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pre-sale question: this line”You will allow Social Reach to share this message on your behalf once, if the goal is reached. If the goal is not reached, the message will not be shared” ... i dont understand it at all … so if someone “Supports” by clicking the facebook button .. what happens ? it shows on his facebook timeline??


Yes. If you supported a campaign, and its goal has been reached, once it gets to end date theme publishes a message on your facebook timeline. So there are 2 goals to be met: number of supporters and campaign end date.

for some reason my purchase code will not work to enter the support forum, I have some questions.

Apparently not yet. Not sure what is happening. You will see in the right sidebar a Last update info. Once it gets to some February date, it will be available for download. I will check with developers if they have some info from themeforest.

thank you

Can you send an email to our support at regarding this?

Does this theme currently support video?


how do you mean this? You can put a video in your story, if that’s what you ask?

I have a sweet and sour feeling about the author. Now im not trying to bash anyone or create enemies with this post, this is my honest review and i hesitated before writing because i dont do this ever, but since i got to make it work and saw a few people saying it doesnt work i had to say something.

In a nutshell got the theme working which is sweet but the customer support sucks if you are a serious buyer like me, which you guessed is terribly sour. For instance my last topic hasnt been taken care of for the past 2 weeks.

Now you want to buy this theme ? Yes if you are ready to invest time to make it work. Its worth it because the author has put in all the foundation to do everything it says it can do. It just can’t work as is, you have to configure a few things and most is not the dev’s fault, its things you gotta do to create the right environnement to make it run, like for example creating a facebook app or cron jobs. Those rely on you technical skills ot the author’s fault. On the other hand few things are their fault but they can help you customize or you can hire someone.

For the price of 60 bucks this theme is worth every penny. As a buyer if you are serious in making a business out of themes you should be ready to invest time and money to achieve that goal.

This is one of the reason why you dont hear about successes. When it gets complicated, some people blame the developpers. I bet if you had some dev skills it would be easy to launch.



thank you for honest review. We will try to improve our support response time. Last month was a very hard for our team, but everything should be back to normal in few more days.

We are glad that you like our theme, and most important, that you know which is and which is not developers fault (like social network apps, cron jobs, PHP versions and server settings).

Most people want this theme ready to go, but you have to do these things to make it work. Our support team is working on support forums, but they also work on video tutorials which is very time consuming also.

Best wishes, and we will speed up resolving your thumbnail question.

Hello, does your theme support the following features:

1) the opportunity to create a project that will be funded by the people without compensation (charity projects) ? 2) the opportunity to create a project that will be funded by people with a reward (e.g. dividends, share in business etc.) (rewards for supporting the project) ?

3) The ability to make the site multilingual? Multi-currency?

Thank you for answer.


Sorry, I believe you wanted to ask this for our fundingpress theme? Social reach is theme which is used for things like social awareness. Fundingpress is theme which works with projects and money.

I will answer to your questions but please note, this is for FUNDINGPRESS: 1) It is not possible to do this without compensation because of payment model. Admin commission has to be at least 1%.

2) You can add rewards to your projects but I’m not sure how these things will be accepted by payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe and WePay).

3) This is possible. You can use WPML plugin for multilingual website, and multi-currency is available as default option. You can edit theme files to remove unnecessary currencies.

Hello, does this theme support Child-Themes?

Thanks but sorry I don’t understand your answer… What do you mean by “now” and what has the cron job to do with this? I really don’t get it. Will I be able to use a child theme with this theme and how?

The theme’s description states “Last Update 28 November 16” but your changelog states “Current version: 2.9.1 – January 26th, 2017”. So which version is the latest one?

We are waiting 2.9.1 to get approved by envato, it has been sent for review. That’s why you see Last Update in November.

The only thing which could prevent this theme from failing to work is the cron job. After campaign is finished successfully, cron job triggers and publishes campaign on the supported social networks. So that is most important part of the theme.

Hey, I have a question, does the Premium package work for only one campaign, or does it allow an account to create as many featured campaigns as they want?

Because if it’s the latter, I’d prefer to sell a subscription – is that possible with a plugin? I don’t care if I have to pay more.

Thank you.

Been trying to setup oAuth with Facebook & Twitter all day – it’s not working. I have 8 other websites with oAuth working and I haven’t had any problems what-so-ever, but with this theme I do.

The code is honestly terrible. Customization is horribly limited. I can name at least 15 bugs from the top of my head. Nothing is working as intended. I’m not satisfied at all with this one.

I don’t want to be a part of this.

If a person from the support team doesn’t give me a solution soon, I’m gonna have to raise a dispute for a refund. Can’t believe I paid $61 for such a crappy service.


Premium package is what you define. You can make it one time payment or subscription. It is up to you. We have just added option to have premium members, you have to decide will you give it for free to everyone or they will pay, how much and how often.

Please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you there faster:

Having this issue with text overflow. See attached.


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with that:

There is no preview image when you share your campaign on FB? Thats kind of important considering FB is the going to be the place where you want people to share your campaign the most


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will investigate this.

i can’t make new project, facebook login….


please start a new topic in our support forums:

i can’t make new project, facebook login….


please start a new topic in our support forums:


skylane Purchased

When is the next update ?


if you have some theme issues, please use our support forums to inform about possible fixes and theme updates.