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Hi there, I have two questions about this theme:

1. When I try updating price of a room to 71.99, every time I save it goes back to 71 (without the .99). How do I fix this? 2. My rooms are priced higher on Friday-Saturday, and lower from Sunday until Thursday. It seems like the theme only allows price differentiation between Fri-Sun and Mon-Thurs. How do I change this?

Hi emmaxu,

1.) Go to “QNS Booking > Payment” and set “Currency decimal places” to “2”.

2.) You’ll need to make a small modifications to the code to change this, if you open a support ticket I’ll be happy to help: https://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Thanks for the help on #1! I just opened a support ticket for #2.

hi, payment can be done in woocomerce? is it possible?

Hi halibrahimer,

Thanks for your interest – the theme uses it’s own payment system only.

Kind regards

Hi there, does the QNS Booking plugin work well with Square Payment?

Actually, dumb question as plugin takes bank account hence should not be a problem to use the details of the bank and normally use that.

Hi PCol2015,

Thanks for your interest.

Soho Hotel has two payment methods – PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Kind regards

Hi, I have purchased Soho Hotel a year ago thinking that it will have very soon Stripe payment, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Lots of people are asking for it. Do you think it will be available soon?

Regards, Patrice

Hi Patrice,

I’ve not got any immediate plans to add it, but thanks for the suggestion.

Kind regards

Hi. My support has expired but I have a question. I want to find out if this is something that can be addressed before I purchase extra support. My client would like to have the functionality of having the option for applying a minimum stay for 2 nights only on selected dates. They have some weekends in the year where there are events near them in which people stay 2 to 3 days. They want to make sure they keep their rooms open for these people and not lose out by taking bookings for only one night. At the moment you can choose to have a 2 night minimum stay, but this is applied universally. They would like it to apply to only selected dates.

Hi ajmunn,

Sorry I’m afraid it’s not possible to set a minimum booking period for a specific date range – you would need to modify the theme to do this – also note I wouldn’t be able to assist with advanced customization work like this via support.

Kind regards

Thank for the reply. I have gone through the comments and found people asking for this functionality quite often. In some of the answers you replied this was being looked at for future updates. Is this still the case? It does appear to be a common requirement for hoteliers & booking services such as Booking.com offer this functionality.

Hi ajmunn,

I’ll certainly bear it in mind for a future update.

Kind regards

Hi, I noticed that there was a section within the booking plugin that allows for tax to be charged. There is one field for this option. In my state, we charge several taxes on rental property. As a result, there are 3 taxes that are charged on the cost. How do I add these 3 other taxes? Right now there is only one section for tax, which doesn’t work for me since I need the invoice to reflect 3 tax charges, not just 1. Also, I normally charge a cleaning fee. How do I add that so that it is reflected in the invoice? Thanks for the assistance!

Hi onlinemerchant,

My suggestion would be to:

-Combine all the tax into the single tax field

-The plugin does not generate invoices anyway, since the payment is processed by PayPal, the invoice is generated by them, you should be able to add a message in the invoice they generate which says “tax includes XX, XX and XX”.

-You can add the cleaning fee in the “Surcharge” field

Kind regards

Thanks for the response. Where is the surcharge field located? i wasn’t able to locate it. Is it under the QNS Booking tab? If so, which subtab can I find it under?

It’s in “Accommodation > Add Room” in the pricing section.

Kind regards

I know QuiteniceBooking Plugin is bundled with Soho Hotel, but what If I’m going to use another theme, will it still work?

Thanks for reply. So basically the only thing gets affected when I use the plugin with other theme is the css. The functionality of the plugin will not get affected?

Yep, the booking plugin is completely separate from the theme.

Kind regards

Nice! That’s great. I’m planning to use it in my next resort website project. Thank you.

Hi, I have submited a ticket regarding quitenicebooking additional payment option but the support ask me to look a free lancer service, I think many people are asking for the much needed feature. This is so far the best hotel booking theme I have researched, but it lacks of other payment options is indeed a pain in the ass.

How about we gather some users here to sum up a fund for you to make us a decent quitenicebooking update. I don’t think any freelancer has much knowledge about this plugin rather than the author itself. kick starter style, for your consideration

Hi montehippoasia,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the product description does clearly list which payment gateways are included – and it’s mentioned that support does not include advanced customization work like this. I hope you understand the reasoning for this.

I will bear it in mind for a future update though.

Kind regards

really like the theme. One question though: Does the photo gallery support swipe gestures? If not: Can I use 3rd party plugins to enable it, or will the theme “overrule” those plugins?

Hi erne0815,

Thanks for your interest.

The photo gallery uses PrettyPhoto: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

PrettyPhoto unfortunately doesn’t support swipe gestures.

Kind regards

Hello, i want to know if this theme has: • the calendar compatible with Airbnb • Import demo data • Responsive with ios systems • Deposit possible before client entrying • Price: 85 per day for example + cleaning charges (37€ the stay)

Hi Corinneckc,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) Sorry the calendar is not compatible with Airbnb

2.) Yes import data is included

3.) Yes it’s responsive

4.) Yes deposits can be charged via PayPal

5.) You can add the cleaning fee as a surcharge

Kind regards


I like the look of your theme, but why should I buy your theme today? I saw, that since 2 years you did NOT implement any of the requested improvements in the booking plugin. For example the additional services on a per day basis. You always answer that this is on your to do list, but nothing happens. Can you tell me, when will you release new functions in the booking plug-in? Best regards Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your interest.

We’ve actually implemented a lot of features since the theme was released, the huge changelog shows this.

If the features listed on the product description page meet your needs then I recommend purchasing.

Kind regards

Hi, for some reason my system doesn’t allow to save new price filters, everything is updated, qns has been cleaned, nothing helps. I know this is a support issue but I am reluctant to pay for renew, when this seems clearly as a bug in the theme. Could you help me pls. Thanks

Hi mimikristudio,

It’s most likely either a plugin conflict or broken installation causing this.

I’d recommend:

1.) Disabling all plugins (except Quite Nice Booking)

2.) Re-install a fresh copy of Soho Hotel and Quite Nice Booking

3.) Failing both of the above, check JavaScript is enabled in your browser: http://www.enable-javascript.com/

Kind regards


pozen Purchased

Hallo. This template is available in italian language ?

Hi pozen,

The theme doesn’t contain Italian translations, but you can add the translations yourself using PoEdit.

We have a full guide in the documentation here: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/docs/sohohotelwp/

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hey quitenicestuff! Nice theme! I have a presale question: it is possible to change the colors (or make some boxes even transparent?) and the fonts from all Google fonts as I want, right? And: is it possible to put my logo in the center of the website or only to the left corner? Thanks a lot!

Hi Edith_,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) Yes you can customize all the theme colours in the theme options using colour pickers

2.) To make some elements transparent you would need to use custom CSS, it would be pretty simple if you have a basic understanding of CSS: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_opacity.asp

3.) Yes you can use any Google Font

4.) There isn’t an option to center align the logo, you would need to add your own custom CSS for this

Kind regards

Great, thanks for the answer! Kind regards back.

Hey Guys !

Thanks for the amazing theme.

Nonetheless, i read the documentation on how to set up multiple languages, and it worked for the booking system. But when I make a reservation myself or when a client does so, the booking system doesn’t block the room in both language. Example i make a reservation (confirmed) on Room 1 in English, then Room 1 is still available for reservation in French.

Whether I use the booking system or “add a reservation” from the admin. “Add a reservation”, even show me 2 rooms in the select field, the one in English and the one in French.

Any idea about that ?

Thanks a lot!

Hi adrien-desmo,

Thanks for purchasing! Please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

When you open the ticket don’t forget to mention which translation plugin you’re using.

Kind regards

Hi !

I’m sorry but I bought your theme a year ago but never used it nor the support, my support has now expired and I can’t open a ticket anymore. This is the first time I try using your theme, can you help me with that ? Would be awesome !

Plugins : > Loco translate (String translation) > Polylang (Switch languages on front-end)

Hi adrien-desmo,

I’d recommend using WPML since we have extensive guides for this plugin: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/docs/sohohotelwp/

Kind regards

Hello! Thank you for theme!

I have question about booking system. Can booking block show on calendar? All my reserved objects?

If the date is unavailable it’ll be blocked out on the booking step 1 page calendar – but there isn’t a feature to display each booking in the calendar.

Kind regards

Can make table with all reserved dates?

Sorry, there isn’t a feature to display each booking in the calendar.

Kind regards

I love this theme – but would like to know if the booking widget works with directwithhotels.com, which i am currently using.

The booking button is connected to the booking system, but if you just want to link it to a regular URL it would be simple to edit the code to do this – I’d be happy to advise where to edit via support.

Kind regards

which booking service is it liked to as it is now?

The theme comes packaged with it’s own booking plugin.

Kind regards


neikosbn Purchased

Manual booking confirmation is set but doesn’t work. The confirmation email has been sent automatically.​ Anyone has the same problem?

Hi neikosbn,

Manual booking confirmation means when a booking is placed the date won’t be blocked until you manually confirm it in the WP dashboard.

The email will still be sent regardless – if you have manual booking confirmation switched on I’d recommend editing the booking email in “QNS Booking > Email” to something like “Thanks for booking, we will manually confirm your booking soon”.

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards