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Great Work! GLWS :)

Thanks promail :)

Congratulations nice work.

Cheers vickystudio!

Your type treatment is quite nice. Good luck with sales.

Thanks wrwipeout!

Awesome work! :)

Thanks louiejie :)


Is it possible to be full width?


Hi Peter,

You mean remove the boxed/background? Sure this would be a simple modification.

Kind regards


Beautiful design. How does the 4 step booking process work? What all is needed?


Hi bluehour,

Thanks for your interest.

This is just a HTML template so the booking system isn’t functional.

I’m currently developing a WordPress version which will have a working booking system/availability checker so you might want to wait for that version.

Kind regards

OK, thanks for the quick reply.

Nice work, are you planning a WP version of the theme?

Hi danitomas,

Thanks! Yep a WordPress version is currently in development.

Aiming for release in the next couple of weeks.

Kind regards

Waiting for it!, great job!

Hi! I am interested to buy this template and I need to know if there is an option or the possibility to add my logo above the name “Soho Hotel”. Please let me know asap. Best Regards ! Vladimir

Hi Vladimir,

This is a HTML template so nope no admin panel is included.

We’re currently working on a WordPress version which does have an admin panel though so you might want to wait for this version.

Kind regards

I have purchased the “Nice Hotel” theme but the same problem…it doesn’t have an admin panel :). Maybe the “Nice Hotel” WordPress version has. I will try that one next week . Thank you for your help and for your time. All the best. Vladimir

Hi Vladimir,

It sounds like you purchase the HTML template version of Nice Hotel, because the WordPress version (and all WordPress themes in general) have an admin panel.

WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/nice-hotel-wordpress-theme/2661854

HTML version: http://themeforest.net/item/nice-hotel-html-template/2622861

Kind regards

This is a really clean and cool layout. I am an event planner/designer and I would really like a design like this geared to my industry, with options like gallery, booking appointments, etc. Will your design expand to this industry?

Hi soto_robe,


The template functions as shown in the demo I’m afraid, maybe consider hiring a freelancer to modify it for you to integrate this functionality. PSDs for all pages are included so it’d be easy to design new features based on the current design.

Kind regards


When will the Wordpress version exactly be out? Really looking forward to it and hopefully a gallery is included.

Best regards!

Hi TheNonexistent,

It should be available within the next couple of weeks :)

It’s taking a little longer to develop than expected but it’s coming soon.

And yes it will include an image gallery.

Kind regards

Thank you for the fast reply! Will be waiting.

Great site, really digging all the cool features! Please tell me how to shift the navigation menu to the center. Im looking to drop the logo and frame the menu with a small image on either side.

I have goten them all in line, now I just need them centered as they are currently right-justified. Previous attempts have completely taken away the indentions to the content below and Im at my wits end at 5AM, PST.

Hi IslandPhotographer,

Could you open a support ticket with your website URL included and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi ! I’d be very interested in the Wordpress version you were talking about. I would be any price for it ! It is exactly what I am looking for : a nice template with a booking system ! WOW ! So when do you plan to release it ? How long do we have to wait ? :)

Hi ! Any news about the development of this amazing wordpress theme ? I was wondering : you have a booking system designed in your theme. Will the wordpress version feature a full booking system with confirmation email and online payment ?

Hi joss541,

It’s almost complete now, I’m planning to release at some point next week :)

Yes it will come packaged with a booking plugin which allows you to check availability of rooms and pay a deposit via PayPal.

Kind regards

You, sir, are amazing ! Thanks !

Hi, nice template! My client is looking for something that would sync with his iCal…does this template support this?

Hi lowdandcleer,

Thanks for your interest.

I’m afraid this is just a static HTML template so nope it wouldn’t sync with iCal.

Kind regards

OK thanks for the super quick response!

Hello! Your site is really fabulous. congratulations for the spectacular job. I look forward to the wp version. Please tell me that it is almost!

Thanks ninoman, the WordPress version is in the final stages of development and I’m aiming to release it within the next few days.

Kind regards

Hi and thank for you taking the time out to view my message. I have a general question about this theme. I see that the booking system is compatible with pay pal. If I didn’t want to use paypal, and instead wanted use another payment gateway, will this SOHO theme accommodate this? Thank you. I don’t like using paypal because I hate how the customer has to leave my page to complete the transaction on paypals website. It just doesn’t look professional. Thanks!

Hi prymusinkjet,

This item is a HTML template so the booking system including PayPal payments isn’t functional.

You might want to take a look at the WordPress version we just released as the booking system is fully functional out of the box: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Currently PayPal is the only payment option but I plan to add others in due course :)

Kind regards

Hi buddy

I bought this template and the nice hotel. There are awesome ! One thing I really regret for the price of HTML version is that everyone now include the JS control with Jquery and also the qaptcha for the contact form. This is very disappointed not to found them and frankly I prefer to 20 $ and have them out of the box

Your are very good at marketing my friend ! next time make it 5 $ more with all the JS controls and the captcha, and everyone will be happy to buy it ! for sure, I’ll be the first one ;-)

Hi triptop,

The HTML template functions exactly as seen in the demo, there are no JavaScript validation options shown in it.

Kind regards

True, completely true ! Next time put them and sell the Template 5$ more ! Request from a good client ;-) thanks for your support

how do I make the subscribe button and contact form work?

Hi IslandPhotographer,

Thanks for purchasing!

This is a static HTML template so you would need to integrate your own solution.

If you need a contact form and booking system working out of the box I’d recommend purchasing the WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards

No worries, i thought there might be a quick answer. I recall being directed to use a gdform or php at one point and thought you might have further instruction to offer. Thanks for the template, I really like it.

Hi IslandPhotographer,

Sorry I couldn’t provide more help, it would be pretty simple to integrate a simple form if you have basic knowledge of PHP.

I’d be happy to point you in the right direction if you open a support ticket here: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, If i purchase this template, do i get the php booking engine as well with this or just the html layout ?

Hi inuka,

Thanks for your interest.

This is just a HTML template, so no it doesn’t come with any PHP files or a booking system.

If you’re looking for a working accommodation/booking system consider the WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards

hello, nice work. i m wondering if you have developped a web site like this one for a car rental? i m interested for a car rental one.

Hi zbanzai,

Thanks for your interest.

I’m afraid I haven’t, might be something I’ll look into developing in the future though :)

Kind regards