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Good Afternoon,

Loving the Page, I cannot seem to change the top left logo all I have is a Question Mark can you assist with this. Also my page doesnt line up like yours could you advise. One last question the slide bar you have which one is it?

Hi @BotanyRams , Thanks for your kind words about theme! Please email at support@pixfill.com , with a link to your site and WP admin access. Our support will have a look at this and help. Thank you!


Hello friends. I currently have a problem with the xml file, I want to leave the same demo web of yours. It is possible that they help me with that please. I will be attentive to your comments.

They still do not respond to my mail, I’ve sent it twice since you indicated the email. Please, I need the help, my friend.

Hi @alvarocamus, Please check your email complete demo has been imported on your site.


Good day, This theme its in spanish?

Hi @ ttlaunio , Yes, Theme Supports Spanish language.



mislek Purchased

Dear Sir/Madam

We have purchased the Soccer template and trying to re-create the preview site on our servers. To do that, we tried to import the Dummy-data.xml using wordpress-import plugin. However, the import failed with an error message and we were not able to re-create the preview site as you guys have it. We would like to use the preview site as a starting point for us. Can you help us re-create the preview version of the template?


Hi @ mislek, Please email at support@pixfill.com , with a link to your site, purchase code and WP admin access. Our support will have a look at this and help. Thank you!



mislek Purchased

We are running Wordpress 4.7.4 – THE LATEST VERSION. Data import is failing and the template is not WORKING.


mislek Purchased

We already have that and we are still getting an error. I also rolled back WordPress to 4.5.2 to see if made a difference but NONE. At this time the template is not usable for me.

upload_max_filesize = 1024M memory_limit = 2048M post_max_size = 20480M

The above are my current settings.


mislek Purchased

Dear Sir/Madam We have not heard ANYTHING regarding the above? We have provided you full access to our Admin dashboard as well. If we can’t use this template, we will have to request a refund. PLEASE RESPOND.

HI, Apologies for delay in response. Keep following email you will be replied shortly over there.


how i can translate some label and some plugin title to arabic ?

Hi @ hmskamzari ,

Loco translate plugin is officially recommended to translate strings as you wish. See how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF2KStaoJps

Is there anything else I could help you with?


Me gustaría saber si tienen soporte en Español para la adquisión de la plantilla y si podría traducirse los contenidos. Estaría interesado en esta plantilla o una similar. Muchas gracias. https://themeforest.net/item/real-soccer-sport-clubs-responsive-wp-theme/8888574?ref=colorvivo&clickthrough_id=1038969830&redirect_back=true

Hi @ padredami .

Yes, Spanish translations are readily available after theme purchase on support@pixfill.com



Snaix Purchased

Hello PixFill,

i’ve sent for 21 Days a request to reverse an entry of your product.

I was looking for an Joomla Theme and used google to find some of these. A result was this theme which i bought but after downloading i saw its wordpress.

I will be thankful if you send me the money i payed.

Please tell me your decision.


Hi @ Snaix , The refund request is reviewed by refund review committee. It will surely be issued if it passes the refund parameters. I have written them to process it on priority basis. They will get back to you soon.



Snaix Purchased

Thanks alot !

Welcome. Kindly check you had been replied by refund committee upon your refund request there in light of Envato policies.

I bought the template a while ago, today the page builderitem gets an error java,ajax…... how to fix /??

Hi @ marcelscnec,

Will you please send email at support@pixfill.com along with admin and ftp login details where support agent will help you accordingly. Note: Make sure to use recommended version of WordPress.


Hi, I have recently been given the password and login details to add content to a site. this is the first time I have ever used wordpress and I am a complete novice at these things.

I did a lot of work on the site and then needed to move it over to another host and website name, I used a wordpress plugin to do this and everything has transferred over nicely except in the px theme options, the flexi slider will not work. I have tried my best but have drawn a complete blank. The site address of the original is http://ssww.org.uk/vikings and the new home for the site is https://swanseavikings.co.uk

I hope you can help with this. Thanks

Hi @ swanseavikings , Please email at support@pixfill.com , with a link to your site, purchase code and WP admin access. Our support will have a look at this and help. Thank you!


Hello, I am new to this. What is next after buying this theme? I want to run 10 similar websites on the same theme, on 10 different domains. I have experience with building sites at WordPress from a template, not coding. I have no experience with installing a theme in my WP account. Envato can do this for 50 eu it says, but would that be 50 eu for 10 domains? Because 500 eu for installing the same theme on 10 domains would be a lot. I hope you guys can help me out.

Hi @ Lamexicana , Thanks for your purchase.

Please email at support@pixfill.com , with a link to your site, WP admin and Cpanel access. Our support will have a look at this and help.


I bought this theme and am trying to get color the header where we have the menu, am having issue , this is my licence : 4f76ba0f-8017-4e6b-a2ff-0e17f94a5165

Hi @optiedge,

Will you please send email at help@pixfill.com along with your WordPress admin and ftp login details where support agent will help you accordingly.


I could not upload the Kings Club theme using Wordpress´s dashboard. Received this message:

“Warning: POST Content-Length of 11206858 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0”.

What do I do now?

Thanks, Luiz

Hi there!

Just purchased your team and tried to install the Demo site. Didn´t find that option nowhere?

Tried to make an ticket for your site, but the given purchase code doesn´t seem to work?

Another thing: Is this theme compatible with WP 4.8.2?


seepops Purchased

Can you tell me when this theme will be compatible with WooCommerce 3? The theme hasn’t been updated for over 18 months and there are major problems with the product gallery thumbnails and lightbox.


aceavong Purchased

Hello, Just need support on the social media part of the theme and also the sponsor part of the theme. how do i go about the twitter space on the footer? thank you

Hi tried to contact you via this page.

I´m not happy with the product nor with the lack of your response.

Can I get my money back?