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Hello, I will change from a WordPress site to this html site. But is it easy and fast working, when I want to make updates? I post daily messages and my WordPress and plugins gives me headaches now..

Hello! Please note that all the content must be changed in HTML editor. It’s not a WordPress.

I really want this theme for Drupal. I’ve been seeing it is no longer available, but is that true?

Hello! We do not develop drupal themes

I have the following questions before I purchase:

1. I want to let the people download my photos on mobiles and pc to share them but they can’t save them. Any way to do this?

2. In the slideshow, why are the images zoomed in and cut off in the mobiles? Can’t the slideshow play at the original size of the images?

3. Nothing is happening when a visitor presses on the likes. How can one like them?

4. Is there a setting to turn off that title of the image and like bar totally? Or I can do it by custom css?

5. Is there a setting to turn off darkening of other images on mouseover except the one on which the mouse is hovering? Or I can do it by custom css?

6. Is there infinite scroll? I did not see it in the demo.

Thanks and awaiting your reply before purchase.

Got your new comment for another template.

Hello i typed in “wordpress theme photography” in the search engine and then came to Themeforrest on the page where this theme was offered. Unfortunately, this theme does not work on Wordpress, because its an web template. Is it possible that I can change it and get this Soho theme for Wordpress?

Hello! We’ve already answered to your ticket. Here is a quote “Hello! If the product has been downloaded it can’t be returned or changed to other one. The WordPress version is available at https://themeforest.net/item/soho-fullscreen-photo-video-wordpress-theme/10020792

Hello, I just received an email saying that an update to my item – Soho- Fullscreen Photo & video web Template is now available. Would you kindly tell me what the update is? Also, do I have to download the whole file to receive it? I look forward to your review & reply. Thanks :)

Hello! You got this notification because the theme has been restored on TF. There was no update to the template files.

What is the best HTML editor to use with this theme? I like it a lot and am assuming it does not work with WordPress… New to this process, but excited to learn and apply for my business.

well, I have been playing around enough and realize I may not have the time to get myself CSS and HTML savvy to do what I want to do! I already purchased the theme, but I am realizing the wordpress way is the way for me. Is there any way for me to upgrade/change this purchase?

Due to Themeforest terms all the sales are final :(

no problem. Will catch up with it soon and make the next purchase. Thanks!

i recently purchased ur template is this compatible with wordpress i didn’t read it and now i paid for an item that was intended for wordpress use

Hello! This is static HTML template, it’s not compatible with WordPress. If you were mistaken, please contact themeforest team.

hey i been trying to upload the theme into the server public_html file for some reason the theme isn’t properly showing is there any specific folder that i have to upload into the root folder from the ftp client? i am asking because i work with wordpress i been trying to get the template to work for over 3 hours now thanks!!

Everything depends on your server. The files can be in the root folder. Can you please provide a website link? Whats wrong?

Hello, , when I change the image for striped.html some shows and some do not

Sorry, I missed one question. Do you use a corporate mail format? It could be the reason of the issue. Please use gmail or any other popular mail service to test contact form.

Yes, I try Gmail and our mail. There’s no movement when I click submit , contact, Subscribe to Our News, or coming soon

Please send the ftp access to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com. We will check whats wrong

why use this theme than the wordpress theme ? wp will manage the portfolio more vastly and early no ?

Hello! It’s html version, you have to know html in order to modify the template

understood but, I asked why choose html template for a portfolio than a wordpress ? for a really small size ok for html but a portfolio is not really “light” if you put high quality images ….

I do not understand your question

Hi I bought this theme on wordpress and the fullscreen video works fine but before it shows on my site theres this annoying slider that says “You don’t have any posts yet.” also this isn’t working for vimeo links also.

Hello! You posted the request in Soho HTML template section. Please be more attentive.

can i put a background image or change the background color?

Hello! What page are you referring to?

the soho them looks great. what is the best and easiest program to put my own text, images and video into this theme to make my site from this? I use dreamweaver, is the easiest way or should i use something else? i currently do not use word press… thanks in advance.

Yes, it is possible to do, if you drop a message to help at gt3themes dot com we will get back to you with the quote.

how would i go about contacting you about adding a some pictures grids and text boxes to the slider page at the bottom?? re above comment?? thanks in advance.

Hello! This is custom request. If you want to get the fee details, please send the mail via the contact form on profile.

Hello, I’d like to see how this looks with a background video but when I go to your page http://www.gt3themes.com/website-templates/soho/bg_video.html it’s asking me to log in as apparently the video you are using on Vimeo is private.

Hello! It looks like the author of the video made it private, you can check how it works on our WordPress version http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/soho/bg-video/

OK, thank you for the information.

Hey Mad Dog,

Love the Soho. Is it possible to customize the template with a video player other that what the Gallery/Albums is doing to my videos? Can they play in HD and not go to fullscreen? Thanks.

and sorry for the confusion

if you could make code changes that would be great. i’ll stop bothering you.

Please post the request as mentioned on the help forum. Thanks

hey I’d like to buy this template, but I want to know, if the ribbon gallery also works with videos (from vimeo and youtube) ?

Hello! The Ribbon Gallery works only with images. There is no way to use videos.

Hi. How can I change the Google map for my location? Thanks

Hello! You have to generate your own code at Google customizer

Big image slider is auto resize??? I just add link image ? This template is cool !

I do not understand what the screenshot is about and what you need.

mean from http://kapital3.org/ I like put everting on yours templates . MY WEBSITE SLIDER WITH LINKL….

We do not provide support for the 3rd party sliders.

Hi there, i have a few questions before i buy

1) Can this support like and comments under pictures? 1.2) if the template is not feature ready for items mentioned in (1) how much for you to do this as a custome job? 2) does this template allow for a back end to upload new pictures? i would prefer not to go cms route 2.1 – same as 1.2

Hello! It is a static HTML template, there is no functionality to comment under pictures. If you need a website where you can upload new pictures via back end, then you may consider WordPress version.

Hello, I love this template. Thank you for designing it!

Is there any way on a Gallery page you’re able to display (and arrange by) the categories the same way you can on a Porfolio page? I can’t seem to get the categories submenu to display on a gallery page.

Basically, I like the way in which on a gallery you get the ”+” symbol appearing with content/video loading in a pop-up but I’d like the user to be able arrange these by category.


Thanks, I did come across that one. But, can you use this http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/soho/gallery-grid/ and add the categories to the submenu at the top? I like the way the page displays without titles and the content pops up.

The page you’ve supplied takes you to another full screen page (which isn’t great for the correct sizing of video).

This option is not available.

How do I make the Google Maps full screen? When I try to add a Google maps it wont be full width it actually starts from the middle of the screen where my content also normally starts

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item.


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