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I really enjoy this theme. But may I perhaps suggest a change?

This theme has multiple H1 tags, according to my webmaster tools in Bing this is not a good thing. Apart from that, no problems.

Maybe you can change the post titles to h2 instead?


I’ll keep that on mind, thanks mate!

Hi, for the link post. Is it possible to open a new window instead of the present window? Thanks.

That’s impossible! If you just add target=”_blank” attribute – it shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Are you sure that the replacement was done right? Please check it out once again. I just did it on localhost and again and everything works fine.

Hi, got it figure out. You left out the <?php the_title(); ?>

Holy cow, whatta mistake! My bad, sorry mate for not seeing it before!

Hello, when i switch font-family in Sofa Lathika options i don’t see any change. I have only 2 plugins installed : “Google Analytics for WordPress” and “Google XML Sitemaps”.

Please help me :).

That’s strange, maybe you just forgot to actually Save Options?!? I tried to switch a couple of font families and everything works fine. These two plugins shouldn’t have anything to do with it, if the problem persist feel free to create a temp Admin account and drop it in a private message.

Tomorrow I will not be able to handle it, I’m on the road all day long.


The template file has .mo to translate?


Yes, it does have a localization file but it’s not ”.mo”, it’s ”.po”. Once you translate to Spanish simply export to ”.mo”.

...like the theme a lot… but, one thing is holding me back- the microfont is not readable without considerable eyestrain… there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the font size for content… I see the font & size options for H tags… but only font selector for content font…

You can change font size in CSS if needed but I guess 13px should be enough even on higher screen resolutions. Maybe your monitor screen res is holding you back, may 17” laptop is running 1920×1080px and the font does look smaller but at 24” LCD situation is far more better.

...audio player not showing up on iPod.

Well, that’s the most probably because Apple gave up Flash for iPhone and iPod :)

Hello, I bought your template, very good, but that font you use in the sample template?

I have changed several times the typography and did not get to it… :stress:

Best regards

That’s strange, you are second user reporting the same problem … OK, try the following, it worked first time. In the mean time I’ll take a closer look to the problem…

1. Open “header.php”, for edit then go to line #35 (should be an empty line)
2. Paste the following code to that line:

<?php lathika_header_style(); ?>
3. save “header.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machine

I’m wondering whether that font selection problem has something to do with WP 3 .4.1 …

Currently I have version 3.3.2 installed on an external server with Linux.

Change the “header.php”


Hopefully it worked! Still not sure what happened at your side….

Thank you very much solved with the code you gave me.

All perfect

Regards :bigwink:

Ahhh, OK then, glad to read it! So if anyone else is facing the same problem – that would be a proper solution.


I can not make post video on the template you know that can happen?


Use Video shortcode button in text editor to paste “share” code provided by YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Brilliant theme I really like it!

One problem – I change the heading font in the options and save but nothing changes on the site. I guess I could hardcode it with a child theme but would prefer to use options. Any idea why this is not working?

For some reason a little fix is required but only “occasionally”. You are third user reporting this problem, try the following:
1. open “header.php” and paste the following to line #35 (blank line):

<?php lathika_header_style(); ?>
2. save “header.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machne

Ignore my last comment. I followed earlier advice and pasted

<?php lathika_header_style(); ?>

on line 35 of header.php and that solved it!

Thanks :)

Owh silly me, already replied even though you found it. Never mind, glad to read it :)

Hi, I do see the navigation pages 1,2,3,4,5…etc below on the chosen category in the menu. But when I clicked on the pages, it gave me a 404 page error. Please advise. Thanks.

One of the category page link: http://www.mintmoments.com/tips-and-tutorials/ Screenshot: http://mintmoments.com/images/Screen-Shot-2012-07-24-at-9.44.jpg

OK, because all of my workarounds failed (even WP-pagenavi plugin didn’t work!), I had to install “Category pagination fix” which solved the problem.

Thank you so much for the trouble. Don’t mind using a plugin to solve the issue. Really appreciated for the effort. Thumb up!

OK then, glad to read it helped!


How do I change the size of the banner. It is really tiny and it is almost an afterthought when visiting the blog.

I’m sure I’m missing something ridiculously simple.

Thank you in advance

Ahh, now I see, it’s logo! OK, in order to increase the size try the following:

1. open “header.php” for edit and go to line #89 that reads:

<hgroup id="logo" class="four columns">

...change to:

<hgroup id="logo" class="five columns">

2. now go to line #101 that by default reads:

<div id="navig" class="twelve columns">

... and change to:

<div id="navig" class="eleven columns">

3. save "header.php" and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machine

Because of responsive layout, width of a logo area is dictated by the number of grid columns.</div></code></pre></div>

I changed the code. The logo is still the same and there is a weird grid. Any other advice?

If you followed my guide everything should be all right mate. Otherwise feel free to create a temp Admin user and send login credentials to my private email address. I’ll fix it up, no need to worry.

Hi After instalation your theme i saw blank page in admin

Holy smoke! Never heard about something like that. Did you resolve the problem. Did you possibly install theme download package instead of theme installation file? Installation file can be found inside download package so you should unzip it to a local drive first in order to get to installation ZIP .
Otherwise, feel free to create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address.

Hi feeleep. Waynea here again. Wondering if you could help me. I am trying to set up a portfolio gallery like the one you have on your demo site but I can’t work out how its done. The part that is confusing me is when the Catalog input screen goes to a Category input screen. Can you help with the basics on how to do this?

Not sure I understand this one: “The part that is confusing me is when the Catalog input screen goes to a Category input screen.”
There is Dashboard section named “Portfolios” that allows you to create new Catalogs or sub-Catalogs.
If you select Portfolios > Add New
...you’ll be able to publish new Portfolio (project) entry in one of your catalogs.
It works on the same way as if you are about to publish new Post. However, Catalogs and belonging Portfolios and Categories containing Posts are never mixed together!
Did you possibly forget to set Permalinks to Custom Structure – as recommended in theme manuals? If true, there’s a chance that Catalogs and Categories are all mixed up.

Respected Sir, Greetings for the Day. I am interested in buying your my blog wp theme, but before that i would like to ask you

1) I want to use bbpress forum, so does this theme support bbpress ? or after some manually editing does it work ?

2) Can i create 2 side bars which means 1 for my blog another for bbpress forum ?

3) can i include advertisement banners in the theme at top, sidebar and bottom ?

Kindly reply

1. BBPress has nothing to do with theme or the system (WordPress) that Lathika theme is driven by. BBPress has its own installation and uses separate database tables. It’s true that WP theme and BBPress may “interact” but essentially these two run separately.

2. You can use the same sidebar for both, this theme doesn’t use double sidebar. Beware, you’ll need additional coding in order to make these two work together, it doesn’t happen by default.

3. Once you buy theme license you can do whatever is needed to make it fit your needs. Demo site is used for demonstration of theme functionality only while WordPress possibilities are literally endless.

I’ll be always here to help as much as I can ;)

Hey, I just purchased and launched this for my blog. Great work here man, I like it a lot. I have one tiny problem though, the “linked-in” button on the header is messin up the URL . In the settings I placed the correct URL (“www.linkedin.com/pub/samuel-lovette/21/1b9/b14”), but the button points to (“http://www.livenovus.com/www.linkedin.com/pub/samuel-lovette/21/1b9/b14”). You can see it’s just simply appending the linked-in url onto the site’s url instead of simply redirecting.

Just a bug I figure. Any fixes?

Also, is there a way to get the links to open up a new tab in the browser when you click, instead of using the same window?

Thanks so much. Hope all is well, look forward to your response.


I’m sure that’s not a bug, you have to check out whether all of your “social” links start with “http://” or – if required – with “https://”. It’s typical for WordPress to just append address to home URL if improperly formatted.
As for how to make links open in new tab, you’ll have to modify “header.php” and “footer.php” a little bit. For example, have a look at the line #155, it reads:

<a href="<?php echo of_get_option( 'sh_facebook' ); ?>" class="icon left" title="<?php _e( " facebook="">">
So in order to make it open in new window you’ll have to add target attribute to anchor:

<a href="<?php echo of_get_option( 'sh_facebook' ); ?>" class="icon left" title="<?php _e( " facebook="">" target="_blank">

For a case you are not skilled I’ll be glad to help you with. Simply create a temp Admin account for me, send login credentials and the request brief description to my private email address.

Portfolio Page: I’ve uploaded several images to different portfolio pages. They are all showing up great individually but when you go the portfolio page to see them all there is no image thumbnail.

URL of your website would be appreciated! At this point I can’t figure out what might be wrong, demo site is working just fine.
If you suspect on some tech issue feel free to drop me a private message with Admin panel access credentials.

This is the simple img code that I’ve got in one of the portfolio post: \\

I used the featured img url to post image. Maybe I need actually load image into site?


Page (site) source code doesn’t show any IMG tag which means no featured image has been set for a portfolio Post/Entry. That’s not the case with “Yellow Crossing” entry which was imported with dummy data file.
Feel free to create a temp Admin account for me and I’ll take a look at what you did and how you did it. Send login credentials to my private email address. Thanks!