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I noticed and was testing it in different browsers and it flickers when I’m in safari scrolling on my MacBook Pro. Is there a fix for that is works go in chrome but flickers in safari.

ummm whats flickering?

When clicking on live preview using my macbook pro I’m trying to scroll and the whole homepage flickers

I get this message after syncing with facebook app:

You cannot access this page directly.

URL shows:

Yes, I’ve also set up a several apps before so it shouldn’t be anything from facebook.

Hello? Any updates on this? You must know when this error message is showing. What can be the cause.

Hey sorry but please make a post in the support forum, we cant deal with support here:

no paid plan feature?

I found a bug, there is no way to publish a saved campaign. Only can edit or delete saved campaigns.

We fixed it in yesterdays update

When viewing demo on laptop i can’t see the slideshow or main homepage header image. I’ve checked on chrome, Firefox and explorer.

Is anyone else having this issue?

really? O.o looks fine to me, checked in chrome and firefox from 2 different locations.

On the front page, below the “Featured campaigns”, you have a “campaign by category” in a parallax section. If you click “View all campaigns”, you DON’T get to view all the campaigns in that category, but just most recent one. Could this be fixed?

Yeah good point, we will definitely add this feature

Google+ sign in?

pity….I think this is pretty much a core feature. Any idea when you will implement this?

In the next update I think. This and next week we need to update our themes so after that.

Good to hear. I will purchase it when google+ is in the house. Google+ is of major importance ;-)

Any update on the bugs? Demo is down also? @businessnl , agree on that!

Paid plans should definitly be implemented imo

Yes we fixed some bugs yesterday. Sorry demo should be back up and yes, we will implement paid plans

Well that sounds great! Will buy once its up and running :)

besides paid plans for users, how do we setup a redirect when users signed up for a campaign?

redirect to where

Warning: session_save_path(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp) is not within the allowed path(s) appearing.

What can I do?

Hey, please make a post in our support forum:

I did but I have no permission to see it: Also I can’t activate my E-Mail, because there is no E-Mail sent? I tried to let it send again but no E-Mail, no in Inbox nor in Spam..

I saw you made the post :) The issues have been fixed with the latest update

1) If I click “Save” after making a campaign, it gets stored in the “Draft-folder”, but then I have no way of actually publishing the campaign. . 2) The campaign dosne’t seem to save the info I put into the “Who are you” box? After clicking “save”, it’s still empty. . 3) It seems like I can’t delete a campaign. First of all, it would be nice that when I click “delete”, I get a “are you sure” warning – and secondly, it dosen’t actually delete the campaign. It’s still there.

Your idea with this theme is really good. I love it. I will buy it, and I hope it is all right I am giving you some suggestions for future features.

Yes please! Make a post in the forums once you bought it with the ideas :)

nice idea but 1 big issue, what is the business model ?? can you add a paid plan or anything to let the website owner get money ?

+ 1 suggestion, you should add a petition system into the site. People share, yes but serious people want to share something like petition or charity funding, not just a image or a topic, am i the only one to think like that ?

Business model at the moment could be advertising and maybe you can set up some kind of premium users. Kinda like: Pay x amount by paypal and you manually set them to premium or something and the reward could be to show the premium users first in the homepage widgets with the “staff picks”. Either way we would like to implement some more serious premium users options, so I’d say advertising for now.


I have written about this problem before, but you have not replied. I really like this theme, and want to try it out, but I want to make sure the big problems are being taken care of.

1) If I’m a first time visitor who clicks “Facebook support” on a campaign, but then decide I DON’T want the app installed on my Facebook account, so I abort the support, THEN I can’t read any other campaigns! Every time I try, I’m redirected in a matter of seconds to the “install this app” on Facebook.

Please let me know if this is something you’ll fix. Thank you. :-)

mmmm thanks for the heads up, we will check.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to add a REWARDS module. This will give fans a reason to promote the campaign??

Promoters of the campaign should be able to earn points. The campaign owner will provide rewards to the top referral. This is what the script is missing

I sent a sample to your MAIL.. please check

haha ok but this is a serious customization project

Is there an ETA on the PAID plan?

2-3 weeks I’d say

When a campaign has been met, how does the app send out the message?

Using Cron

@myceo Bump! You are totally right, keep a score, so visitors are motivated to share! And a campaign holder can set his own rewards for this.

So a bump for rewards and a bump for paid plans!

So, i guess you can do some paid customization ? If yes, how much would it be to add an option to allow “pro” profile to get the data of their supporters + add a paid profile (pro) ?


ps.: i agree, score is a must ;)

Dont worry, we will implement both, just give us a couple of weeks. We need to update some old themes first. ETA 2-3 weeks

ok thanks, so i will wait until this update to buy it, thanks again

hi, been a month, have you integrated a paid pro user level or not yet ? thanks

This theme is awesome. On the paid feature end, I think an option to have users pay to create a campaign would be a great addition. Cheers!

This theme would really work as a crowdfunding theme! Any idea if this can be implemented? Maybe by using the crowdfunding plugin by Astoundify? I can really visualize crowdfunding here with all the projects and support and percentages haha