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Great them but could you make the menu appear/disappear on hoover like this theme: http://photonui.orangehilldev.com/dashboard.php Thanks

Hello. For the next release, in a few days, that feature will be included.


Very nice, welcome and good luck :)

Thank you

Hi, this is a nice theme. I have two questions? 1.) Does the theme support other colors ? 2.) Is there any user profile page?

I didn’t find those two in Demo.

This is the initial release with few things. There are many amazing features that will be included in the next releases, theme support and a profile page will be added. I’m planning to release a new version with new features every week.

Stay tuned, Thanks.

Awesome work! Good luck ;)

Thank you!

Suggestion: On the social sidebar, you can add 6 to menu items. But I would like to display the badge when sidebar is collapsed. Can you add a way to display the badge when the sidebar is collapsed?. Maybe in the same way you display the badge on the Social Navbar. And I would also like have a divider on the sidebar. A way to separate menu groups. Thanks

Hello. I will include those features in the next release. Stay tuned


Wow – I see this jumping off the charts soon! Very nice job.

Many thanks!

Can I see the documentation before I purchase? Because I am confused about many things, I am looking forward to apply this to one of my existing PHP built application. Specially charts and notifications. Let me know if docu can be given.


I can’t give you the documentation, this includes the css files of the template. If you want some examples and a documentation for charts go to http://www.flotcharts.org/.

For the navbar notifications I used the same concept of twitter bootstrap for dropdowns in the navbar, http://twitter.github.io/bootstrap/components.html#navbar, but you need to add a class name depending on the type of notification that you want to use, it’s not complicated.

Do you have another question?

I’m impressed with the quality of this item! Congrats for bringing something new to the table! Great work! :)

Thank you!

Could you let me know if i need to used it to my company , and i need to run the invoice and stock system and other forms like over time form and work order form , so of monitoring form and approval form , how much will cost ?

Hi, sorry but do not quite understand what you want. You can be more explicit. Thanks and sorry to bother.

Sorry for that , Just i need to ask if i ask you to give me the theme and i need from you to write the scrip to keep your theme working with all feature , like login , change password , submit form , user admin and else ,,, how much will cost

I’m sorry, but at this moment I’m working on other projects and for now I have not enough time.

Thank you for your interest

Great work my friend!!!!! Congratulations8)

Thank you!

Great idea. Welcome to TF and good luck here! :)


¡Tremendo tema!

I have just one “bug report” and a comment, first the comment I think it would be great to add a little more “style” to the charts used in the theme, and for the bug, I think it’s just a little glitch on this page (http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/demo/ui-elements/general.html) in the date range picker section when you click on any of the examples the calendars kind of like stick to the website not the form, so sometimes u can’t even select the date, check the image for a better look at it.

Hello. I will fix that in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback.


the template that i have download is missing some icon. can u check please

http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9532/pic1nj.png http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/9740/pic2mo.png

update : this happen when using firefox 20.0.1

Hello, I just tested in Firefox 20.1.1 and everything is fine. Maybe your Firefox is corrupt, try another browser.

and tell me what happens. Thank you!

Hi ! Great template thank you.

I’d like to buy it but I have a question, when we purchase a template will we have access to the next updates ?

Thank you

Hello, yes you can access to the next updates, completely free.


Thanks for the prompt reply, I’ll buy it tomorow !

Amazing template first of all, secondly, do you have plans to add a facebook-like chat feature? Lastly, can you make it so the navbar is automatically shortened and when its clicked on its opened up?

Do you mean the navbar (topbar) or the sidebar?


Take a look at the new update, maybe you can see what you are asking.

please create another one theme. i will buy your skin. your facebook skin is perfect.

looks likely you know more about admin for SAAS product. i seen your advance search, thats very need in SAAS admin skin.

one thing: please add editable table and managed table template. something like this http://dremi.org/d/dynamicAddRowsTable.jpg

it will be great and usefull :)

OK. In a future release, maybe the next one, I will include an inline editable table example and inline and modal forms features for creating a new record in a table.


Excellent work congratulations! :) Can you add Modal Popup?

Hello, there are for types of modal popups. Enter here http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/demo/ui-elements/general.html and go to the Modals section.

I’m sorry I did not see

It’s ok

I absolutely Love this!, Thank you

How difficult would it be to add a rating system? like the one in the downloads area. I had thought of this as I was rating your product?

Hello. I will include a rating system in the next release.