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Any idea when the next update will be available? Thnx!


Why did you think this is a bug?


Hello, sorry for the delay.

There were a bug in the PHP Framework that I’m using in my server. That has been fixed for the next update.

Thank you for your feedback.

hi julio, The ‘advanced search’ doesn’t work well in mobile browser. Another thing, did you tested all your z-index in the css? there are a lot dropdown menu is covered by z-index mistakes:(

They didn’t bother me much, but i think you can do it better:)

demo-settings.js missed in the new package~

you may have to repack it:)

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

Hi, great product. But i have a question. Is there a way to make hover popovers not disappear when the user hovers ON the popover. At the moment it will disappear when the user exits out of the button. So i’m asking if bootstrap supports the popover being hovered on (on hover on the button).

I hope i made sense. Thanks.

Thanks dude, works perfectly, you’re awesome :)

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

Set the trigger string ‘click’ how popover is triggered – click | hover | focus | manual.


Look under options

Thank you for your support.

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

I find it strange that no one requested this up to now, but is it possible to have scss files instead of regular css? This should be pretty straightforward and would allow to easily change the default image and font paths.

For an example you can check how bootstrap lets you customize the img path: https://github.com/jlong/sass-twitter-bootstrap/blob/master/lib/_variables.scss.

Thank you.

Hello, I use less files for the development of this template but I don’t provide it, maybe I will do it in the future.


I am using AngularJS with the social template, and I’m stuck if I put the sidebar in another page that is loaded asynchronously. This is because the sidebar retrieves its elements (socialBarContainer, wrapperCantainer, userSettingsContainer, sidebarScroll, chatUsers) when the script is loaded.

I have moved all of those jQuery selection in the init function, where they should be. If I don’t do that, expanding and reducing the sidebar won’t work. Could you please move those assignments in the SideBar.init() function? I don’t know if other modules do the same thing, as I have just started trying out the template.


Hello, Sorry for the delay.

What version of the assets/js/sidebar.js are you using?


I am using the latest version. The problem is that the jQuery selection happens when the script is loaded, and not when the init function is called. The sidebar, thou, is dinamically added (via AJAX) after the scripts are loaded, therefore the selection is always empty.

For example, socialBarContainer = $(”.social-sidebar”) is always empty.

I love this theme. Wish it worked with IE8. Hint , hint …

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Maybe, in a future release, this template will work in IE8.


I just purchased and the demo does not work for me at all. I see there are some path issues where its looking for a folder templates/social that is not in the directory structure and there is also an error that I cannot trace in the jquery-ui…js file. I’m disappointed that the demo doesnt work out of the box. Help!

No worries. It happens to the best of us! It seems to be working just fine now! Thanks for the update. I’ll give you more feedback as I delve in. I’m Super excited!

What is the expected behavior of the forms input fields with popover and tooltip. I don’t really see actions. Thanks

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Could you detail a bit more your question?


hi juliomrqz ! u said that the new version will have updated timeline page… any updates on that…. o.O

Hello, sorry for the delay.

I had a medical complication and I did not have enough time to create a new timeline page. For this week update, the new timeline page will be released.


Hi Julio, Is it possible to make the social-boxes draggable only from the header of the social-box? So not if you drag from within the body? Thanks!

Hello, sorry for the delay. This is possible, you can check http://api.jqueryui.com/draggable/

I will fix that for the next update.


I got an annoying bug in the latest release that I can’t get around. It’s the panoramic modal box.

When you go to http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/demo/ui-elements/general.html and click on the green “panoramic modal” button, the box opens up outside the centre (cutting of half of the box). See http://d.pr/i/igxY.

I’m using Chrome on OS X.

Could you release a bugfix for this issue?

Hello. That bug will be fixed for the next update, which will be released soon. In the meantime you can do the following:

Open the file ./assets/social.css, go to the line number 4097 and replace right for left

Thank you for your feedback


People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

juliomrqz can you make it so we can port the facebook-like chat into other pages so its a standalone as-well as in the control panel? It’s just because my site its more then just backend and that chat panel is the easiest way to communicate as we do lots of frontend + backend work so it’d be easier to have it on both.


Hello. I can do that for the next update. But, you have any example of use?


Not live atm.

Could you please modularize the Sidebar and the Social Boxes? If I attach a social box to the DOM after SocialBoxes.init() is called, that particular new social box will never be bound to click listeners! I already asked you for something like this in a previous comment (that was sidebar related) but I have noticed that the same behavior is used in the whole framework.

Something like $(selector).socialBox() would be awesome. Could you please give a clear answer on this issue?

Thank you!


The Social Boxes Script is already using the JavaScript Module Pattern. Let me make some test to figure out how to solve the click listeners problem with the new social boxes.

You can use something similar to $(selector).socialBox() in the current script, try this:

    $(function() {
        SideBar.init({sortableContainer: ".sortable-socialboxes"});

I just realized I did not mention enough, in the documentation, the input variables that you can use for the social boxes script file. I will be more specific in the social box section in the documentation for the next update, sorry for that. Besides, there are other input variables you can use (those values are the default ones):

    sortable: true,
    columnContainer: ".column",
    serialisedOutputContainer: "#serialised-utput",
    collapsible: true

Let me know if this was useful, thanks.

I haven’t fully understood how to make one div a social box, can I use the syntax `$(#myDiv).SocialBoxes()`?

With regards to the sidebar, I have made a patch file (see https://gist.github.com/frapontillo/99420f3c161a432eab4f#file-sidebar-patch) to fix the bad behavior if I need to initialize the sidebar multiple times (after its container reloads but the script file does not), can you please merge it in the future release? Thanks.


1.- You can use the social-boxes.js file if you want your boxes to be sortable, or collapsible. If you want that you must use the next structure:
<div class="row-fluid sortable-socialboxes">
  <div class="span4 column ui-sortable" id="col-1">
    <article id="porlet-1" class="social-box sortable ui-helper-clearfix">
      <div class="body">
    <article id="porlet-2" class="social-box sortable ui-helper-clearfix">
    <article id="porlet-3" class="social-box sortable ui-helper-clearfix">
  <div class="span4 column ui-sortable" id="col-2">
  <div class="span4 column ui-sortable" id="col-3">

You have one main container .sortable-socialboxes and some columns that have your boxes, with the class .column.

You cannot use $(#myDiv).SocialBoxes(), the social-boxes.js script isn’t a jQuery script, it is used the JavaScript Module Pattern.

2.- Thank you very much for that patch, i will merge it for the next release.

Let me know if I was able to help. Thank you for your feedback.

Hi, Julio!

Great work!

Two little qestions:

1) For what used ”?” and “v1.4.0” in all URL in all files, that included?

For example:

<script src="../assets/js/login.js?v1.4.0"></script>
<link href="../assets/css/social.css?v1.4.0" rel="stylesheet">

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="../assets/img/favicon.ico?v1.4.0" />
1.1 What means version number in URL: ?v1.4.0 ?? 1.2 Are some parameters transfer with such included file? 1.3 What will happen if I delete all this ”?v1.4.0”

2) Can people who purchased Social, expect for free updates for this template?


You can remove that (?v1.4.0) from your project. That indicates the version of the template update. I made that for busting the cache on assets from users browsers when a I release an update. For the next update, those version indicators will be available just in the live preview.

All the future updates will be free.


Hello, are experiencing the following error when trying to pick an event:

“Cannot read property ‘ownerDocument’ of undefined”

How can I solve?

Hello, can you send me the code of the page that is affected by this error or just give a link for a live preview?


Hei..I really like this template! When do u plan to release new update?

Hello. I uploaded an update 7 hours ago. In the next few hours this will be approved.

Thank you!

I have a question before i buy this.

I already have a full website however i would like to buy this and implement only some of the features and design of this into my current site. Is this possible or do i have to use it as a complete template for my whole site?

Ok then I am in the limits of the license.

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.

When will you update this page with improvements for version 1.5?

Excuse me, what page? 10 hours ago the version 1.5 was released, this includes some plugins updates, fixes important bugs and gets some improvements. This branch (v1.5.x) will include important improvements and some new features.



1- I’m reading your (big) documentation. You speack about premium content (Glyphicons), but i don’t find them into assets/premium directory. Did i miss understand something ?

2- I’ve just noticed that the description of the notice “close” link is always displayed (using Firefox 23)


I have not search a fix right now.




1.- Before version 1.5.0, those zip files (premium content) were in the folder ./assets/premium/. Now, in that folder, there is just the documentation of that assets. I don’t know what happened, but apparently I forgot to name that change in the documentation, sorry for that. You can find those premium assets in:

GlyphIcons Pro:
UI Pro:

2.- I’m fixing that for the next update, It will be released probably on the weekend.

3.- For security reasons, Firefox cannot serve web fonts from the file:// protocol. It can be easily solved when files are opened using localhost (http:// protocol)

Thank very much for your feedback.

Hi ! Thanks for your answers ; didn’t know for 3. I will search documentation about that !

Thanks for all _

People. Next days I will release the version 2 (beta) of this template, with Bootstrap 3 support. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback.

Thank you so much.


Your preview page is down (404), but I’d like to test the template. Do you have any plans when the site will be back up?

Best, Julian

Hello. Sorry for that, I was updating my website, you can view the live preview here http://cesarlab.com/templates/social/redirect.html