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Hello, I’m very happy with the theme so far, i would like post or page images (insterted in the content) to behave just like featured images, with this nice hover effect. Do you have any suggestion ? Many thanks !

where’s the featured images that you mean?

i mean like portfolio image for example, yellow masks appears on hover, i’d like the same effect for every image on posts if possible.. some css 3 trick i guess ?

Great! Just setting everything up now, super easy. Looks really nice. Thanks iweb :)

Thank you!

Another question I have, is where do I go to get rid of the the newsletter banner, Recent works, logos on the single blog page?

ex. http://sadlersolardevelopment.com/site/2013/11/15/americas-sole-new-power-source/

Open page-blog.php then remove following lines

<?php if($mb_portfolio != 'Disable') { ?>
    <?php get_template_part( 'includes/part-portfolio' ); ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php if($mb_signup != 'Disable') { ?>
    <?php get_template_part( 'includes/part-newsletter' ); ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php if($mb_clients != 'Disable') { ?>
    <?php get_template_part( 'includes/part-clients' ); ?>
<?php } ?>    

Thanks already did that, since these are conditional statements would be nice if you just put check box in the settings.


Great theme … just perfect for me ! But it just lacks something… a sticky menu option. Could you implement it in the last update or you can tell me another option ?

Thank you

Unfortunately there’s no option for sticky menu

I am looking at purchasing a theme to show my business online. I wanted to ask if this would be a good site to integrate a “shopping” option so that customers could purchase goods from our store online.

for ‘shopping’ functionality you can install any ecommerce plugin but this theme doesn’t prepared or contains styling for any ecommerce plugin

I’ve installed polylang plaging on my site to make my site multilanguage, but i have a few problems:

1. i have to create a copy of pages on second language. But i can’t make copy of homepage – the flexslider isn’t shows on the copy of homepage 2. also i cant make two of contact pages. Because the content generated automaticly from admin panel.

can you help me to solve my task?

i did

Have you tried to solve my problem yet?

I still have not received a response from you. Can you tell me something?

I am trying to add some custom icons into the 4 column custom section for homepage 1. I have made the icons in Illustrator and saved them as a PNG file at the same size (185×140) as the ones that are pre-loaded. I have uploaded them to my media and changed the file name (nothing else) to the “NameOfMyIcon.png”

Do you know why these wont load?

can you show me the URL where Solana theme activated?

I figured this out, thanks.

Great theme, but i can’t use the ” theme option”. All internal tabs are unclickable. I click on one ( for example contact setting or portfolio ) but the main box on left is empty. Also button save all changes, reset option doesn’t work!


I’ve replied your email, please check


Thank you for the lovely theme. I would like to know how to change the color of the header (menu). The #414146 one.

Thanks in advance.

the #414146 colors are in yellow.css file. You can override them by write custom css in custom css box (on theme options)

Thanks a lot! :)


I would like to ask which part of the css I will edit to set the logo margin to 0. I tried style.css, it didn’t work. Thanks!

you can edit on .logo class or just write your custom css on custom css box section (in theme options)

I still have not received a response from you. Can you tell me something?

Please check your email, I’ve replied your email and asking you to create example two homes few days ago and waiting your reply.

I can’t seem to find where I can change the Call Action bar icon to something else. Right now it’s an icon-buy.png file. Where is this code located? I just see this short code which doesn’t reference the image file… [container marginbottom="no" margintop="0" padding="0" clear="clearfix"] [column size="sixteen" type="columns" position="" marginbottom="0"] [callaction title="Get rewarded for starting the new year right! Join today!" text="New members only. Valid until January 31, 2014" buttontext="FREE TRIAL" url="#"] [/column] [/container]

You can find in shortcode.php (in solana shortcode plugin) line 751

<img src="'.$themepath.'/images/icon-buy.png" alt="buy" />


I purchased this theme and it has seemed to work very well thus far with few areas of confusion. Now, I have reached a problem.

In the portfolio block, I have made a section of brands, then when you click on the brand it brings up information, etc. When I am changing the “project link button” text, it isnt switching this on the actual page. It is always saying “LAUNCH PROJECT.”

Do you know why this wont change? When I put the link in that I want, it works, just not the text.

Here is a link to my example: http://evanhalldesigns.com/portfolio/alchemy/

Please give me your wp-admin access via http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio#contact

Hello, I’m building on top of your theme for a client and am wondering how to change the /portfolio/ slug to something else? I couldn’t find that option in the WP-admin or in functions.php. Have any idea?

sorry I don’t see your ‘Purchased’ badge

How can i add categories to the BLOG page? Also, How can i add browse by month on the blog page? Thank you.

Theme is very good. ?ts so easy to use and look very good. Great Work!!!

Thank you!!


I purchased this theme and am very satisfied with it.

I am having some issues though, and, I’ll list them here – hopefully you can help resolve them :

1.) Testimonials. For some reason, the testimonials box is only displaying two testimonials (I have 4 posted).

2.) Is there anyway I can disable the blog for the home page ?

3.) For the Home Page “Home Call Action” – I inserted the desired URL next to the button text, yet, instead the link keeps directing to the home page URL – which in this example (below) keeps linking to www.aum-partners.com.

Here’s the example, pasted :

container marginbottom=”no” margintop=”0” padding=”0” clear=”clearfix” [callaction title=”Business Solutions. Made Simple.” text=”Put the power, experience, and resources of AUM-Partners for you.” buttontext=”LET’S TALK” “url=http://aum-partners.com/contact/"]

Thank you.

replied couple days ago

Ok great, it’s all fixed now. Appreciate your support ! Very happy with the theme purchase and the help after.

Thanks Sid

Hi guys! After upgrade Wordpress to the latest version, I can´t create Portfolio or blog post with Featured Image. I can add the image but It doesn´t show up. Older post works ak, any help? Thanks a lot!

Please send me your wp-admin access via http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio#contact

Hi there,

Well done on a great theme!

I have successfully installed the theme for a client and everything worked out really well.

I have noticed a very small bug on the page titles option. It currently defaults to ‘Page Title’ if delete the contents, as I wish to do and hit save it works, but then when you go back to edit the page ‘Page Title’ appears again. Once you leave this field blank it activates breadcrumbs on the site which is exactly what I want to do, but I can’t get all the pages to save correctly? It only works if you go in and re-save each page over and over again?

Let me check from your admin, please send me your wp-admin access via http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio#contact


How can I change the Home Call Action’s icon?

Thanks in advance.

The source code of call action icon image is in ‘shortcode.php’ (in iWebtheme solana shortcode plugin)

<img src="'.$themepath.'/images/icon-buy.png" alt="buy" />

or for fastest way you can just replace ‘icon-buy.png’ image (in folder images)