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vaslegas Purchased

Hello. I have problem with calendar for 2018. It will not show any available room. Until the ned of 2017 it’s working god :D

Hi vaslegas,

Please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards


We are on 1.9.4 if we decide to go with new version en 2.0 is possible? Or we have to make the site to zero.

We try to put the new version and our site is not the same, because we have add so modification. But not a this point

Hi terresdefrance,

Version 2.0+ is a completely new theme – so yes you would need to build your website again. If you’re happy using the old theme you can continue to use it though, it will work fine with WordPress for the foreseeable future.

Kind regards


debbie1mm Purchased

Pre-purchase question… I purchased and still use the last Soho Hotel version. I am REALLY interested in purchasing this new version. However, I made many modifications to the old version and did not use a child theme. Do you foresee big problems with this scenario? http://www.routefiftycampers.com Thank you!

Hi debbie1mm,

Since you’ve already purchased Soho Hotel the new theme is available for you to download at any time on your downloads page at no additional cost: https://themeforest.net/downloads

The new Soho Hotel is a completely new theme though, so you’ll need to re-built your website if you want to use it. If you’re happy using the old theme you can continue to use it though, it will work fine with WordPress for the foreseeable future.

Kind regards

Hi, I am looking at your theme, but one question I have. I know you can charge per adult or per child, but does it allow you to set a base price for say 2 adults, and then any adults and children are an EXTRA price? So the base price of $200 per night includes up to 2 adults, but children are an extra $15 each and extra adults are $30 each? Thanks.

Hi higgalls,

Thanks for your interest.

Yes you can set a different price for any number/combination of adults or children, so in your case you would set:

Adult #1 = $200
Adult #2 = $0
Adults #3+ = $30
Child #1+ = $15

So for example with the above setting the price would be:

1 adult = $200
2 adults = $200
3 adults = $230
1 adult / 1 child = $215
2 adults / 1 child = $215
3 adults / 2 children = $260

If you have any other questions let me know!

Kind regards

Thanks. That’s really helpful. I have been using AweBooking for a customers site but it is woeful (have been working with the developers for about 1.5 years but it is still incredibly buggy, and their newly rewritten version lacks several key features that their previous one had, and there are still bugs).

Another question – is there a front-end calendar that someone can look at and see immediately what dates are already booked and what days are available? So instead of entering in dates to do a search to see whether they are available, they can see the calendar immediately to see what days in a given month are free. Thanks.

Hi higgalls,

Yes I recently integrated a front end calendar which can show availability of the entire hotel or a specific room, I haven’t updated the demo website yet to show it but here’s a screenshot:


Kind regards