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nice template :P

Thanks :)

I can’t open live preview.

Try this link

This is an excellent template, nice job!

Excellent Template only thing is i want to insert a logo that is width 457X Height 123X i am not to good with coding i have edited the header file and made it bigger

but when i put the logo in the slider part is in the way and it moves all the way to the right i dont know what to edit the margins? i am not sure Please help me


Contact me from my profile page, so i can get your email address and help you put your logo

I’m really impressed with the design and details to minors. Excellent job!

Thanks dreampunchboy :)

very nice, good luck :)

Thanks :)

Very Nice work …do you possibly have it in wordpress? and how would you integrate your blog into the site if its not wordpress? If i design the psds how much recoding would someone have to do?

I dont have plan to create the wordpress version now, but someday wp version will available ;)

If i design the psds how much recoding would someone have to do?

Sorry I dont understand

If i redesign some of the psds how much recoding (html) would it take?

Just bought the theme …just want to know a couple of things….were is the comparison chart on the features psd ..I want to put my plans in there….do you have the psd with the comparison chart on it if so can you send it to me? and do you charge to install the website onto my server?

Contact me from my profile page, so I can send you an email. Thanks

A great template, I’ve bought it and will be using it soon.

Well done!

Great, Thanks :D

Very nice template :) Good luck with it !

Thanks iAlex :)

Nice work, An WHMCS version of this would be super awsome. To bad themeforest does not support that. Thanks for the template !!

Thanks for your comment :D

Can you make a WHMCS version ?

Sorry, I cant make WHMCS version

Hi I’m thinking about buying this but i have a few questions, - is there a way to add a banner the full width of the template to use as a logo

-is it possible to move the content nav from the right side to the left?

You need to modify the html code and css code to do that.

is there new version if this template? That is so old

I love this template and it works perfectly on different devices.