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Hi EugeneO, thank you for your theme.

I’ve download it, installed and there is one small issue. Transition on showing menu are not working. I’ve tried on newest firefox and chrome. It looks kind of ugly now. Any ideas why it’s so happening? It’s fresh instalation. Newest Wordpress.

Sory that I am replying after two days but I’ve got a lot of work in my job. I will try to apply your solution tommorow and I’ll post result here. Thank you for your support. Maybe it’s possible to do without javascript. You showed me where is a bug. Thank’s a lot. Stay in touch.

An update was released yesterday with the fix. You just need to update the theme.

Great.Thank you for your help.

Hi EugeneO. Is it possible to increase the zoom effect for article images (blog) and to decrease the height of those blog articles to show three of them?

Yesterday, I had an Idea for a navigation for your theme. I thought about an blog that shows three articles and an up/down navigation showing the next/previous three articles with an beautiful animation. Do you think, this idea is worth to be integrated?

You can change the image scale amount with this line of CSS:
.post-list:hover img, .post-list:hover .loaded img {
-webkit-transform: scale(1.1);
-moz-transform: scale(1.1);
-o-transform: scale(1.1);
-ms-transform: scale(1.1);
transform: scale(1.1);

You can change the blog index article height by changing the bottom padding using this line of CSS:

.post-list.hentry > div { padding-bottom: 30%; }

The number of articles show on each page is set by the posts per page option on the Settings > Reading screen of the admin dashboard. This effects the number of posts shown on all archive pages including portfolios, search results and post archives.

I think there is a bug with the plugins delivered with the theme. When a new version is available, I can install this new one, but when I have activated it, the message “please install portfolio post type” does not disappear. I think the reason is, that the plugin installer does not recognize the new version as a new version,but as a new plugin… Actually, the problem exists for portfolio post type, but not for the envato toolkit

Ignore the notice.

Love the theme, been using it for a while now to host my movie podcast…

Things were going swimmingly when all of the sudden the Featured Image on the Post page in the WordPress admin just disappeared. Unfortunately I need to be able to add an image there as SoapBox uses that image to populate all kinds of places (as I’m sure you well know).

I searched online for a fix and it seems the consensus is that when this happens it is an issue with the theme. Thoughts?

I checked this morning and I found the same issue on the live preview of the theme but not the local test setup on my PC. This told me that it was probably not a theme issue and most likely a bug in one of the plugins.

Turns out the bug is caused by the Portfolio Post Type plugin version 0.9.0. I have reported the issue to the plugin developer so I’ll see what they say.

In the meantime I recommend using the older version of the plugin. I have version 0.8.1 installed and working fine.

Reverting to the older plugin version worked just as you said it would, the Featured Image is back. Thank you for the speedy response!

The plugin developer has worked on a fix today. You should get the prompt to update the plugin from within your WordPress site soon.

Hi Eugeneo

Unfortunately I found another bug. I fix everything using a child theme. I had problems with envato plugin so last my last update (two issues above) I made by copying javascript main file from themeforests demo. Everything works fine. I installed portfolio post type plugin as you recomended. When I activate plugin my featured image box is missing in posts(standard) and pages. Featured images which I set up before installing plugin works fine. Please help me.

Ok I found it. Unfortunately it’s in plugin class. In file class-portfolio-post-type-admin.php there is line

//add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( $this->registration_handler->post_type ) );
Remove or comment fixes this issue.

it’s line nr 30

There was a bug in the Portfolio Post Type plugin. The developer fixed it yesterday so you can either wait for the update through your WordPress site, download the newest version from the plugin Github page or revert to version 0.8.1 which does not have the bug.

H Eugeneo, Great theme, congratulations! I’ve got an issue with the way the portfolio items are rendered here: Is it because of the Portfolio Post Type plugin? Thanks Ben

It looks like you have an image resizing plugin installed. That might be interfering with the isotope cell sizing.

Thank you, actually it was because the Wordpress Jetpack plugin. Deactivate and it works. Do you know how to make it work with Jetpack?

As I said before the Jetpack plugin is modifying how images are resized which isn’t compatible with the custom function in the theme that generates the image sizes needed for the galleries.

I will change the theme to use default WordPress functions to output the image sizes needed but it will mean you will have about 6 version of all images (each a different size) stored on your server.

Hey Eugeneo! Recently i added backgrounded film on my ABOUT subpage and unfortunately it doesn’t work on Firefox (but on Safari Mac is ok). Please let me know where is the bug. You can also check my website: Thank you very much in advance!

This is most likely because of the format and more specifically codex used to render the video. The theme uses native HTML5 video. Different browsers can only display certain types of video formats and using certain codex.

There’s lost of information about it here:

It is recommended that you supply a .mp4 and .webm version of your video in the background video option.

Hello, i want to know if i can insert a slideshow in homepage. Can i replace the video in the home with a slideshow?

No there is no option to add a slideshow.

hi, thanks for the theme, good job!

i have two question and would realy appreciate your help.

1, where can i find all the “values” for the “custom field” types? it’s not in the documentation.

2, i only want to use the “page (cropped header)” template to show my design work, but i can’t select it in the portfolio item dropdown, only in the page dropdown… please tell me it’s possible via “custom field”. audio and video templates don’t have the title in the header.

have u thought about having the portfolio grid, mixed with portfolio items for displaying simple things, like a single photo/jpg that opens with magnific popup? would be a nice option!

looking forward to you reply :)

The video layout should work for what you want but you might have to remove the line that adds the video player itself. I’m not 100% sure but I think If no video URL is found it might throw an error.

Hi EugeneO, I’m done with the portfolio and everything is fine. I also set up the blog page like in the documentation and I can see all the posts when I go to /blog, but the posts itself don’t have the /blog/ in the URL. I’m using “Post name” permalink setting. I noticed the demo itself is using a date format in the URL. What can I do? Thank you!

You will have to ask that on the WordPress support forums. On the live preview I just use the default permalink structure.

Hi, I am korean. so I can’t speak english very well. anyway, I love this theme . but I have one problem. In the korea, most people use IE8,9,10. So I want to compatible with IE 8. But this theme doesn’t compatible with IE 8. So When I pay cost to compatible with IE 8, Can you work it ? And If you can work this, I know cost.

The theme is not compatible with IE8 and there are no plans to make it compatible with IE8. I do not take on any freelance work as my time is taken up with theme development.

Hi, Thanks for your great work.

I have a question. If I want to use only all posts not portfolios in the front page as home grid, how could I do ?


You can set the blog page as your home page (this is the WordPress default) in Settings > Reading. However, It is not possible to show posts in the same grid layout as the portfolio grid. Post archive pages always use the two column layout shown on the demo.

Hey. Just wanted to make sure, before I update: Is the theme compatible to Wordpress 4.0?

BTW: I’m very happy with my purchase :-) Keep up the great work.

Yes it is.


The template looks awesome ! but i want to ask you a pre-purchase question, if that possible to order the items of the portfolio by title ? because i really need this option in my project.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No there is no option to order by title. You would have to modify the WordPress loop in the template code to order the by title.

You could explain a little as I could edit the file?

I appreciate your time.

I can’t provide the code you need to do it. What you would have to do is modify the WordPress loop in the template file to order the returned posts by title instead of chronological order (which is the default).

Or you could add a function to functions.php that does it using the pre_get_posts hook:

You would have to check that you are on a portfolio_category or portfolio_tag taxonomy page using:

add_action( "pre_get_posts", "reorder_portfolio_tax_query" );

function reorder_portfolio_tax_query( $query ) {
if (
&& (
is_tax( portfolio_category )
|| is_tax( portfolio_tag )
&& $query->is_main_query()
) {

$query->query_vars['orderby'] = "title";
$query->query_vars['order'] = "ASC";



The above code is untested.

Hello, great theme. Love it so far, except I’m running into an issue with the gallery. When I try and upload photos into a gallery from the WP media library, even if I save them sized for the web, they display very blurry on the page. When I take the same photos, put them on Instagram and have the gallery pull the photos from there, they are perfectly clear.

I need to be able to control the order and placement of the photos, so I’d much rather have the control of displaying them through the media gallery instead of instagram.

I’ve tried sizing them down to low res jpegs/pngs, making them squares – nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

Which theme are you using? SoapBox doesn’t have an instagram gallery feature.

Assuming you’re using Munch (which has the instagram gallery) it sounds like you haven’t set the thumbnail size.

Go to Appearance > Media and set the thumbnail size to 480×999px or 480×480px (I’m not sure which you’ll need so try both and see which looks best). You will have to regenerate your site images using a Regenerate Thumbnails plugin after changing the thumbnail dimensions for the change to take effect.

Hi, apologize for that! Yes, I am using Munch. I clicked on the link to the comments from the theme’s page and it brought me here. I’ll try that – thank you so much!

I don’t see Appearance > Media as an option. Just Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus & Editor.

Scratch that, its in settings. Found it :)

Thanks for the great theme! We have been using it for a while but cant seem to figure out 2 things.

1 – Is there a way we can pull portfolio categories or specifically tagged portfolio items and have them show on a Page – maybe some short code or something ? – I want to create a page that I describe a certain category and then have the 5 latest videos in that category on the base.

2- Also is there a way to change the template of the blog post? I want it to be full screen not half screen

1.) There is no portfolio shortcode mainly because the theme uses a third party plugin for the portfolio custom post type ( You can very easily create a shortcode as it would just be shortcode to output a simple custom loop.

2.) You would have to modify the template files manually. I would recommend doing that in a child theme.

Hi EugeneQ.

The sidebar does not work properly. I can open it, but nothing is in it. When setting widgets there, the widgets are not shown even after saving. When calling the widgets menu again, all widgets are gone.

The widget areas are standard WordPress widget areas. There is absolutely nothing unique about them in this theme.

Are you placing the widgets in the correct sidebar? Are you using a caching plugin?

Hey EugeneO, How you doing?

Mate, I bought your theme, and it looks amazing, but I`ve got some issues that are driving me crazy. It might be because I`m not a programmer, I`m a Graphic Designer with a little bit of programming skills, Who`s not finding out the solution. So, I`ve been editing the CSS codes and the Navigation.php file to adjust the theme, according with what I wanna do. At some point, after edditing almost everything that I needed, I got an issue with the menu button. Tried to click and for some reason it didn`t open. But it was happening like randomly (Just sometimes) Then, after spent some minutes trying to find out what was going wrong (without success) , I decided to reinstall the theme. Well, after I’ve completely removed the theme`s folder (and uploaded it back) I noticed that the issues were gone. But then, when i started back with the editions, now at the simplest edition (I`m just erasing the CSS lines which are responsible for the menu’s button rotation, to be exact) the sidebar issue came back. It takes just a few tries clicking through on the menu links to caught the button not working again (sometimes it does not open the sidebar when you click on it). Noticed that in the mobile version, the issue is happening as well, but a bit different: The sidebar comes down from the top with the click, but with the wrong positioning, out of the screen, to the left side. Could you help-me with that? It couldn`t be a hard fix to do, i guess. Cheers!

Hey mate, i did what you said, got my child theme activated, then I started to edit on the child`s theme CSS. I just added that part of code, that class, and changed the same thing: all the the ˜rotate(360deg)˜ for “none” as you said to someone else in other topic here. The issue was still happening. Only on the Mac`s Safari, then as a last try I had the idea to change the “(360deg)” for (0deg), instead of putting “none” or deleting the transforming attributes and….

It worked! At least for now i cant notice any issue anymore! :) So take this advice, if you get any other question like ˜how can i turn off the rotation effect on the menu buttons?” I`d say you to recommend people to change to “deg0” instead of none, because if im not wrong, it will probably break the menu on Mac`s Safari.

Ahhh .. For now, i have just one more question, could you help me, please? We have a unique font which we use as part of the branding strategy of our agency. If i want to put this font as the standard font of the theme, is it possible? And how can do that? Thanks for the support! cheers!

Using 0 degress instead of ‘none’ was going to be my next suggestion but you beat me to it.

You can change any fonts you want but you will have to do it manually using @font-face.

I would change the font menu. I got the plugin google fonts but the font menu is impossible to change.

Thanks and regards.

You would have to change the font manually in the style sheet using @font-face.

Hello! I really want to purchase this theme, but i’d like to use it only as a blog, not a portfolio. It’s that possible? Sorry for my poor english. Thanks!

Yes you don’t have to use the portfolio at all if you don’t want to.

Thank you so much!

Hey EugeneO,

Is it possible to create new posts without dispaying the in split screen mode?

For example:

I’d like to remove the photo part on the left side.


No there is no post layout that is full width. You would have to customize the single.php template yourself to achieve that,


Thanks for the theme, looks great!

I’ve imported the dummy content, and installed all the plugins to a fresh wordpress-install. But the theme seems broken, can’t really figure out where I went wrong and I’ve setup a lot of wordpress pages.


What is the name of the element? I tried changing the color of every element I could find in the stylesheet, but still the background is white (yes I remembered to clean cache, and the page is surely affected by the changes)

I don’t know the which element it is. You will have to use the browser Inspect Element tool to look at the different HTML elements on the page. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

EDIT: I’ve looked at the page structure and there is no way to change the content area background. You would have to add a div around the page content and edit the background colour of that.

You can change the content area background colour on portfolio items and pages but I don’t know what effect it will have on blog posts.

html,body { background: #0000; }