Discussion on SOHO - Photography

Discussion on SOHO - Photography

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Where is the latest page for the change log? This page I have no longer seems to have been updated: https://livewp.site/docs/soho-photography-videography-wordpress-theme/?section=changelog-soho

Hello! That page is cached and will be updated soon. You can always download the latest version in your account here on TF

I know where to download the latest version. I always want to know what the changes are before I download my files. The change log hasn’t been updated since 2.8.6.

The page data has been updated.

Hi there, I can see that I need to do an update “SOHO – You have version 2.8.6 installed. Update to 2.8.7.” However when I downloaded the file from here just now it is version 2.8.6 How do I find the new version 2.8.7? Thanks LISA

Hello Lisa! Please check it again.

Hi there,

Currently I have the SOHO version 2.8.4 installed in my site and a notification for the 2.8.5 appears in the admin panel. Is this correct, I mean, is this 2.8.5 version already available?

Thanks in advance

You can update the theme via WordPress dashboard if you have an active support. Otherwise you can download it in your account on Themeforest and update it manually

But I am a legal owner of a license of SOHO so I think I should have the right to update the theme from my admin panel as I do with lots of other themes. Which is the problem with that?

Yes, you are. But you can do that if your support package is active.

Hello! Is the preview working? I can’t see it

Hi there! It’s working now. Thanks

Hello. We’re experiencing an issue with Chrome where our portfolio slider images are squeezed and misshapen. This seems to be only an issue with Chrome. Safari and mobile devices do not have the same issue. www.askstudio.com. Any suggestions?

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. This form is for pre-sale and general questions only. Please submit a support request and our team will assist you.

Support Portfolio Website

Hoy can i change the labels for comments and read more to spanish?

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. This form is for pre-sale and general questions only. Please submit a support request and our team will assist you.

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Hello, we have a problem with submenu: it stops at second level. I saw on includes/modules/header.php that there is a wp_nav_menu function call and I added ‘depth’ options, but seems doesn’t work. How can I do for show more submenus? thank you

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. This form is for pre-sale and general questions only. Please submit a support request and our team will assist you.

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Hello, I need the menu on every page (also the landing page with the landing stripes template). How can I it switch on? Thank you in advance, Mareike

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Hi, my support has expired and I just moved my site to a new hosting (cloned database and files) and now the theme need to be activated with pucharse code, and if I insert purchase code it say that it’s already activated. I need a solution. Domain name is the same, the only change is IP address. I can’t put a support ticket. Thanks

Hello! Please send the request with your purchase code via a contact form on our website

Thanks. I think I did some days ago without response. I’ll do again now.

I did processed somehow the activated code u gave me, and not working. Said “This purchase code already activated” HUH.. said need to purchase again. what’s going on during the WordPress installed. i tried find a contact no one answer to me. please contact me.

No, we did no say that. We answered to your comment about your submitted 3 requests

I guess I am giving up. I tried do the the GT3 account was created automatically on our website https://gt3accounts.com/app/ not working, all of that I just emailed back. give up. not worth struggle.

There is no need to duplicate your answers here. Please keep communicating with our support team. They will assist you.

Theme is saying I need to register & won’t update past 2.8. saying that 2.8.2 update available?

When I enter my purchase code it says it’s already activated and still saying activate theme?

Downloading the file gives me 2.8 not 2.8.2?

Hello! Please submit a support request and our team will assist you

So! Little question. As my HOST provider deleted my webpage I lost my SOHO theme with it. Still on that website the theme was activated by the purchase code. Now when I try to Activate it again with the same purchase code it tells me that this code has been activated already and I can’‘t use a the theme that I made payment for??? So now what? I have to buy another theme to get it up and running? I need more information on that please?

There is a direct link to support ticket system on the item page https://wp-help.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?

So I need to put that info here as additional information; When I made the activation the first time the activation happened with only the purchase code. BUT when you create your WP site it generates automatic email to which GT3 makes account on there website for which registration I had no clue. Now when you have to get in your account in there website just check your default generated email address by WP – usualy admin@yourwebsite.com that email will be your actual username for the GT3 website account with that Username now you can reset your password on there website and you can manage your purchase code activation/deactivation. From there you got to deactivate and activate the purchase code and afterwards it works like a charm.

NOW GT3 you get 10 stars! Have a great day and I hope that info is useful. <3

We are not looking for 10 stars review, definitely not 1 star

I migrated my website to another server and now the purchase code says that it is already active and will NOT let me register the code. What is up with that??

Hello! Please submit a support request and our team will assist you

Hello just bought your theme today. One issue that im having is the following : On the gallery section, Video page ( of demo ) When i press any video item and then edit, then “Select Image” to change the thumbnail image of the Video, nothing happens!? Theres no pop up for me to change the thumbnail , nothing. Do you know why? Thanks.

Hello! Please submit your request via a support ticket system and our team will check it

Hello GT3themes, is it possible to allow mouse scroll wheel when in a full screen ribbon gallery? To go from one asset ( picture, video etc..) to the other? I find those little arrows on the bottom right a little quirkie. Thanks

Hello! This comment form is for presale questions only.

I have been using this theme for a while now however there is a massive bug in the Galleries and I am not getting the help I need to fix it. Just reinstalled the theme update, all plugins have been turned off/on etc. The problem is when you click a link or an image in the Gallery page it just goes to a grey screen with the arrows and the x at the bottom. The page become unresponsive and reloading it does not work. Can I please have an answer on how to fix this. Thanks. LISA

Hello Lisa! Yes, you will get a response from our support team in the ticket. All the requests are handled via the ticket system only.

I bought the template, and tried to install one of the following MULTILINGUAL plugins

Multilanguage by BestWebSoft WPGlobus

But when I create a page and use the GT3 Page Builder plugin it doesn’t give me the possibility to insert the different texts for each language.

Is there an explanation? Or is this last plugin not MULTILINGUAL enabled? And for this will I have to use the tools that wordpress offers me?

Hello! Please submit all support requests via a ticket system and our team will assist you

hello I read that the template has the ability to activate a photo gallery with password access.

1) can you do the same thing with a video gallery too? 2) is it possible to create multiple galleries (videos or photos) with password? 3) how does access work? Does the user have to register as a simple user or do I have to give a password after a visitor request?

Hello! We use the native password protected pages functionally. You simply set the password for the page with the gallery and provide your customer with the password. It’s very easy.

Hello, I’ve been using the Background Image/Video template for a while without issue. Just recently it seems that background videos have stopped autoplaying. I’ve seen other sites where their video does not have this issue. Has there been an update recently that may have affected the background video autoplay functionality? Seems like this is just a setting adjustment that I’m overlooking. My website is www.askstudio.com. Thanks for the help.

Hello! We don’t see that you’ve purchase this theme

I did not personally purchase it. A colleague in our organization did. We’re trying the track down the purchase number now. Our website is www.askstudio.com, which you’ll see is the soho theme.

Please submit a support request and we will check it.


I have an up to date web project (WP/theme/plugins) working fine but when I edit any page on it, the body background color becomes transparent and it appears the image I am using in the landing page style homepage.

Do you have any idea why is this happening?

I know I have no support service at the moment but this is so strange considering I have everything updated and working fine…

I would appreciate some help form you.

Thanks in advace

The most recent is 2.7.6

The version available in the download button is the 2.7.5

Could you check that please?


Then the version 2.7.6 is available via auto-update. Sometimes we allow the users get the most recent version via auto-update option to get the updates faster.

I hesitate between Soho and Oyster theme. Would like to know if, in Soho theme, have a possibility to display the main navigation menu at the top of the Homepage Striped Default page (as it looks like in the Oyster Homepage vertical striped version) Is it easy to set up? Then I will decide wich theme I will buy… Thanks! Gilles.

Sorry can you answer me about the possibility to display, in the Home Page Striped Default, the top bar with the navigation menu / logo ? Would be easy to set up? Thanks in advance. Gilles.


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