Discussion on Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

Discussion on Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

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Does this theme have a dark mode?

Hi there,

You can change the theme colours from the theme options, but there is no dark mode option.

Hi! what for a price… :))) i read the details “This is to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers.” ? who don`t want customers ? if is so why don`t remove it from here and is done. no new customers (and the old give updates on a personal website). just my opinion, since it’s on a public platform, I think we can say the opinion right? good job, by the way. :)

Hi there,

If someone feels the theme is too highly priced they just don’t buy it.

But really it’s not even that expensive. I think Envato has accustomed people to expect themes to be priced next to nothing. Everything gets more expensive, but the price of the themes on here have barely gone up.

I’m not sure why I would take the theme down when Envato provide the ability for existing customers to easily access theme updates and it integrates nicely with my support site. I’m also making a few sales a month to justify keeping it up and continue to offer essential updates.

You are right, after all, the work of a developer is really expensive. plus there are many others developers who earn money making/building websites from the work of developers from here. I didn’t want it to sound bad. it was just “wow” because I have not seen such a price until now on the envato products. keep it up good work and thanks for reply!

That’s fine, it didn’t sound bad at all, I was just wondering what point you was trying to make. Quite a few authors use the same technique. I see one author is selling their theme for $10,000. They’re hopeful. :D

https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-tiktok-feed/28020099 https://codecanyon.net/item/tiktok-video-downloader-wordpress-plugin/26370715 these tiktok i mean,but i will try ask them if it work with buddypress,if not,i dont mind,hope it update with buddypress soon.

any tiktok wordpress plugin work with it?

i mean tiktok downloader that user can add their tiktok,and tiktok feed

Hi there,

I have not tested any TikTok plugins with this theme unfortunately.

is there Multi-lingual/langage? so can have botton,to change whole menu,for my language? for thai.

Hi there,

You will need to use a plugin such as WPML, which works with the theme.

magazine,it s not buddypress?,so i can not use buddypress plugin for it?

Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean? Socialize is fully compatible with BuddyPress.

can i use it with two domain name or it allow just only one domain name? and in demo,user can not submit their post on frontend,home page,sorry my english not good,so i can use any buddypress plugin,to make user can do post front end? cause i can see only admin can post News.but user can not

but i want to make social net work,so i can add user profile plug in. into Aardvar or magzine ? i mean,i still want user can have profile page,create group,blog…etc,

i want user can post ,submit posts,and show on home page.but still want it be social net work,can i combine,or can use any plug in for Aardvark../ Mag

The profile, groups, features are part of the BuddyPress plugin. This is not part of the Socialize theme. The BuddyPress plugin works with Socialize and both Aardvark and Magzine.

We want to try the demo account and used the given credentials but it redirect to the mainpage and don’t login.

Hi there,

It could be a caching issue. Try refreshing the page to see if you’re logged in.

PHP 8.0 crashes this theme with fatal errors, works fine on 7.4 – are you aware of this?

Hi there,

The theme is fully compatible with PHP 8.0. I suspect you need to update to the latest version of the theme. To update the theme see: https://ghostpool.com/help/socialize/help.html#16

Hello, I like your theme very much, but do you think the theme is suitable for my site? https://isbul.gen.tr

Hi there,

From looking at your site you just have posts and categories. The theme can display both of these things. If there’s anything specific thing from your site you want to know will work with this Socialize theme please let me know.

Thanks for the update!

Hey Ghost.

Can users on the back end have Elementor Pro based publishing capabilities? Basically make really nice interesting stories with freeform layouts?

Hi there,

This is not really related to the theme. If you’re using Elementor Pro and have a plugin that adds this capability then sure. Please note this theme uses WPBakery Page Builder instead of Elementor to build pages.

You may be interested my Magzine theme which is built using Elementor and has a similar demo to Socialize.

Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/magzine-elementor-review-and-magazine-theme/33098719

Demo: https://magzine.ghostpool.com/socializer/


This is to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers. The theme will only receive bug fixes and essential feature updates. Unfortunately Envato does not offer the ability to charge for updates or for a subscription to the theme, which would be better ways of charging customers for continued development.

As a business amn with several tech businesses, I can’t seem to find the logic behind that statement. For me your theme is the best in the market and a proper pricing strategy in the range of 59-69$ could make this script 100,000 + sales as it seems to be the most promisinig and complete. But your team knows best, and I comment your work. GLWS

Hi, this is a pre – purchase question. How many installations can we use with single purchase?

Hi there,

You are only allowed to use the theme on a single domain. This doesn’t include staging environments, so it’s fine to have multiple installations for testing, but you should purchase a license for each live site you use it on. :)

Your new Magazine theme’s Socialize demo is not viewable….

Hi there,

Ah, it looks like the wrong link on the homepage – thanks for making me aware. You can view the demo at https://magzine.ghostpool.com/socializer/

Hey there again, I have been checking out on the collection of themes and I found one; Aardvark Socialize which could kind of come close to what I am looking for and comparatively fairly priced… Can it also do the job?

Aardvark is much better suited to this, as it’s been tested and designed to work with Paid Membership Pro for the subscription aspect of your needs.

Advice much appreciated. I am trying to look for Aardvark support but cant find it.. I need to confirm a few things before making any payments.

If you have presale questions about the Aardvark theme you can post them here: https://themeforest.net/item/aardvark-buddypress-membership-community-theme/21281062/comments

Mike here,

I am shopping around for a multi-level multi-user web application that will allow for groups creation, membership registrations to specific groups (upon verification of say email, National ID), private and public interactions between registered users of given groups and most importantly, monetization which will be inform of membership subscriptions and other promoted content on different pages by subscribed members.

I see Socialize is close to it and would like to confirm its ability to be customized to the kind of social site I am looking for. thanks.


Hi there,

Most of this can be done with the theme using the following plugins:

BuddyPress plugin allows you to create groups and have member registration, private messaging, activity posts exclusive to groups. Members can join specific groups, but not register to them.

Paid Membership Pro allows you to charge for member subscriptions.

I noticed that the Share link is still showing Google +.... that is non-existent, are you going to update with such as WhatsApp?

Hi there,

This will be updated in the next theme update. WhatsApp will also be included. :)

When is this likely to happen as I want to see before I buy, please?

I’ll likely be releasing an update to address this today or tomorrow.

Does this theme support infinite scroll? Thanks!

Hi there,

This theme does not have infinite scroll, you would need to use a plugin for this.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with buddypress 7.3 ?

Hi there,

Yes the theme is fully compatible with BuddyPress 7.3. :)


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