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Pls I’ve been trying to edit and save my bookings settings, but giving this error: There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page. I’ve reloaded and done all as many times

Hi abbey4biz1,

Please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

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Hello i try the demo and when i process the payment i get a email confirmation. is good. my question is the email say pay with stripe, deposit paid $0 and full amount due !!!!?? how can i pay the full amount in once online because i dont see that option on demo could you send me a screenshot with that last payment step please

Hi kennedy0401,

Thanks for your interest.

You can select the deposit amount you want to collect when a guest books (%) in the WordPress dashboard. Or alternatively you can collect the full payment, or no payment at all.

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I have a few pre-sales questions about the payment for the booking:

1) Does the booking system support PayU payments? 2) Can I base your payments through Woocommerce? 3) Is there documentation on how to add your own payment operator to your booking system? 4) Is there an API for your booking system? 5) Can you tell me how to integrate with your system?

Hi fancyboxpl,

Thanks for interest.

1.) The theme supports Stripe, PayPal and cash payments

2.) No because I don’t think WooCommerce is suitable for a hotel booking system so I’ve coded my own custom plugin to handle bookings and payments

3.) The theme comes with documentation here, but this is for general use, not developers: http://docs.quitenicestuff2.com/sohohotel/

4.) Sorry there isn’t

5.) How to integrate what? I’m happy to advise on which files certain bits of the theme are stored in but you would need to implement customization work yourself

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Hi as soon as i activate revolution slider and contact form 7, the theme gives 500 internal server error. Kindly provide a resolution for the same at the earliest.

I have already opened a ticket and the number is : #1428546

Hi yourpitstop,

I’ve just responded to your support ticket.

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Don’t we have an option in the back-end to set up room availability? at the moment the rooms are just bookable.

Eg: if we have 3 rooms in the hotel. So if three guest books three rooms from Mon – Fri, the rooms shouldn’t be bookable for anyone during that period. Is this technically happening on this the theme?

Hi SilverFoxWebDesigners,

Room availability is controlled by the booking system automatically when a guest books. If you have three rooms available and all 3 are booked for a specific date range the bookings will be added to the “Booking” section and no one else will be able to book for the same date.

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

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Hi guys i would like to ask you how is working iCal synchorize ? We have account on booking should we can synchronize that with booking.com ? If yes It will synchronize calendar automaticlly or not ? We are small hotel so if someone book room via Booking.com it will not show this room on our website ? Thank you for your answer.

Hi lukaskeso,

Thanks for your interest, basically the way iCal works is as follows:

1.) You add your booking.com iCal feed URL in Soho Hotel 2.) Soho Hotel then automatically syncs with booking.com every hour and imports/exports any new bookings

So yes if a user places a booking on booking.com, others users will not be able to book the same room/date.

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Hello I see you just did a new updated i would like o know what is please

Hi kennedy0401,

Just a minor CSS fix for the footer, it’s not essential to update :)

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Hi! any chance we can add a tab for a small shop (we sell merchandising too)?

Hi acavilagarcia,

Thanks for your interest.

Sure you could do this by installing an eCommerce plugin such as WooCommerce.

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florisnl Purchased

Hi! How can I remove children from the booking form? Thanks in advance!

Hi florisnl,

It’s currently not possible, but I’m aiming to add this in an update soon.

If you want a temporary solution I can send you some custom CSS to hide the child fields if you open a support ticket: https://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards


lazialides Purchased

is there an option to translate the theme to greek and give the user the choice between greek and english or some other language?i am really intersted to buy your theme?

Hi lazialides,

Thanks for your interest.

Sure you can translate the theme into Greek and offer multiple languages through the WPML language plugin.

For details you can check out the “Translation” section in the theme documentation: http://docs.quitenicestuff2.com/sohohotel/

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Auraitc1 Purchased

Hi, I am late to the party, but.. Planning to update from 1.9.3 and read this:

V2.0 – 05.09.2017 =
  • Totally re-designed and developed theme and booking plugin
  • Please note old theme data is not compatible with this update, you will need to manually import all data, please open a support ticket if you are unsure of anything: https://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

1) Can you kindly list the steps that need to be followed?


Hi Auraitc1,

There isn’t any way you can “update” to version 2.0+ because it’s actually a completely different/new theme and booking system (I redeveloped it from scratch). If you want to use the new Soho Hotel you will need to re-build your website, see the “Getting Started” section of the new documentation for a setup guide: http://docs.quitenicestuff2.com/sohohotel/

If you’re happy with the old Soho Hotel and don’t want to re-build your website you can continue to use it, it’ll work fine for the foreseeable future. I just decided to offer the new Soho Hotel theme free of charge to existing customers who want it.

Kind regards


PCol2015 Purchased

Hi! Had the theme for some years now and going strong.

Quick question, how exactly does the new sync with bookings.com work?

Not yet, but a backend calendar view of bookings is pretty near the top of my todo list of updates.

Kind regards


PCol2015 Purchased

Got it! I’ll probably upgrade to 2.0+ when this comes up!

Sounds good, you can keep an eye on the “Changelog” section of the item description page to keep track of updates: https://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards