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for Code Quality

The theme itself (ie the visuals and layout) is nice and does exactly what I expected.
However, the template is rather poor. There are typos and mistakes, but most importantly, its advertised as a Jekyll template yet it barely uses Jekylls templating features.
I'll talk about the mistakes and typos first:
There is a variable for setting feature description that in the template is missing (just has static text) for one of the three features, so changing the variable does nothing. There is a variable defined as "author" but used as "autor". There's a CSS class called "genric" instead of "generic" (at least that one doesn't break anything).
But most importantly, its only superficially a Jekyll template:
A lot of the actual textual content is hard coded into the HTML , instead of templated using Jekyll's Liquid templates. There are a load of vairables defined for customisation, but they're all in _config.yml and they don't make use of Jekyll core features like collections and data files. For example, there is "statistics_item_one_image", "statistics_item_two_image", "statistics_item_three_image" and "statistics_item_four_image" (and then "statistics_item_one_title" and others), while it would have made much more sense to make this a list of key-value items (and the author did do it for a few things too, so its not like (s)he didn't know!). Better yet, this list could have been in a data file to 1. not clutter _config.yml so much and 2. make jekylls auto reload work better. Many of these variables have content sections, so would make even more sense as collections. This would also allow the user to choose how many, eg if I want more or fewer than four of the statistics items.
It took me two days of cleaning it before it was properly usable from Jekyll instead of having to hand edit it, but as it was advertised as a Jekyll theme, I expected I wouldn't have to do this.

In summary: nice layout/styling, poor Jekyll template.

for Code Quality

This is just html. The menu yml does not work, so they just hard coded the menu in html. Very poorly designed theme with very poor documentation.

Author response

Now this theme works on Netlify cms. Please download new version form your download options

for Customer Support

Template is very well designed and developer offers top notch support.


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