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I just bought the Theme and i can feel the potential of your product but I’m facing issues with it :

1- I’ve chosen Striped Color as first page, but in responsive mode, I would like to crop the images differently, how is it possible ?

2- I want to use Masonry with margin as default for my portfolio but I can’t find a way to do it ? GT3 builder doesn’t allowed me to do it. I can only insert pictures with masonry but without margin

3- I like the way the page “Contact with sidmap” is build, with the form and all that stuff, how can I build the page the same way ? Can I just modified it with my own word ?

Thanks, in advance, for your support

Hello! Please submit your requests via a ticket system and our team will assist you

Hello, pre purchase questions.

1: how many photos/videos is the limit for the homepage slider?

2: i have seen in the demo that people can like albums but can they like individual photos/videos in mobile browser?

3: can i create the homepage slider based upon the top photos and videos that are on my different categories, for example : only the photos and videos that are most viewed or liked will be shown in the homepage as slideshow?

4: if option 3 is not possible, can i make the photos and videos that show on the homepage slider random? ( so people could see new photos each time).

5: in the mobile browser there are pause play button, rewind and fast forward, zoom buttons, but in the left side it does not show share button. ( in the mobile browser) can i add a share button for each photo/video?

6: since i will be creating a lot of photos and videos and the size could eventually grow fast and make the website speed slow, is there an option were i can embed all my photos and videos from “Google drive” for example, and not have to directly upload any media to my site?

7: is there an ads management in your theme, since it is not wise to have this beautifull full screen design theme and have regular ads on the header, footer and stuff, what other kinds of ads can be displayed rather than pop up ads? Is it possible to show ad in between photo/video slides?

Thank you. Kind regards:

Hi, can you tell me what is the last version of the theme? thanks!

Hello! The latest version is 2.7.4


wp_noob Purchased

Just bough the theme and it’s looking groovy.

But, I’ve noticed a few things which weren’t imported and/or not finding the functionality to replicate some pages similarly. The documentation provided and on the web did not help.

Do i need to raise a support ticket via themeforest or do you guys have your own crm? Would be great to have the link to raise it

Hello! Please submit a support request and our team will assist you


This theme was offerd by Evanto/ThemeForest and monthly free products. I downloaded and wanted to use it now but it asks me for activation code which in the evanto license says Free. So would I get a code for activation? or evanto ran a scam to get us to use it and force us to buy?

Hi there! Unfortunately the deal expired. If you want to use our theme you have to purchase it.


pkwiley Purchased

Hello this Theme has great potential but I am noticing errors throughout its development. I hope it is not the way you guys do business. Support is not punctual after submitting support ticket. There is a 12 to 24 hours window for any help. Why is that?


pkwiley Purchased

WHy are my comments not being treated equally?


pkwiley Purchased

I have been asking for support about various bugs throughout this theme and do not receive a response. It does take 12 to 24 hours for responses. Tread lightly about considering this theme unless you know how to fix their shortcomings. I have already fixed many bugs on my own, but every time I fix something another bug comes up wrong with the theme.


pkwiley Purchased

Can anyone tell me why I can’t add an image from Custom Layout Options in a template page?

Hi! presale question: For the stripped pages default (Stripped-2), with 3 images to display, is there a recommended image size? will the choosen images will be automatically cropped? Thanks! Gilles.

Yes, it is possible.

That is great! I buy it! Is it possible to benefit any any coupon or discount? Gilles.

Unfortunately there is no discount for this theme

I had to reinstall my Wordpress website. I also reinstalled the SOHO theme that I had bought. It says that it is not activated but when I ask why that is, I am being asked to pay 19,88 in order to reinstall it. This is a shakedown.

Hello! Please provide a support ticket ID where you were asked to pay for the purchase code activation. That’s the first time we hear about it

Hi, It was 32734..

—— ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (32734) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Mike Tailor (WordPress Themes & Plugins Help Center) Sep 10, 2020, 12:04 PM GMT+3

Hello! Thank you for contacting us. Your support package expired on March 1, 2016. To get further assistance you have to renew it in your account on Themeforest.

WordPress Themes & Plugins Support Team


David Sep 10, 2020, 11:51 AM GMT+3

I need to reinstall my website but I cannot validate the code..

This email is a service from WordPress Themes & Plugins Help Center.

I hesitate between Soho and Oyster theme. Would like to know if, in Soho theme, have a possibility to display the main navigation menu at the top of the Homepage Striped Default page (as it looks like in the Oyster Homepage vertical striped version) Is it easy to set up? Then I will decide wich theme I will buy… Thanks! Gilles.

Sorry can you answer me about the possibility to display, in the Home Page Striped Default, the top bar with the navigation menu / logo ? Would be easy to set up? Thanks in advance. Gilles.


Cioka Purchased


I have an up to date web project (WP/theme/plugins) working fine but when I edit any page on it, the body background color becomes transparent and it appears the image I am using in the landing page style homepage.

Do you have any idea why is this happening?

I know I have no support service at the moment but this is so strange considering I have everything updated and working fine…

I would appreciate some help form you.

Thanks in advace

The most recent is 2.7.6


Cioka Purchased

The version available in the download button is the 2.7.5

Could you check that please?


Then the version 2.7.6 is available via auto-update. Sometimes we allow the users get the most recent version via auto-update option to get the updates faster.

Hello, I’ve been using the Background Image/Video template for a while without issue. Just recently it seems that background videos have stopped autoplaying. I’ve seen other sites where their video does not have this issue. Has there been an update recently that may have affected the background video autoplay functionality? Seems like this is just a setting adjustment that I’m overlooking. My website is www.askstudio.com. Thanks for the help.

Hello! We don’t see that you’ve purchase this theme

I did not personally purchase it. A colleague in our organization did. We’re trying the track down the purchase number now. Our website is www.askstudio.com, which you’ll see is the soho theme.

Please submit a support request and we will check it.

hello I read that the template has the ability to activate a photo gallery with password access.

1) can you do the same thing with a video gallery too? 2) is it possible to create multiple galleries (videos or photos) with password? 3) how does access work? Does the user have to register as a simple user or do I have to give a password after a visitor request?

Hello! We use the native password protected pages functionally. You simply set the password for the page with the gallery and provide your customer with the password. It’s very easy.


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