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Hi Brian,

Sorry, I’m quite in a hurry and I have a few questions more to handle your theme :

Is it normal that the portfolio category seems excluded from the blog?

Anyway, you’re theme is great, that’s a very nice piece of work!

Yes, the blog excludes portfolio posts. If you’d like to include them in the blog, you would need to edit the index.php file on line 30 and remove the .'&cat=-' . $portfolioCatID from the query_posts function.

Thanks very much Brian ! It works perfectly and I could translate the search text easily. :)

I have one question remaining:

. I want to have the portfolio image (in template-m.php for instance) not to link to the photo, but to the article itself. How can I do that?


Not sure which portfolio layout you’re using, but whichever one it is, open up that file, such as template-n.php, and find the line that shows the thumbnail, which would look like this on template-n.php:

<a href="&lt;?php echo $thumbnail[0]; ?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;" class="thumbnail">&lt;?php the_post_thumbnail('template-n'); ?&gt;</a>

Change the url in the href to be the same as the title, so change it from:

&lt;?php echo $thumbnail[0]; ?&gt;


<?php the_permalink() ?>

Hi Brian, thanks: it works greatly!

I have one last question:

I made a ul – li list using h6. It looks good, but there is a big space between the (upper) paragraph and the list itself. I tried to change the padding in the CSS but it didn’t solve the thing.

Where can I adjust this space?


Using Chrome or Firefox, right click on that area of the screen and choose Inspect Element and you will see exactly which CSS elements apply to these areas, including which file and line number the style is on, so you can easily change it to your liking. Use this technique for any area of your site that you want to modify.

Thanks Brian. I did search (for one hour or so) with the plugin you’ve indicated.

As far as I understood, the problem comes from the ul and li. I guess there is a padding or a margin to edit, but I can’t find the right one. When I think it’s good, I test the change… and it still doesn’t work.

Here is the code I used :

<h6> <ul> <li>Line 1</li> <li>Line 2</li> <li>Line 3</li> </ul> </h6>

What’s your URL ?

Hi Brian,

I just sent you an email.


After updating jQuery colorbox plugin the portfolio gallery no longer opens images in the color box. Do you have a solution for this? Is there something i can do on my end? Or the previous version of the color box?

The wordpress installation is here

I did not purchase but i referred the owner of the website to themeforest and he purchased.

If you added a plugin that has colorbox functionality, that will probably conflict with the built-in colorbox that Socket has. You’ll probably either need to use one or the other so they don’t conflict. You can either disable your plugin, or you’d need to modify the theme code and remove the colorbox from there.

To be honest i have no idea why the color box plugin was installed. When i logged into today i saw that a plugin had an updated and i updated it. I have deactivated it.

Portfolio items are still opening outside of the color box.

Is there something i can look at that might be causing this?

When was the last time it was working? Can I see a URL ?

I don’t know if it was ever working. That may be why the other plugin was installed. Someone attempting to get it working.

This is the URL for the current site.

This is the clients old URL . He stopped development on that domain and changed his company name. I just used it to test the portfolio and it experiences the same issues as the axentdigital site.

Interested in logging into the wordpress installation so that you can poke around? I will PM you login details.

Oh ok, well that explains it. This is an older version of Socket. The version on ThemeForest has been updated to fix this problem. It’s not a problem with your installation, it’s a little code bug that exists in the first version of Socket. You can re-download the theme from TF and use the new header.php to replace yours. Or I can send you the header.php file via email. Or I can tell you which line of code to change in the header.php file if you’d rather do it that way. Let me know.

I would prefer to have the line of code to change in the header .php. I don’t know what if anything else has been ‘customized’ in there so i would rather play it safe.

Thanks for your help on this. The prompt support is much appreciated when trying to get a bunch of stuff done all at once. :)

Check out the code in header.php on line 101. It should look like this:

        }, function(data) {
            $('#cbox a').colorbox();
            $('.portfolio-item a').colorbox();

You need to change that to this:

        }, function(data) {
            $('#cbox a').colorbox();            
        $('.portfolio-item a.thumbnail').colorbox();

You will also need to make one other update in your portfolio template page. Open template-n.php and locate line 71 which should look like this:

<a href="&lt;?php echo get_permalink($postid); ?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;">&lt;?php the_post_thumbnail('template-n'); ?&gt;</a>

Change that so it looks like this:

<a href="<?php echo $thumbnail[0]; ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="thumbnail"><?php the_post_thumbnail('template-n'); ?></a>

You should be all set after that.

Perfect! Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome.

How can i add additional fields in the contact form?

I would like to add ‘Main Number’ and ‘Mobile Number’ to this page…


You need to edit the template-s.php file to add more fields, then you need to edit the js/contactform.js and functions/contact.php in order to add the new fields to the AJAX functionality that submits the forms.

Hi Brian,

Is there a way to get rid of the image-like box on the smileys?


Upgrade to the latest version of Continuum, which contains a fix for this. You can re-download the theme from ThemeForest and it will be the newest version, and you can just replace the files that were changed according to the update log on the item description page.

I posted about this in the support forum but thought i would try here also.

I added new fields to the contact form.

“Phone” and “Best Time To Call”

I edited contactform.js and contact.php and template-s.php to add the additional fields. When the contact form is used i get “Undefined” for the data next to each of the new fields. Example of what gets emailed to me is below. Everything works fine but the two new fields.

Name: Test Name



Phone: undefined

Besttime: undefined

Subject: Consult Digital Web Inquiry


Test message from contact form.

This is where the contact form is :

This zip file contains the contact.php/contactform.js/template-s.php files :

Can you tell me if i missed editing a specific file? Or look at these to see if a mistake was made that would cause the undefined error?


Sorry about that, I forget to check the Socket forum sometimes and I completely missed you’re posts. Will respond in the forums ASAP .

Thanks for following up. I saw that you had a new product and thought that might be the case.

Yep, I need to remind myself to check the Socket and Caulk forums more often :)

Hi, I love your theme and I’m thinking of buying it. I just have a question. In the slider on the home page are you able to link each sliding picture to a specific page? In the live demo the pictures don’t seem to link to any page.


Does that mean I’ve have to pay for a developer to figure out the code?

Actually my mistake, I was thinking you were talking about Continuum, a different theme of mine. So you were probably confused about the “three different sliders” thing I had said. As far as making the flash slider clickable, that’s something that is dictated by the flash plugin that Socket uses and I am not able to alter how that works. However there is a jquery slider you can use that comes with socket instead of the flash slider, and that one can be made clickable easily (if it’s not already enabled, can’t remember).

Actually my mistake, I was thinking you were talking about Continuum, a different theme of mine. So you were probably confused about the “three different sliders” thing I had said. As far as making the flash slider clickable, that’s something that is dictated by the flash plugin that Socket uses and I am not able to alter how that works. However there is a jquery slider you can use that comes with socket instead of the flash slider, and that one can be made clickable easily (if it’s not already enabled, can’t remember).

Hi Brian,

Was there an update to Socket? In your last response you told me to update to the last Continuum version… ;)

I have two questions:

1) How can I get rid of the boxes around the smileys? (If it’s possible, otherwise, nevermind)

2) Much more important: The special caracters (é, à, etc.) are not displayed in the excerpt from the flash slider. How can I fix that?


Ok, it’s done.

OK. TWO days I posted on your forum and I still haven’t got any response! What’s the point of that?!...

Can you reply to my questions here, please?


Very sorry for the delay. The holidays tend to delay support a bit. I have responded to your forum topics.

I am trying to use Easy Fancybox OR Fancybox, but both give me the same behavior with socket: Background dims, but image never pops forward. Twenty-eleven theme works with it no problem. Is there some code I can adjust to make it work? What is the conflict? Thank you!

Sample link:

I am seeing the fancybox work correctly in Chrome on Mac OSX . If you’re still having trouble with it, please post a support post on the forum so I can better follow up and assist with this:

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, I am sorry. by the time you got to that I had already changed gears out of frustration but can change it back if it helps you. What you are seeing now (working) is the lightbox effect on NextGen Gallery, not Fancybox. When NexGen Gallery was not installed and only Fancybox, you would see just the highlight in the center, darkened background but no image.

It must be some sort of jquery conflict. Let’s continue this either on the forum or over email so I can help you further.

Does it work with latest version wp 3.5.1 ???

The demo is running on 3.5.1 :)


I cannot get the marketing slider to work properly: the slides doesn’t rotate but stack over each other.

I tried deactivating all the plugins but the problem doesn’t come from a conflict from there…

Thanks in advance for your help

Edit : Actually, it does rotate with certain browser! What is very strange is that it rotates on Firefox on my MacBook Air, but it doesn’t on my iMac!! Is there something to do about that?

The support center is located here: