Support for SocialPlay - Media Sharing WordPress Theme

Support for SocialPlay - Media Sharing WordPress Theme

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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

Highly interested in this theme for a client but a couple of questions for clarity reasons:

1. Members can create a “channel” and manage they’re posted videos in the front-end correct. Delete, upload, change captions etc….

2. Can the admin review videos before posted?

3. Can the admin charge for membership in order for users to be able to post and host videos on our site?

4. Can video be placed in the slider based on popularity automatically ?

5. Is there comment posting on each video?

6. Is this theme all ran by short codes or any drag and drop functionality for the homepage building?

7. Can this integrate with buddypress to bring in the community side of things?

1- Yes, member can create channels and playlists and manage them like add / edit / delete. Also member can make their channels and playlist “public”, “private” or “unlisted”

2- User posted videos will be pending for review by default. Only admin can approve/publish the videos.

3- No, right now this theme is not offering membership charges. You can customize this theme. We are available for customization.

4- No, This theme is using revolution slider WP Plugin. You have to create slides manually.

5- Yes, comment posting is available for each video but admin can enable / disable comment posting for each video.

6- The homepage can be build through “Theme Options”. You need to create a Page and Select that page from Settings > Reading > Static Homepage.

7- We never tested this theme with buddypress.

I don’t want to use videos from youtube (want to use my own videos) is it possible that this application can use my own videos or only from youtube? (People have to pay for my videos – so youtube is not possible for me)

Right now we are not offering own video integration. Also this website supports YOutube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and more. You can use other websites instead of youtube.

1. So I can use the theme to basically curate video (and audio) content from YouTube and other video sites, correct?

2. Members of my site can upload vids from the front end, and basically curate too? Like a video curating community or social network?

3. How does this theme handle photos and text? Will those get lost beside the video (audio) content? I’m still thinking I’ll do a lot of text based recipe/food photography posts.

4. Is there anywhere on this theme where I can place advertising? Right now I’m thinking in terms of banner ads, however video ads are definitely something I’d want to include (down the road) on such a video oriented site.

1- Yes, user can fetch videos from YT, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe etc.

2- Yes, user can add videos from frontend. This theme contains beautiful user profile page.

3- Theme uses video picture by default if the source web is providing images or you can upload you custom image against the video.

4- You can only place ads in the widgets area.

1. when I click on any video it only plays on the category page. I take it you can have an individual video page?

2. can i use this theme as a video player theme purely for the content I want to mass upload… using a csv mass uploader in the backend?

3. Have you tried woocommerce?

4. the large video posts don’t resize correctly when reducing my browser, whats your thoughts

1- Yes, there is a video detail page.

2- No, You can’t mass upload. But you can mass grab the videos using YT or Vimeo channel or playlist link.

3- No, this theme doesn’t support woocommerce. However you can customize it for woocommerce.

4- We have test the theme on all devices and videos are resizing correctly on all devices.

1- The registration (by email) is definitely not generating a welcome email – or allowing us to access the back end

2 – the Facebook login is not working either. (either is disabled – or is simply not finishing the connection process)

3- We’d love to look at this from the user/member side (e.g. – to see how it looks from the community dashboard perspective for our users) – if possible to enable or re-check that

1- In demo we have blocked shouting emails. The email sending is working well.

2- I have check the FB Login again, It is working well for me in demo. Can you please write in detail that what is the error you getting while signing in with FB.

3- You can find the profile images from below give links

How do I sync the Facebook login option with the website?

You need to create an app at . After that put the app information at Theme options > General Settings > APIs. Facebook sign in will start working.

Where do I go to approve the audio and video postings? I’ve checked settings and could not find anything that pertained to the approval of content by administrator.

You need to go Wp-Admin > Vidoes > All Videos click on “Quick Edit” link for each post and change the status of the post.

Hi, i’m so interest in this theme, but i didn’t understand if can i upload my own video, ( maybe mp4 or flv ) or i just can embed other player video ?

You can upload the self hosted videos in this theme, Go to user Dashboard on frontend, Click on “Upload Video” on Videos Tab. Upload your video ( video extension must be supported by wordpress ), after successful upload video it’ll ask you to Capture image. Now Provide the video information and click on Save. You done it!

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