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Hope you’re fine, After installing the dummy content i got this:

Failed to import “Hotel Room #1”: Invalid post type accommodation Failed to import “Hotel Room #2”: Invalid post type accommodation Failed to import “Hotel Room #3”: Invalid post type accommodation Failed to import “Hotel Room #4”: Invalid post type accommodation Failed to import “Homepage Slider”: Invalid post type options

Any ideas about it? Thanks UOU

Hi uouapps,

Thanks for purchasing!

You’re getting this error because you’re importing the demo data before activating the booking plugin so the accommodaton post type doesn’t exist.

Activate the booking plugin packaged with the theme first and then import the demo data and everything should work fine :)

If you run into any other issues feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Cool design! All the best :)

Thanks daveeeo :)

Hi I am rubbish in WP, but I can do a lot of things with PHP (not the V5 (Object Progamming)), but the previous version. Do you thing I’ll be able to customize the Template if I buy it or I need to know a bit more in WP and Object Developing skills in Php ?

Hi triptop,

If you have a reasonable grasp of PHP you shouldn’t run into many issues customizing the theme.

Kind regards

when you upgrade the theme we don t need to reinstall WP, we just upgrade the new HTML pages ? so if we know where there are located we can go easily thought customization ? thanks

Hi triptop,

Nope you don’t need to re-install WordPress when updating the theme, you just need to copy the new theme files to your “wp-content/themes” directory.

You might want to consider creating a child theme if you’re going to be editing lots of the core PHP files: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Kind regards

Hi, I tried installing the update via wordpress, but I got this response

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /nfs/c08/h03/mnt/126931/domains/essexpharmacy.com/html/wp-content/themes/sohohotel/

Theme install failed.

Is there a specific way to install the update?

Hi shivasmaharaj,

Thanks for purchasing!

It’s telling you the destination folder already exists because it does. To update you just need to overwrite the existing theme folder in “wp-content/themes” with the new folder you’ve downloaded.

The easiest way to do this would be to login to your web server via FTP.

If you’re still struggling with this after trying the above feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi :) !

Thanks for this great theme :) ! What is the booking plugin you use ? It seems to be awesome :) !

Thanks !

Hi cedric_charles,

Thanks! The theme uses it’s own custom built plugin to handle accommodation and bookings.

Kind regards

Hi :) ! Do you plan to make a standalone plugin? This could be great because no booking plugin is as complete as yours :) !

No plans currently, but it’s definitely something I will consider in the future :)

Kind regards

Hi Just purchased, how can I can locate easily the JS controls for booking form (dates on first page) and contact form ? Thanks for you help

I Know, I have included them In my HTML page, but nothing happend ? help please ;-(

I’m just trying to make it work with the HTML version, not the WP. So i included them in my Index.html page and contact.html, but the control does not work. Am I forgetting something else ?

Hi triptop,

The JavaScript validation is linked to the form IDs/classes used in the WordPress version so I’d recommend checking to make sure they match the JavaScript code.

If you have any other questions please could you open a support ticket and i’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, is there any way you can add an Icon and box for Yelp under the custom social widget and in the theme options section.

It will be in the next update shivasmaharaj :)

To see what has been added in each update you can check the “Changelog” at the bottom of the item description page here: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards

Thank you sir

Hi shivasmaharaj,

Just a heads up, the update is available to download now and contains a Yelp icon for the social widget now.

Kind regards

Hi, I have a question.

Has the theme a Child Theme?

Hi GarajeGrafico,

Currently Soho Hotel doesn’t come with a child theme but I’ll be adding one in a future update within the next week or so.

Kind regards

Could you please post some screen shots with the back end of the booking system? I’d like to see how the plugin works before I buy this theme. Also, is it possible to add different price filters (such as get 10% off if you book 7 days or more)?

Hi SugarToastDesign,

I’ve just added screenshots of the accommodation/booking system in the item description, see the “Features” section :)

Kind regards

Dear quitenicestuff,

Your theme and its functionality are looking great.

We are currently working with Hotelpress (Vietnamese), but are running into many compatibility issues (doesn’t work with WP 3.6.1 – WPML latest version, etc.)

Six questions:

1. ) Does your theme have the possibility to make bookings for a minimum amount of days, in certain periods? Example: We would like to block bookings for only one or two days in the summer season, and set the minimum to three days for a certain period.

2.) Does the WPML compatibility include using URLs like: mydomain.com/en/rooms (better for seo) rather than: mydomain.com/rooms/?lang=en

3.) Does your theme allow for bookings without advance payment, as an option?

4.) Do you guarantee compatibility with upcoming WP and WPML releases?

5.) Is it possible to enter price ranges for certain calender periods, in addition to weekdays/weekend rates?

6.) Is it possible to book each room individually?

My apologies for asking so many questions, but I’m very interested in your theme.

Thank you in advance for your answers.



Hi Bart,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) This kind of advanced booking functionality isn’t currently available but I’ll be adding much more functionality to the plugin over the next few months and this sort of thing will be included

2.) Sure, but this would be entirely WordPress / WPML functionality

3.) Yes you can book a room without paying a deposit, the booking system will indicate the deposit hasn’t been paid. Or you can turn the payment system off entirely and just accept bookings with no payment

4.) Yes take a look at the other items in my portfolio, some are over a year old and we still provide updates to maintain compatible and remove any bugs

5.) You can add price ranges for weekends/weekdays and adults/children

6.) Yes you would just need to go through the booking system multiple times

Kind regards

Thank you, quitenicestuff, for your swift reply!

So, to recap:

1.) This will come available before June 2014?

5.) It is NOT possible to add price ranges, other than weekends/weekdays. i.e. we cannot set different prices for January 1st till April 25, and then a different price for April 26 till June 21st, etc?

6.) It is NOT possible to choose a specific room and book it directly for a certain period? Or what do you mean by going through the booking system multiple times?

Thank you in advance for your patience,

Best regards,


Thank you, very much.

I will advise my client to purchase your theme. I find your approach very convincing. How can I be updated when these new functionalities are implemented? (as my client might want to wait until then)

Cheers, Bart

You’re welcome Bart.

There is a “Changelog” at the bottom of the item description page which lists what each update contains: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards

Great! – Much obliged!


is it possible to place some individual text/html on the home site?

Hi evergrowing,

Thanks for your interest.

Sure this is possible with a tiny bit of modification to the theme which I’m happy to help with via support.

Kind regards


I am thinking about purchasing your theme however I have a few questions first.

My client does not require a booking system as they will be using one off site so all I need is a button saying “book now” instead of any onsite reservation making. Would it be easy to remove all on-site booking capabilities?

Which leads onto my next question, does this theme come with a file to make it look as is in the demo?

Kind regards,


It does indeed! Thanks for the quick and helpful support!

Kind regards

Sorry for all the questions but for google analytics the tracking code information is

<script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i®=i®||function(){ (i®.q=i®.q||[]).push(arguments)},i®.l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js’,’ga’);

ga('create', 'UA-44226558-1', 'ec2-54-229-81-189.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com');
ga('send', 'pageview');


Do I just copy and paste that into the google analytics section in the general settings of the theme settings? I tried to do this but it is not recording any information on google analytics.

Hi ciaranverdon,

Yep just paste the full code Google gives you and add it in the “Google Analytics” field.

The data should show up in Google after a few hours, so just wait a while and check back later :)

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket here: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

I’ve been checking out some themes like yours and I really loved it. But there an error currently on the booking menu link which leads to a page not found error. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks!

Hi leopope,

I just went through all the booking links to check but couldn’t find any “Page not found” errors, any chance you could give more details where the error is occurring and I’ll be happy to fix it.

Note if you click on any booking step except step 1 it will give you an error and prompt you to start at step 1.

Kind regards

Hi, so it’s possible to use the theme without the booking plugin I presume?

Hi jfgervais,

Yep the theme will work without the booking plugin activated, you just won’t have the booking/accommodation functionality.

Kind regards

How do I add the subtitles for the main top navigation ?

Hi SaschaR,

Thanks for purchasing!

To add the sub titles in the main menu go to “Appearance > Menus”, click “Screen Options” and tick “Description”.

Now when adding menu items as you normally would there will be a “Description” field which you can add the sub title in.

Hope that helps!

If you have any other questions feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Hi, I have a few questions prior to purchase.

1) I saw in a previous comment that you plan at some point to add functionality for defining different prices according to season/date range. Roughly how long do you think it will be before this is added?

2) How do you add different language versions?

3) I think sjohnsonpcs’ point is pretty crucial, that it would be good to stop the booking system from confirming/entering the booking unless payment has been made. First because those dates could be reserved for no good reason until the hotel can see the lack of payment, confirm with guests, and if necessary delete the booking (meanwhile other reservations for those dates would be lost), but also because I can see the system being very confusing for users—why do they click a button with PayPal icons that says “book now and pay deposit”, then have to click another “pay deposit” button that looks almost the same? I can easily see them forgetting they haven’t paid the deposit yet/not realizing it is necessary/in general overlooking the additional button they need to click. The ‘timeline’ indicating which step you are on helps, but it is so easy to overlook (I didn’t notice it at first).

If the functionality is difficult to implement, changing the language of the buttons/headings to make the steps even clearer could serve as a quick fix. For example, the “Guest Details” in step 3 could be changed to something like “Step 3: Enter your details” with button text “Proceed to payment”. Then the “Reservation Complete” in step 4 could instead read “Step 4: Pay deposit to confirm booking (maybe with a note: *Reservations will be held for 24 hours, then deleted if deposit hasn’t been paid.”).

Step 1 is also confusing when you arrive at it by entering dates on the homepage, due to the repetition of the “check availability” button label. It’s likely users won’t notice there is an added “room” field, so they will wonder why they have to click the same button again. Again this could be fixed with language tweaks—e.g., if the homepage button said something like “book now”, and the heading on the Step 1 page said “Step 1: Confirm dates and select room”.

Sorry for the lengthy comment—these few kinks are the only things keeping your theme from being perfect!

Hi Kassandra,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) I’m aiming to add this functionality in the next month

2.) If you just need to translate to a single language you can use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/

Or if you need multiple languages I’d recommend this plugin: http://wpml.org

3.) I agree, it’s a new plugin so I’ll definitely be looking into refining the functionality over the next month

Kind regards

Thanks for your answers! Sounds like the improvements will be ready for a project I have coming up in a few months. If so, I look forward to purchasing!

I tried using the “Check Availability” in your demo, but it takes me to another screen to repeat the same step. Is this the way the actual theme works, or this is a bug? Using the search for room on the home page should have taken me to Step 2, to choose a room.

Please confirm before I go ahead and purchase your theme.

Thank you.

Hi kylti,

Thanks for your interest.

The booking form on the homepage and the “Check Availability” button on the accommodation page directs users into the four step booking system.

I agree this functionality could be improved though and I’ll be looking into improving the plugin over the next month :)

Kind regards


Installing the theme and i got this message, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

can you help me on this issue pls.


Hi pogro,

Thanks for purchasing!

You’re getting this error because you’re uploading the wrong file.

Go to your downloads page on Themeforest, click the “Download” button and select “Installable WordPress file only”.

Hope that helps!

If you’re still having problems feel free to open a support ticket here: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Thank you for the reply. How do I remove the “leave a comment” part in my pages? Thanks again for the help!

Go to “Pages” in your WP dashboard, hover over a page title, some options will appear, click “Quick Edit” and then untick “Allow Comments”.

If you have any other questions could you open a support ticket please: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

I import the data already but It wasn’t looking your theme demo. What can I do to setting look like the demo?

Hi 1ruethai,

Thanks for purchasing!

The demo data included won’t replicate the demo website, but it will create all the core functionality for you.

I’d recommend checking out the documentation provided with the theme for details of how to setup everything.

And if you’re still struggling to get setup feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll be more than happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards