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Hello! How i can see always description in sneak peek (home slideshow)!? Now it see only hover :(

any can help for this?


Nelieta Purchased

Hi, I bought the theme some time ago. People have been complaining that they cannot open the full website from their phones. I tested it on the Android phone with Chrome and only the top part of the webpage is displayed. I have to select Desktop version from the menu which is not ideal. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks

Hi, can you show any screenshot example? i will take a look. Thanks.


Nelieta Purchased

Thank you kindly. On the Socha theme I managed to get the full website showing on Android phones by un-checking the “Check if you want to show the custom scrollbar” option. That worked. However, if you view the webpage in portrait then the images are cut off. If you view it in landscape then it displays correctly.

Hi – I am wondering how to get pictures and text into the boxes on the right hand side of the page ? Sorry very new at this?

Hello there. Im interested in getting the theme, but I see it hasn’t been upgraded in a while, “Last Update 23 January 16”.

Is the theme compatible with latest version of Wordpress (4.7) and WPML (4.0)?


Hi, yes. The theme is compatible with the last WP version. and with WPML.

Thanks for fast response !

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Hi, how can I add a mailchimp subscription box on the home default template? Should I use any recommended plug-in or build the form in the mailchimp dashboard? Where can I display/insert the form on the homepage?

Hi, use the support forum, please. Thanks.

Hi Crik0va, when i want to insert “Ale Shortcodes Team” The page is “cut” on the box “google +” and you can not get down to confirm. Both on Firefox and Chrome.

Second question: The Year “2017” on the Box Inspirations is wrong. Instead of 2017 appears in 1970.

Thank you.

And I send you and email like this ;):

“I wanted to ask you a couple of things regarding Socha Theme. I Saw That You can choose the style of your home (eg. New home style, new home style 1, etc ..). I need some “gadgets” present in some of these “styles” (like “Partners” on the bottom of the page and “Our Team”) and I want to add it in my pagination. I can do this? Thank you.

P.S. The date 2017 automatically converted in 1970, You Should correct it. Thanks so much.



I write my question in support forum ;)

Ok. will reply on support forum.

We recently by this theme… no sample pages was there also i didn’t find any data import functionality in this theme

Hi, in the main archive you will find the xml and demo import file. It also have an Export/Import tool in Appearance section.


JOeBOe88 Purchased

Have paid to get 6 months assistance so please let me know how I can resolve this as soon as possible. When sharing a post to Facebook the feature image is not used and the main brand image is used instead. Try sharing this blog post – to Facebook and you will see the wrong image is used. This never used to happen when we first got the theme and it still works correctly for Twitter and Google links, Please can you advise in detail how to sort this. I have tried using the “” support site but its rubbish and is over complicated. Thank you.

Hi, did you enabled the open graph option in theme options? It should help.


JOeBOe88 Purchased

Hello, thank you for responding. I have checked that option and saved but the links for facebook sharing still show the brand image rather than the blog post image. You can see the error if you scroll down and share this (or any) blog post – Thanks again for your help.

Hm, very strange.. Didn’t notice this earlier. Try to install a plugin called Yoast SEO and for your post in the SEO tab upload the necessary photo to be used for facebook.. This plugin has the ability to specify different images for different social sites.

Hi I saw the theme which is very nice but before nuying the theme I need to understand if we can ecxhange or add the different itemes or element in the different pages for ex. add the inspire box which is display in the home example 5 , in the structure og home example 3