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Nice, simple and clean.

The links in the descripton were more useful to me. Thanks a lot.

Nice work very clean and simple

Kompulsive, campuscodi, mabuc Thanks for the compliments!

was just what i was looking for i will have to purchase this soon

Great work, love it. Bookmarked…I’ll be back.

Very nice. I buy it !

Thanks guys!

Excellent work – love the balance and control that you’ve managed to get across in such a simple layout. No frills, just good design :)

I love the design itself, but not really a fan of how things have been coded. You’re using a stylesheet so I was confused as to why you’d bother using inline styles.

All that aside, nice work; I just think you might want to consider working on your code a little more.

epicera Thanks!

Cupcakes I’m not exactly sure what you mean? Explain and give some examples and I’d be glad to do some fixing.

The only inline I saw was: ul style=”float: left;” and ul style=”float: right;”. I think it makes sense to have that inline.

I will be buying this as well in the next few days. Also, is the content slider supposed to auto-scroll?

bradland – No, the content slider does not auto-scroll. I’m not familiar with a way to do that with the jFlow plugin.

how do i set up who the contact form sends to, i cant seem to find it

JGDesigns – There is no contact form included in this theme

there’s a contact page with the form, but no way to change who it sends to, so what do i do?

JGDesigns – Unfortunately you’d have to seek a developer for a quick freelance job in order to create a contact form for you.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

bought the theme and I am really pleased with it but I was expecting the images on the homepage to slide automatically based on the description of the theme .. “Sliding image display”.

Is it suppose to slide automatically or am I missing something?

other than that found it quite easy to work with and skin.