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Hello – I installed this theme earlier today and most of the customizations I’m trying to make are not getting applied. I’ve uploaded my header image and tried every option I could find but it still says Lathika blog. The font changes don’t apply after I save them. The only change I’ve been able to make that sticks is the color scheme. I’ve asked a web designer for help but the stylesheet isn’t editable and he’s baffled as well. I have never had this issue with other WP themes. Please help asap. Thanks.

Sure I’ll help! Is there a way you can create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address? I definitely wanna take a look and figure out what might be causing the problems.

It took a while but I figured it out. Thank you anyway.

Hi again Feeleep. Wondered if you could help with another question. On the main menus at the top of your live example Lathika blog, you have two menus (‘Categories’ and ‘Special Templates’) where clicking on the main title of the menu doesn’t bring up another page. That is, the sub-menu items show up when you mouse over the main title but if you actually click on the main title, nothing happens. How do you do this? I can’t see the obvious answer. For your info, I’m not sure if this is created using catalogs. If so, might be a problem for me as I have my blog on Windows hosting which, if I recall correctly, can cause issues with catalogs.

It seems like you’ve got it sorted out already :) So the answer is simple: create a dummy menu item and throw in children.

Actuallly, looks like I worked it out Feeleep. Do a custom link for the main title but don’t put in a URL for the link


Hey there! Your theme is very nice! I got a quick question for you, is the Twitter widget still working ? Cause I am not able to get it working. Nothing came out.

Thank you!

I am about to upload theme update within an hour or so and the update does include Twitter widget patch. You’ll be able to download it today or tomorrow – it actually depends on how fast theme update will be approved by TF staff.

Thank you!

It’s still in queue – as far as I can tell, maybe it gets approved today.

DL the latest update since my twitter feed wouldnt show up and had to use a different twitter widget. I got this when trying to use the “SOFA Twitter” again.

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/latinoge/domains/latinogentlemen.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/sofa_lathika/functions.php on line 480

Edit: Never mind I got it. Sorry.

OK then, glad to read that you’ve got it working now!

I just downloaded the theme and installed it. I immediately some errors that add_custom_background, add_custom_image_header, and get_theme_data are all deprecated. Please get this fixed soon so I can continue to use this theme in the future!

Tell you what, if anyhow possible create a temp Admin account for me and send credentials to my private email address. I’ll take a look and take care of everything – including those problems relating to child theme. Otherwise I could ask you to try this and that and your attempts might fail because my instruction was wrong, etc. I guess the fastest method would be to let me do it.

I working on a local version, not a live one. I’m not that worried about it. I won’t be putting it online for a while. I can wait. There’s no hurry.

OK, feel free to let me know when you are ready!


Thank you for the great work

\\ Unfortunately i’m trying to customize the theme, so i create a child theme but seems there are a problem because it’s not working,, and i tried with other themes everything is fine !!

is there any solutions ?

Theme Name: Sofa Lathika Child Theme

Template: sofa_lathika

@import url("../sofa_lathika/style.css");

waiting your kind response urgently :)

Thanks feeleep, it works fine now (I didn’t copy the administration folder, so that’s was the problem)

\\ i have another question, i need to add a more social media icons to the header. i tried to investigate a little bit i reach the following files - header.php - options-framework.php - options-interface.php

i need to add a variable fields in the control panel so later i can change the links smoothly .. how can i do it please ?

Thanks, i had added more social networks icons and links thanks :)

OK then, glad to read that everything is fine now.


when i edit the style.css in the child theme, everything go bad !! i just edit for example the padding, but unfortunately the style changed and become untidy !!

is there anything to be added in the child theme when i want to edit the style !!?

Will you be able to create a temp Admin account for me? I’ll take a look at what you did so far and how you did it and then pay your attention to what might be wrong. Of course, please use my private email address to send login credentials.
Otherwise, I really can’t figure out how come simple color change may affect the layout … I’ve never seen that before nor there are any tech predispositions for something like that to happen.

I have create a new user and send it ti you :) Thanks in advance

OK, I’ll see what’s going on there and let you know.

Hi Feeleep,

Are you still continuing to update this theme mate?



Sure, whenever is needed :)

I really like this theme, but the editor is buggy in the latest version of wordpress. I can’t write a long line and linebrakes are strange. An update would be nice

I’m really sorry to say but no plans for update!

Never mind. Have it fixed by myself.

That’s great!

Hi. I have been using the Soft Lathika theme for a while and I love it. I have two questions. Where does the “custom header” load to? I uploaded an image, but nothing is showing on my site (devindabney.com). Ideally, I’d like a header graphic between the social media bar and where my posts/sidebar start.

Also, is it possible to update the link colors to something else outside of the automatic theme color?

Due to predefined design/layout, custom headers are disabled. Even if you enable, it won’t fit anywhere because by default there’s no placeholder for it. (But still, you can take a look into “functions.php”, line #34 and then #46 thru #55)
If you wanna be able to use custom headers then modify function lathika_admin_header_style() (line #46 thru #55) and be sure to create ”#header” element within “header.php”.
Hopefully it helps!