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Just bought and downloaded the file. Extremely slow download…. the problem is that the download contained version 1.5 and not the latest version 2.1.1

Well, Done.

Over a year from the beginning of this template and your keeping it updated. A Lot of authors do not commit themselves to their product and customers, You Do!

I wanted to give you a simple but heartfelt thank you!

Hi thanks for make this amazing theme. There is some bug at chat users when i click any user there is nothing happening. On the earlier versions there was a box appeared.

amazing my friend;

Man.. why the downloaded version is 1,5 and the version in front page is 2.1 ???

Hello. You downloaded the 2.1.2 version but just the 1.5 version is included in a zip files inside the zip file you downloaded.

I need unzip the 1.5 files? Cause in 2.1 isn’t all files… Some pages just dosent exists

If you want to use the 1.5 version, unzip the 1.5 files. The 2.x version is not compatible with the v1.5, for that reason some pages were renamed or removed. If you want access or get information about the 2.x version, just open the readme.html file.

There should be no missing page for 2.x version, if this is so, then indicate me which pages are missing.


can you send me 1.5 me and the update to 2 are not getting along.

No problem, send me a private message (http://themeforest.net/user/juliomrqz#contact) for getting your email.

Hello, Could you, please, send to me an exemple of how to set options in Sidebar?

Thank you!

Hello, take a look at the source code of the files ./demo/admin/pages_blank_page.html and ./demo/admin/pages_reduced_sidebar.html


Hy, i already take a look into this file, but i canot find the options (javascript atributes)... can you please send here an exemple of the JS?

Nice theme :) I need something much like that for a project-management-project, so I was wondering: Is there any chance that you can implement a Gantt chart – maybe something along the lines of this: jsgantt.com, with nestable/collapsible projectlist, name of project, start date, end date, and the gantt chart itself. Is there any chance that you can implement something like that?

Hello, I bought this theme and I like it. I need to use only the style of the theme not full features. I want to start from scratch but it doesn’t have “variable.less” file so I can include it in my bootstrap skeleton in some way?

If you understand what I mean for example: http://bootswatch.com/flatly/#top (Will give you the options to download bootstrap.min.css or bootstrap.css or variable.less or bootswatch.less. I used the variable.less and I had the same design :)

Thank you.

Hi, can you help me to change CKEditor default skin to yours?

I can’t prototype local with 2x can you tell me witch plugin your using what is creating this problem I know its not bootstrap x3 as I prototype local fine yours goes crazy.

Hello. Can you explain me the problem you’re having? Thanks

You created it and you already know this is a problem you told me some time back editing it local is a problem, but I fixed it by editing it via a wamp.

Thank you for keeping this updated!

What is in this update? I see up update on the page about the march update and its strange as its only the 8th of march here I getting the update from the future lol

Can I upgrade JQuery to version 2.1.3 ? I see in the examples it users v1.11.2

Hi, nice work man. I’m waiting for your next product.

Hi, can you explain me, how i install the theme, the admin and the front-end, because i have some problems, like “css are missing”. Thank’s so much from France !

(for wordpress, i search on google a “how to” install a bootstrap theme and i find nothing…)

Hello. Where do you want to install the theme? Thanks.

delete comment

My problem: I can’t scroll the sidebar, can you fix it? Thank you.

Hello, can you explain in detail the problem you’re having? Thanks

Thank you for your reply, I’ve just fixed it yesterday. But now I have a new problem: If I want to update Bootstrap version, then what would I do?

How to update Bootstrap version, please!

Hello, Can I save color sheme after page reload? How?

Hi, I have purchased the theme. I’ve got a problem here that slimScrollBar is not working/showing in my files as it is showing in online demo pages. Please suggest me how to get the scroll bar on the left side menu bar.