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Can you add functionality for the sidebar to become a topbar ((interchangable between side and top))?


I do not quite understand your requirement. What features do you suggest?


The latest file you uploaded contains a trojan, NOD32 says it contains JS/Kryptik.ALB trojan

Thanks, much better :)

Some feature requests: 1. Processing design for “dynamic tables”/datatables.net. When loading from a database it take some time, using “bProcessing”: true will give you a processing indicator.

2. Processing on page, when submmitting a form with ajax then it’s always nice to have a processing indicator, covering the whole page

3. Option to keep the social-sidebar un-hidden, some people finds it irritating when it hides. I would suggest that you add a checkbox or buttons in the bottom of it and saves the state in a cookie.


1. I will include it for the next release, and extra examples of use.

2. The Contact us page will include some ajax features for the next update, I will consider what you are requesting.

3. You can do that, take a look at http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/demo/layouts/expanded-sidebar.html The documentation could help, open the file ./docs/main-guidelines/social-sidebar.html


3. Save the state in a cookie is not implemented yet

Hi Julio, Thanks for the new update! One question: how can I prevent Bootstrap-popovers and tooltips from showing up below the sidebar (I always have the sidebar open)? So they should be forced to pop up to the right of the sidebar, or on top of the sidebar. Thanks again!!

The css z-index property for the sidebar is 1035, grater than Bootstrap Popovers & Tooltips (1010). Try with this css code:

.social-sidebar {
    z-index: 1009;

I do not remember why I used such a high number for the sidebar z-index value, but I promise that the next update will fix this issue.

That works perfect, thanks!

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

Hi juliomrqz and thank you so much for this great template. I have this application on the blackboard for months but I am now ready to start developing. We have decided to use your theme as its one of the most complete yet and the updates have been amazing. “keep them coming! :-)”

I do have an issue I am coming across. We have chosen to use the full sidebar as it will allow a better experience for the user. To allow the full sidebar we simply do this….
 <!-- BEGIN WRAPER -->
      div class="wraper sidebar-full">
        <!-- BEGIN SIDEBAR -->
        <aside class="social-sidebar sidebar-full">

the issue I have noticed, is that when the sidebar is actually full and if you where to click on one of the dropdown menus in your social navbar, the sidebar will then “autohide” all though autohide is not activated. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Thanks again for the great theme and we are very excited about are new project.


Hello, take a look at http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/demo/layouts/expanded-sidebar.html. You need to initialize the sidebar script like this

    $(function() {
        SideBar.init({shortenOnClickOutside: false});

This page could help docs/main-guidelines/social-sidebar.html

Let me know if this worked for you. Thanks!

We’ve been using your social template and enjoying the design and versatility.

There is one thing we are having a bit of a problem with -

We want to incorporate a table that is generated using datatables.js, and insert that table so it would be in the email inbox table, so we can have the same design as in email-inbox.html.

The CSS of datatables.js and social.css together, affect the design of the table and ruin the great design you prepared.

If we remove the datatables CSS we “lose” some of the elements that datatables provide.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks you.

Hello. Can you sent me a screenshot of the affected table?


yes what is your email? i cannot reply

Nice work on everything thus far – keep up the fantastic work

Out of curiosity, a comment section for a blog post, I suppose I could use the chat inbox format. Are you planning on a comment portion to the blog post page?

Hello. I’m planning to use the comment section from the Facebook TimeLine

ok, I see your point and I think it will better suit my needs. Thank you.

how to minimize the left sidebar from first loading ?

i still cant see any different there… can you explain ?

i already know how to do. thanks.

hi, i need it but in rtl because i will use it in Arabic social network site.

Hello. Sorry for the delay. Can you send me all bugs to my email? Thanks.

I don’t know why you not respond, i sent mail as you want and write here my problems, and no response. are you not understand my questions?

please response ASAP

Can you add a expandable/colapseable 4 level thee structure in the side menu? An nice feature would also be to label the head topic with a small icon, in order to optimize the good looking site.

A second request is videofeeds between validated users

Our team is in great respect of you, and your work!

With “label” we mean a small icon just left of the main topics in the sidemenu, so that visual oriented users can navigate with ease.

We hope for a 4 level structure, since our application has the following datastructure country>region>city>local and also enterprise>division>department>team

I had thought to include in the next update the possibility that the end-user could use icons (some font icons included in the template) in the sidebar with the ability to use two sizes.

I will do my best with 4 level structure.


Hello, great theme! Is there any chance you may include a clickable row table class? Maybe with each “td” containing a “a” tag?

Thank you!

Also, waiting for that RTL support someone already asked for ;)

I need to be able to set a link on a table’s rows, so an user can go to that item’s details page, for example.

Hello, I think that a “clickable table row class” is not possible for what you want, you must use JavaScript (or jQuery).


The new update was released a few minutes, the RTL support is available.

I am DEFINITELY going to purchase. When are the upcoming features outlined going to be available? Also, is the coding for the chat as displayed in the demo included? If so, what language does it use? I AM SO SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! :-)

Perfect!!! Thank you!

Sorry, I made a mistake in my last comment, the next update will be release in the next days, the list of upcoming features will be placed in the next hours.

Thanks! I will definitely purchase when the next release is ready. I’ll be checking every day!

Fantastic! I will purchase on new update and use it for my new project! Thank you ;)

Have you considered retina support for highres pictures?

Yes, but I still have not found a good high-res icon set that replace the colored icons that can be used in the sidebar and the buttons.

When do you plan to release new update with feature list provided in info?

Hello. The next update will be released before next Monday.

Great work! I will purchase :)


Sorry to bother, but for the life of me, I do not seem to be able to grab the selected date from the datetimepicker in to a variable. I have checked the docs from the author’s site with no success.

I first tried to use the norm: var qpd = document.getElementById(“pub_date”).value;

No luck I get 00-00-0000.

I am using: var qpd = pub_date.getSelectedDate();

With no success, my script stalls out. Any Suggestions?

Hi Julio, Another small question: how can I set the active state of the menu to a submenu? See: http://www.nusoft.nl/dev/cesar-menu.jpg

So in this case: how can I change the triangle from “UI Elements” to “General”? Many thanks!

Hello. That’s not possible, the triangle is an indicator just for master elements in the sidebar menu. Thanks.

I figured it out, I needed to add:

data-date="20-06-2013" data-date-format="dd-mm-yyyy" and then I was able to pick it up using: var qpd = document.getElementById("pub_date").value;

Hello. Glad you could figure it out. Forgive the delayed response.


I have a client who is interested in using this theme to replace the stock Wordpress user panel however as the theme currently isn’t pre-coded with WP compatibility I wanted to know if this can be converted to a Wordpress with custom code.

Hello. I have not attempted to do it, but I think it would be very complicated. I don’t assure you that this can work.

I have been looking for an admin theme for awhile now and found this to be a feature rich theme. I have also found that most themes like this have just about everything i am looking for in a starting point. The one thing I would like to see would be a icon based main nav with a subnav sidebar along with the ability to show an additional right hand sidebar that can be hidden. You know… I am going to go ahead and buy this theme anyways. Can these options be added in the future?

Hello, I want to be sure of your request, can you send me a small sketch?. Thank you!.