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Hi Eugene,

I’m having an issue with videos portfolio items not centering and scaling up. (I admit they are .movs that I changed the file name on to be mp4 files, but this worked previously. )

Here’s some additional info which may be related: I just updated to the current version of wordpress and I updated a few pluggins: jetpack, askimet, and contact form

Are you aware of any issues like this with the FitVids pluggins and updates?

Thank you for any help.

Your fan,


p.s. here’s my site: here’s an example of the video noe centering or scaling:

Sorry, SPOKE TOO SOON… :( now I am pulling all my videos directly from vimeo and they’re not scaling to full width and centering.

One will: (actual size of source is 960×540)

but another will not: (720×405 actual size of source)

Any suggestions?

This was happening to someone else. I just recopied the Vimeo URLs into the post and it fixed itself.

EDIT: It doesn’t look like you have FitVids activated. I use the latest version with “body” as the selector and have had no problems.

EDIT 2: Also I can see that the problem video was only just uploaded. It could be that there was no higher resolution version of the video available yet to embed when you created the portfolio item. This was another solution the other user found.

I just created a test page with the video and it worked fine.

Thanks, Eugene. EDIT 1 worked. in Appearnace>FitVids I entered “body” under “Enter jQuery Selector”. Hopefully this will solve this across the board. Many thanks!! :)

Hey Eugene.

Love your work, will buy the theme in next fee days. In the meanwhile I have some questions:

1. Can I change the size of the portfolio thumbnails to, let’s say, 200×200px by default? Or is that something I can force by using custom CSS?

2. What will happen with the extra 5 dollar deposit when I buy your theme by creditcard?

3. Is it possible to display the title of the portfolio item on the right side of the thumbnail instead of the left? And how can I disabled the category to be displayed at the bottom of every portfolio item?

4. Where can I find a “Child Theme for Dummies” on the internet?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks. Too bad I don’t have a clue where to look for. Haha.

Anyway, will do my best to find out how it all works.

1.) The template used to output the portfolio grid is portfolio-grid.php. The part where the images are generated and output is easy enough to find in there.

2. Found it!

<hash>post-grid .post-excerpt-content { 
    float: right;

Hi EugeneO,

I’m thinking about buying this beautiful, yet simple template. However, I have a question: is there any way on mobile to make the “menu” button anchored on the screen instead of disappearing when you start scrolling?

Thank you.

There is no option built in to do that so you would have to code it yourself.


Do you plan to add more social icon ? Like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, LinkedIn, Lastfm, Viadéo ?


There are no plans for more social icons.

It is too bad


Just bought and implemented your theme. Thanks!

2 questions:

1. Where can I define the max number of portfolio items to be shown per catergory? It is set to 10 and I want to increase it.

2. Is it possible to open the Social Network links in a new page? Such as a _blank option? Or do I need to edit the theme?

1.) Portfolios use the pre existing post per page option on the Settings > Reading screen.

2.) The social network buttons below portfolio item and post content already have the “_blank” attribute. The social button links in the sidebar will have to be changed manually in the navigation.php template file. Copy the file into a child theme and make the simple adjustment.

Thanks for the answers. Created a child theme, activated it, uploaded a custom navigation.php and it’s all good. Yay! :)

Hi Eugene,

I have one issue, in portfolio page, i don t have thumbnail in black and white pict, only name on black screen, but when a click on name i have the page with pics my website :

have you have any idea ?

Thx for your answer

You need to give the portfolio items a feature image on the portfolio item’s edit screen.

sorry but how you proceed ?, in the edit item i have only my image how i can add feature image plz ?

ok i have found it !! the french traduction was not bad, sorry for incoveniance et thank for all ;)

Hi. I just purchased the Theme. Great work!

I’ve just got some questions:

1) Within the “Blog” Page: Is it possible to change the page style of each post? For instance, if I have a youtube video inside that post, it would be great if the post would be “post cropped header” style rather than the half split. Where do I change the appearance of the post? Here is an example on my site

Or Rather: How do I get this Style

2) And still regarding the blog: Is itpossible to show the youtube video on the overall blog page?

3) I’ve inserted some selfhosted MP4 files (1024×576px). the player now places the video in the top left corner. is it possible to automaticly scale the video within the player or at least to play it centered?

Thanks for the help!

Ok, it just worked partly. Scaling still does not work if I minimize the Firefox window. In Safari it works though. Is this maybe a problem with Fitvids and Firefox?

No because you said the live preview worked fine when you viewed it. I think FitVids is only used on YouTube and Vimeo videos anyway.

I’m fairly confident the problem is that line of code that is present in the live preview video player and not in your sites video player. I believe the cause of that difference is because the live preview is using a newer version of WordPress. You could try upgrading to the 4.0 alpha version of WordPress however you wouldn’t be able to change back to the current version.

Maybe create a second WordPress installation with the newer version and test the video. Then, If it works you can upgrade your main site.

Ok, Thanks. I guess I’ll stick to this solution for now. Fiddling with an Alpha version is too risky for a novice user.

Again: THANK YOU so much for your time!

Hello EugeneO,

Thanks so much for this incredible theme, it’s really fulfilling my needs so well.

One small issue I’ve just started having… in Chrome, it has stopped recognizing the Icon Font you are using!!?? Suddenly instead of the menu icon, or arrow icons, it’s just showing me letters… ex:

I’ve inspected the element in chrome, and apparently i’m getting an error “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) ” for the .woff, .ttf and .svg files…

HELP! eric

The icons are appearing fine for me. Try clearing your browser cache and if that doesn’t work re-install the theme.

Hi EugeneO,

Is there a way to reorder the portfolio items? for example if I want to move a few items to the first row of the layout? I am seeing the latest folio item I make, shows up on the top left corner.

I just want to reorder the items so they show up the way I want the user to look at them in a order that makes more sense.

The portfolio items are order by publish date with the most recent shown first (top left of grid). To change the order the portfolio items are output change the publish date on the portfolio item’s edit screen.

Thank you, I also found a way with a plugin that I installed. it worked. Plugin called Post Types Order. In case anybody else has this issue or wants to reorder them visually.

Hi EugeneO,

on the blog layout for a post with video, is there a way to have the featured image go below the video? on the video option when I set a vimeo, it puts the video below the featured image on the right side of post. basically just wanting to swap them to what the video layout does.


Thank you!

You would have to swap them in the single.php template file. I would recommend copying single.php to a child theme and then making the change in the new version.

Hi EugeneO,

Is there a way to adjust side menu on the landing page to be exposed (open) when the user lands on the homepage only?

Thank you,


It worked, thank you.

It worked thank you, after looking at it a few times, it looks like the button doesn’t return the icon to the 3 lines stacked instead it has the ”-” icon when collapsed and vise versa. Is there a way to tell it to return to the right state?

please disregard, I am going back to normal version. Thank you so much for your support. Great theme!

Hi, Eugene. I need to insert #disqus_thread in style.css so the Disqus comment form look normal (margin, padding, etc.). With what exactly should I replace/do #disqus_thread? What lines etc. Thank you so much

Sorry but I don’t know. You should look at the plugin documentation. The comment templates are comments.php (the comment thread) and /inc/funky-comment.php (each individual comment).

Hey,Bro! Really nice theme?I’m so happy to meet Soapbox and you. But I got few trouble…

One: I’m in China now,Google has been screened out here.All the service(Google Fonts and Google Ajax)from google can not be loaded.Here is a repetition of Google in I have to replace all with learned from the internet). Could you tell me how to do it?

Two: Fitvids is perfect match with Vimeo.but I usually use can work with,but the video ratio is not 16:9,it is 4:3.I have entered “body” in the jQuery Selector.

Here is my web: How can I fix it?

~I’m new to Wordpress,please help me.

The portfolio category order cannot be changed. This is a WordPress limitation. You could try looking for a plugin that allows you to change the order of taxonomy terms but I do not know if one exists.

Thank you for the reply,EugeneO!

Another problem~There’s something wrong with the the thumbnails.Check out my portfolio page please?

These feature images came with different resolution and different ratio.Every item has a feature image.Some are square,some are not.The thumbnail style of each categories were all the same square.

I don’t know how to fix it,Could you give me some suggestions?

The original images you have uploaded are not large enough.

Hey Eugene! I have two issues, hope you can help. I want to use the site as a single page video theme. therefore, i would like to enable the sound while playing video. Seem´s like the sound is muted somewhere, can you tell?

Second, as i just want to play just a single video in fullscreen, i don´t need the navigation bar at all – can you tell me where to switch it off?

Thanks in advance! Best regards, juergen

1.) You have to remove the muted attribute from the video player code in page-fullscreen.php. You will also have to remove the following from js/jquery.custom.min.js.


The easiest way is to use a find/replace function in a text editor.

2.) Delete the .menu-toggle element from header.php.

where are funky short codes plugin?

It’s bundled in the theme. Either click the link in the notice to install the recommended plugins or go to Appearance > Install Plugins in you admin area.

Thank you for a great theme. I imported the demo page site page is not shown in Home Grid. Home Grid to create a page, what should I do? Tell me from the template settings. I want to create a grid page is the page of the portfolio is not a post that will try to create. I wait for answer.

You have to set the home page. Refer to the documentation where there is a section explaining how to set the home page.

Tell us how to create a post grid page, not the portfoliot grid

The post grid is just the latest post page (the blog) and post archive pages. You don’t have to create it. It automatically exists.

Hi, really great Theme!

Pre-purchase questions:
1- I’d like to have the Menu always visible. Is it possible to do that without moving the Portfolio Thumbs to the right?
2- I’d like to have the “filter”categories options over the portfolio Thumbs not on Menu. Is is possible to to that?
3- I’m working with Vimeo and YouTube. The Theme comes with a Video embed shortcode?


1.) No.

2.) No.

3.) Yes. oEmbed is built into WordPress itself.

Olá, o código da página simplesmente não funciona, todos outros sim.

Hello, the shortcode “pagelista” just does not work, all others yes.


The divider works, and I can see on the page. But pagelist code appears.

The shortcode is [funky_pages]. Make sure you are including either the ids of the pages you want to output or the id of the parent page.

[funky_pages id="38,19,54"]


[funky_pages parent="12"]

Ok, but the “funky_pagelist” command no longer works ?!

There is no funky_pagelist it’s funky_pages. Its a mistake in the shortcode generated in the content editor. Just change it after press the insert button.


I have an issue my my portfolio. I choose “Portrait” but the images don’t resize. The first image is still in landscape and the second image has an black box at the bottom (printscreen: I don’t have this problem in local mode with Mamp and in the “uploads” folder, there the corrects thumbnails (480×640).

Thank you for your support

I need a link to your site to see the page. If I had to guess I would assume it is because the original images you uploaded are not large enough or you just need to regenerate your website thumbnails.

it seems to be resolved ! I don’t know why but when I went back to the porfolio page, the images was at the right size ! Thanks for your answer anyway.

Hi Eugene,

love it, bought it. ;) But tell me… how can I change the font size of the title on blog and on single seperately… I want to have the title on single post smaller

Use the classes on the body element to target the post title on the two different pages.

.single .page-header h1 { font-size: XXpx; }

works like a charm… beutiful. thank you ;) Wish you all the best and a million customers ;)