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Great work, GLWS! :)

Awesome work! ;) good luck with sales! ;)

Well thought out idea, good to see this theme. Good luck with sales.


esiste la possibilità di creare utenti light e premium come thunderclap? Gli utenti premiun, con una fee, possono avere servizi aggiuntivi.

Molto interessante Mauro

mmm ancora no, pero buona proposta, sicuramente lo faremo in un futuro update ;)

è indispensabile, lo comprerei subito

Awesome theme, Great work!!! theme looks super, and functionality is also really crazy …

Good luck with sales !!!

Great but what about a crowfunding theme. It’ll be so much interesting for business.

Thank you,

There are other crowdfunding themes, this aint :D

Grande tema. Complimenti ;) Il tema è anche tradotto in italiano?

Con WPML si ;)

OK, Let me invest in your theme and here is your first payment :)

I did it, thanks. How can i have layerslider same as demo?

Import the file

i am sorry, how do i import it?

Very interesting theme. But I have come across a problem. I was looking at a campaign, and then wanted to test it by clicking the Facebook-button. I was then transported to Facebook, and asked if I would give the site access to my FB account. I choose NO, and was sent back to the site again. Now, if I try to click a new campaign, I go to it’s page but is re-directed after a few seconds to the Facebook page – so now I can’t read about the campaigns. This problem will probably take care of it self if I grant the site access to my FB account, but I don’t want to DO that. Not right now, anyway… and I’m sure other people will think the same.

1) Okay – the problem went away when I logged in via Facebook. But then I accidentlly clicked on the Twitter-button, and now I have the SAME problem. If I don’t log into my Twitter, I can’t read ANY campaigns. This IS a real problem!!! . 2) I made a new test campaign, with image, text aso, and saved it. But now I can’t edit it … I get a 404 when I click “edit”. Also, it would be nice if there was an easy and intuitive way to insert a video in the campaign text.

3) It would be nice to have an overview of what and how many campaigns I, as a user, is backing. Like a dropdown under my profilename…

Any thoughts, Skywarrior? :-)

planing to buy exta ordinary theme :)

Looks promising, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Are there any stats for those who are running the campaign? Can they download the lists of the supporters?

mmm you can see the supporters on the widget in the right side of the campaign page. The admin obviously has a more in-depth stats page

How much more in depth! Are those supporters store in the database or not? Its important to know. Thanks

You get the information of the campaigns as they were posts. Yes they are.

Does the creator know who supported them & which reach they gave to him to give them a little gift or something ?

Would be awesome to filter by country or city or any other specific things :/

An reply would be great >.<

Sorry for the late reply. Emmm well you can see the recent supporters on the right side but not send gift or anything. I guess you can contact them outside the side, directly on their social network.

Regarding city/country, well im not sure since the campaigns dont have a country, but they are global

its great but will be more great if people can also support project by real money via paypal or cc

Yeah this theme is crowd-speaking, not crowdfunding :P

love it but not a big fan of not being able to sign up without using facebook, twitter or tumblr… and what about google login?

i think there should be an alternative way to sign up with normal user registration without forcing someone to use their social network accounts.

the width will be the one of the post container, the height will adjust accordingly

okay, just asking because this post squishes the video and does not auto adjust.

same if you look at full width, where it looks even worse than with sidebar…

(3rd post)

also the header / title

“Curabitur lorem mauris dictum et tempus” is misaligned.

looking good otherwise, added to bookmarks, good luck with sales.

its not that it squeezes, is that we set it up that way so it doesnt take the half the page, since its just a demo. You can set it up the size you want :D

Just launching! Is it posssible to use your logo? :D

Not yet, only those 3 for now. We will include g+ in the following updates i think

I hope so! (=

haha good question about the logo emmm yes sure go ahead haha

Awesome work! GLWS!

can you plug in to other networks?

Only those 3 for now

Very nice!GLWS :)