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first in ;)

May I be a Godfather :)

Good work man!! congratulations… ;)


Great theme, love it !

I did run into a little problem with the tabbers though, that is if there is more than one tabber on a page (for example if 2 or more blog posts have a tabber and are displayed on the same page):

The page does load correctly, with the first tab of every tabber open. However, if you then click/activate one of the tabs of one of the tabbers (doesn’t matter which one), all the tabs of every other tabber on the page are suddenly closed.

(happened in both the latest Firefox and Chrome versions).

Have you been able to check it out ? As far as I (as a noob) see it, the 1st and 3rd line of the “switch_tabs” function don’t care about the unique ID and just close every tab available and remove the tabactive class from every active tab on a loaded page.

Holly smoke, YES the problem is resolved but forgot to post the fix with the latest theme update! Download “helpers.js” HERE and overwrite an old file in “sofa_lathika/javascripts” folder.
Official update is coming soon, sorry mate!

Awesome, thanks a lot !

Are color schemes unlimited? Or is there only certain colors?

Have a look here: http://goo.gl/DRwO9

a) you pick the main color out of which color offsets are calculated
b) additionally, background and titles can use it’s own colors

Upload background if you like, tile it upside down if you like…

ok a nice theme but b4 i purchase i want to ask i want to place adsense in left side bar….. is it possible that the left sidebar scroll when we move page up and down. also in gallery post format….the thumbial loads in full…mean fulll iamge loads in thumbail …making page loading heave…well question is that is it possible that the galleyr image on click one in new window so i k place a adsense on that page too?

It’s a responsive layout theme and as such requires images to be 100% wide. If fixed image size is used it might look fine on desktop machine but when scaled to a mobile screen res image will appear jagged as well. It’s because of scaling.
In general (can be applied to adsense too), if you use fixed size for any element – it’ll always keep that size, otherwise it gets scaled according to the screen resolution.

also any plan to place by default social sharing icons on post

You can simply use a plugin for that purpose! There’s plenty for free out there.

Good for personal sites :)

Wordpress directo > http://wpdirecto.com

In header.php The facebook icon does not go to face book.

‘sh_deviantart’ is repeated twice. Just incase anyone caught that.

But it works if you change the address in theme Options so that was a “typo”. Apologies!

sorry, me again :)

two problems with the pagination at the bottom:

a) as soon as you reach 10 pages of content, the pagination doesn’t fit into one line anymore and the link “Last »” is moved into a second line…which isn’t pretty.

b) The terms “Page %1$s of %2$s”, “« First” and “Last »” apparently didn’t make it into the language .po file, so they stay english even if I translate the rest of the theme.

OK, #2 is on the list! No need to be sorry, I appreciate your cooperation mate!

A quick question. I have major issue with Jquery Wordpress plugin with previous theme I purchase from other. I presume this template is conflict free?

If you let me know which plugin is the subject of an issue, I might be able to provide an answer. There could be a chance that there’s something wrong with the plugin itself!
As far as I know all the custom jQuery used by this theme is conflict free.

Hi. Great template. Is there anyway to use the short codes without using the WYSIWYG editor?

If you ask whether shortcodes can be used in Widgets, the answer is positive. Otherwise, I suggest you to create some draft Page or Post and insert whichever shortcode you are in need for. That’s how you can figure out how the wrapper looks like and which are required attributes!

Thanks. Another thing: In the Sofa Lathika Options. I have changed the font family and save but there is no changes. Please advise.

Maybe you are using WP Super Cache or WP Cache or any other content caching plugin that does prevent instant changes so try to empty cache in plugin’s options. Other than that, I see no reason of why it doesn’t work.

Yes! No wonder… thanks!

No problem!

Hi. Just downloaded this theme and love it. Looked at hundreds of different themes and this was the only one that really hit the mark for me. And it’s really easy to use. Well done.

Just a couple of issues I’m hoping you can help with. First up, the Facebook link in the header goes back to the blog home page rather than my Facebook page, even though I have the address correct. The other social links work.

Secondly, I can’t access the header section in theme options. It just comes up with the following:

PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘lathika_admin_header_style’ was given in D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00111863\webapps\SiteApp3264\htdocs\wp-includes\plugin.php on line 405

Can you help with this?

OK, problem detected. I’ll fix it up (both) and post an official theme update. It should happen today and depends on how 1much time TF staff will need to get it approved.
Thanks for paying my attention to these!!!

That’s awesome. Thanks a lot feeleep. Rapid response really appreciated.

Hi, I like the theme… seems to work very well. Especially like the snippet buttons in the editor I have not seen that before.

I am having some problems though.

  1. Some how I’ve lost the image slideshow controls. I check your example blog and they work so I know it’s not the browser, but on mine I just get the enlarged image and no controls to advance to the next, or to close the image. I have to hit the back button.
  2. I can’t figure out where the little snippet of text is coming from on some of the posts on the dummy data. For instance on the post you have set to be a sticky, Lathika Moods, the text reads “Play around with theme…”. When I edit this post I can’t find that text anywhere.

I already have replied to your email, no need to post the same question(s) twice mate. No worries, I do provide feedback to all!

Oops, sorry about that.

Hi. Why does my category page doesn’t appear any pagination like my homepage? link: http://mintmoments.com/accessories/

Yeap, I found it! Gotta fix it up and post theme update. It should happen today so heads up to theme’s Changelog!

Want to say thank you for paying my attention to the problem!!!

Looking forward! Thanks.

OK, theme updated and approved officially, you can download the latest package and replace fixed files (see Changelog).

Great work, is there any chance to see “rtl” version soon?

Sorry, it’s just as is. I think there’s a few tweaks required to make it work in reverse but I’m not a big fan of doing these changes simply because original design will not be the same any more.


I bought your theme, but as I read on the ‘readme’ file I uploaded on my new blogging website (www.thefrancioeffect.com) the theme and activated it, I get just a white page, this on mac as on windows.

Please, could you give me support? I can give you the access datas if you need. thanks francesco

It looks like you did something wrong :) Anyway, feel free to drop me a private message with Admin credentials and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Hi again feeleep. I wrote to you earlier and your fixes did the job perfectly. I have another question I hope you might help me with. Somewhere along the way, I have made a mistake with my blog and put an incorrect name in the title as it shows up in the tab of the browser. In other words, the blog name that shows up in the browser’s tab is different to the actual blog name. I have gone in and re-entered the correct title in WP and the right title shows up everywhere else. It’s just the name that shows up in the browser’s tag that is wrong and I can’t for the life of me work out how to fix it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

That’s really strange (or maybe I’m missing the point)! Browser tab text should reflect site’s TITLE – as far as I know. Do you use some SEO plugin or something like that? URL of your website could help too!

feeleep, you are a legend! I didn’t think to check the SEO plug in but that was where the problem was. Thanks so much for that. Combination of a great theme and great customer service that you provide is very rare these days. Thanks again.

I’m glad to read it helped!!!