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hello very good theme, my question is if you have an update date with woocommerce, to be able to buy the theme since the payment methods I use are with woocomerce.

Hi Lext,

Thanks for your interest.

I’m aiming to release the update within the next couple of months.

Best regards

mariap69 Purchased

Hi, I have already used your theme in 2016 for a client and I am very happy with the purchase. Now I need to create a new project and I have a question about bid pricing. Is it possible to create rates that provide discounts? Example: a free night or a free dinner for certain periods? Can flexible rates be set? I am asking you this because I am setting the rates and offers with the client and I would like to do it in accordance with the characteristics of the theme. Thanks

Hi mariap69,

Glad to hear the theme has been serving you well!

You can create 3 different types of discount:

1.) Duration e.g. the discount is applied if the guest books longer than a certain number of nights

2.) Early e.g. the discount is applied if the guest books longer than a certain number of nights before check in

3.) Late e.g. the discount is applied if the guest books less than a certain number of nights before check in

And all 3 of the above discount types let you reduce the total booking price by a certain percentage.

So no there isn’t specifically an option to offer a night free, but I agree this would be useful so I’ll bear it in mind for an update.

Best regards

How do I integrate a different payment gateway apart from the ones already installed with the theme???

Hi Baffour_AK,

Currently the only way would be through your own custom code, however I’m working on an update an the moment which will add WooCommerce support, so when this update is available you’ll be able to just install the WooCommerce payment plugin of your choice and then you’re good to go.

Best regards


paullusken Purchased

Hi, I have been using you template since 2015 and translate it, and would like to buy your new Soho Template with new calander. Now my question is , can I just update the new theme or do I to delete the old one and create the new? Thank you !!

Hi paullusken,

Glad to hear the theme has been serving you well for so long!

If you’re using an old copy from 2015, then I’d recommend creating a new website entirely and copy/pasting content over.

Best regards


rwilson86 Purchased

Hi, we keep getting this error when trying to book a room Sorry there are no rooms available. Please advise as I cant open a support ticket as purchase code is older.


Hi rwilson86,

I’d recommend checking what your occupancy limits for each accommodation are set to.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, I’m happy to take a look at this for you but you’ll need to extend support and open a ticket.

Best regards

So i have purchased a theme that doesn’t work? I have disabled all plugins apart from soho booking, set occupancy limit correctly and it’s still not working? why should we pay for support when this should work out of the box?


1.) Login to your WordPress dashboard

2.) Go to “Accommodation”

3.) Click on a room

4.) Tell me what the following values are set to:

Adult Min Occupancy
Adult Max Occupancy
Child Min Occupancy
Child Max Occupancy
Total Minimum Occupancy
Total Max Occupancy

(assuming you’re using the adult/child default guest classes, if not, post your own guest class values instead).

Best regards