the projects content so I can have a logo as a header but not include it in the gallery for that specific portfolio entry?

Any help is much appreciated,

Regards Ben

Thanks a lot for the help on that!

One more thing, I’m limited to only 10 portfolio entries on my site it seems, I have about 14 entries but any additional one I upload it pushes one off the bottom..

I have both specified and not specified an amount on the portfolio section and it doesn’t seem to make a difference and can’t find anything else in the documentation.

Can you help with this?


The portfolio archives use the same posts per page option as the blog found on the Settings > Reading screen.

Great! Appreciate the help on all of the above. Cracking support!

Hi Eugene,

is there any way to use “Page (Left Header)” layout as a portfolio page? portfolio/gallery template is similar but i want left image to resize.


The “Standard (Width 50%)” portfolio item layout will put the feature image in the left half of the screen like the “Page (Left Header)” but it does not include the option to move the page title to the left half.


Eugene, i’d like to set up my portfolio site as a landing/entry page.. it’s easy to setup differents pages in Apperance/Customize , but my portfolio don’t show as a option. Is there any way to fix that ? Thx in advance :)

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain what you are trying to do a bit more?


Do you mean you want your portfolio as the home page?

Yes, exactly, i want to set up a portfolio as a home page.

It is not possible to use a custom taxonomy term page as the home page so instead you have to create a new page and give it the “Portfolio” page template. Then set that page as your home page.

Hi Eugene, Sorry if this is a repeat post. I love the theme! I just have a couple issues I haven’t been able to figure out.

First, I have about 20 portfolio items, all videos linked from vimeo. Normally, when I view them in their own pages, the media player window is large and centered, except I have three or four random items that when I open them, their media players are smaller and positioned slightly to the left of the page. I thought the problem might be originating with the source file on vimeo, but I tried re-uploading one with different settings and the same thing happens. I also tried just starting over and creating a whole new portfolio item for that video and it still displays the same. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Second, I have never yet been able to get my fullscreen background video to work, or even come up. Only the feature image comes up on my homepage, even on my large desktop display. I tried converting my .mp4 video file to a webM video file, then uploading that into my media library. Is that not the optimal method?

Any help on these two issues I’d greatly appreciate!

The background video must be a self hosted MP4 and/or WebM video. YouTube and Vimeo links will not work. When you select the video make sure the file URL is selected and not “attachment Page”.

I’m not sure why the videos were not displaying at the correct width. I re-copied the video URL into the portfolio item content and it seems to have fixed it.

Thanks Eugene! Only one of the videos width display was corrected, but fortunately it was the one that I re-uploaded to vimeo with different settings, which makes me pretty confident the issue is with the source file on vimeo.

The only other issue that I was wondering about (and again this may have to do with my settings in vimeo) is that none of my portfolio items can be viewed in HD on my website. Do you know what might fix that?

Thanks again for the help!

That is a Vimeo issue.

Hi Eugene,

Love the theme! Just bought it. Could you please tell me what the CSS code would be to remove the title of the portfolio item when the mouse hovers over it?

I’ve tried this, but it’s not quite right:

.portfolio-item-title { display: none; }

Best regards, Joe

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work. I tried putting the CSS in both “Custom CSS” and “Custom CSS Desktop” and the titles still appeared. I’m creating graphics and “burning” the title onto the portfolio featured image, so the titles aren’t necessary on hover. Is there another CSS code I could try please? I’m using a child theme. Not sure if that’s relevant.

It should be this.

#post-grid .post-excerpt{ display: none; }

That worked! Thank you so much

Hi Eugene, Another thing I forgot to ask you; if I wanted to change the dimensions of the images used on the portfolio page (portrait), how would I do that please? I know you’re supposed to use 480×640, but if I wanted to use taller images (e.g. 480×710) what would I have to amend to do that please? Again, I’m using a child theme to not interfere with the parent code. Best regards, Joe

Copy page-portfolio.php and portfolio_grid.php to a child theme. Then in all three files use find/replace to change this:

$height = 640;

to this:

$height = 710;

It should appear twice in each file.