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Its look like a nice theme, but i dont really understand the concept? What is the concept? How can i as owner of the them earn money? Can you show some of examples who using this theme?

regards Ramazan

sure: :)


Is google + coming soon as an option? Or is broadcasting on that network not possible?

Yes we would like to incorporate it :)

Hi Guys,

I had sent you an E-mail about the theme and some customization. Thanks!

Hello, is your Theme ready too for RTL Languages???

Greetings Skywarrior

I can see that Google+ will be an opportunity soon. I really really think that you also should consider LinkedIn. I got a LinkedIn profile and there are many creative people who are trying to promote their projects. I think it could be a great asset to the Social Reach theme if LinkedIn also was an opportunity. I hope you will consider my request.

Kind Regards, Thomas

2 questions.

1) I don’t understand exactly how this works, what happens when campaign reaches a certain point? ooh I get it, the campaign get’s sent out to Facebook/Twitter of all the people that are signed up?

2) I run this website, what would happen if I switched to your theme? what would happen to all the posts that I already have? and the users that are already signed up? would the posts automatically become campaigns? would the users automatically become users of the new theme? and if not, what could I do?

1) Yes, Check, basically is like that. 2) The posts would still be posts, like you see in the demo. They would not become campaigns. Yes the users will stay the same.

What is the Cron job for? why is that needed?

has answered in the other post: to be able to send the messages when a campaign is completed

Quick question: Is there anyway of having quality control? Anyway to have campaigns run but not shown on the website until approved?

This way, we don’t get any snot brat kids writing: “Campaign to grow penis 5 inches!” and have it up for a few days before noticing.

Please get back to me on that, Thanks and very nice theme 5 stars!


I bought your theme yesterday as i really liked it. When am trying to install it, the CSS not appropriate. On the homepage, the slider doesn’t show. Works when creating a new page.Kindly suggest


Hey, please make a post in our support forum:

and check the instructions :)

Any update on the sharing options? Share link and photo at once? Also is it possible to show image in the single campaign page?

Hi, I cannot get the “launch campaign” page to show.

I was able to figure out the “launch campaign” but when I login with facebook, it’s stalls and this is the page that it get stuck on. It shows a blank page.

Can I get an update please? I’m unable to use this theme without your help.

hey. You need to make a post in the support forums to be able to receive support:

They will be able to solve your problems there.


Before I purchase I’d like to know a couple of things about your theme:

1.) Do you have a built-in function to redirect someone to the pricing table to pick their plan?

2.) Can I customize the color scheme?


1) Nop. You need to do that with js.

2) sure you can! in the theme options you can customize a lot of parts of the theme :)

Greetings Skywarrior

I don’t know if you saw my last comments, but I am writing it again and adding a new question

I can see that Google+ will be an opportunity soon. I really really think that you also should consider LinkedIn. I got a LinkedIn profile and there are many creative people who are trying to promote their projects. I think it could be a great asset to the Social Reach theme if LinkedIn also was an opportunity.

When you have supported, you can not share it on Facebook. It would be really great if you also could share it on Facebook. That would really boost a campaign.

I hope you will consider my requests in your future updates. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards, Thomas

Hey Thomes.

Well you can share with Facebook, why cant you? Its one of the 3 social networks which you can share your compaign with.

We need to check into G+ and linkedin couse not all the API are the same.

Thanks again for your suggestions ;)

Thank you for the answer Skywarrior. I really hope you could make LinkedIn and G+ an option. It would be really great, and much better than Thunderclap :)

Can someone tell me what the point of the cron job is?

to post messages on social networks automatically

So that’s how it works when a campaign reaches it’s supporter level? doesn’t the msg automatically just go out when the campaign reaches the right level anyway?

yes but without cron the server cant send the message

Deleted question.

Bought it BTW, just needs some customization.


ok thanks. Sorry we are reviewing your email. We’ll get back to you asap

Have you determined whether G+ can be integrated or not? It’s the only thing I’m waiting on to purchase. And I suspect that I am not the only one…

Not yet, its not in our priorities now. As I said, it will take a couple of weeks couse we are updating other themes. I will let you know once we research it :)

Pre sale question, Will projects be posted live automatically or the admin receive email notifications & must approve/decline projects?

Are you looking at integrating woocommerce so that project creators can pay for submitting their projects?

If no woocommerce planned can you add blocks in header, sidebars, etc to display ads?


The admin needs to review the projects, I dont think there is an option to send email. Maybe somewhere in WP settings.

Yes, its implemented already, today we are gonna release an update.


Awesome theme. Bought and loving it so far!

1) For the ‘updates’ area in each campaign – could we add a timestamp so supporters can see when an update was made?

2) Are no users created when someone connects?

3) I just supported a test campaign and have just like 6,000 Twitter followers. Yet, when I supported a campaign, it said I had a social reach of “75,000” which seems odd and random. Any idea why this is inaccurate?

1) yes

2) no, it connects directly from the social network

3) social reach is total from all social networks from all users

Hey guy! I recently bought that wordpress theme, but i can’t access to download the plugins: Isotope Gallery & LayerSlider because your webpage is not available. Please, if you can help, i would be very gratefull with you.

Look that image, i’m not lying:

no se que decirte la verdad. Tiene que funcionar, entra desde el movil o algo, pero la pagina esta online :/