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Looks good, good luck. :)

Thank you very much, Harntrox.

Great job!!! Good luck with sales !

Thank you!

for your first theme, this looks real good.

good luck with sales and welcome to themeforest :)

Thank you ++

Very nice theme you got here

Thank you!

Beautiful clean theme for your first one here on ThemeForest. Good luck with the sales.

Thank you !

Nice Theme. Clean and Minimalist Code & Design. Well structured layout. Nice presentation. Score: 9 out 10 (I don’t give high points easily) Peter Bowey Web Developer (Drupal and Wordpress)

Thank your for purchased , if you need for future drupal work, you also check out my freelance profile , thanks again Peter.

I really like this theme. Unfortunately it doesn’t respond to screen size (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Thank you.

Any thought on making a Responsive version of this so that it will work across devices? if so, I’ll buy that one.

Ok thank you very much for interesting at the theme. i will plain it in next version.

Solaris theme now 100% Responsive and Mobile-ready!

Great & Clean Design … Cheers!

Thank you, Chitsnow!

Hi tabvn,

I want to purchase your theme but I saw an error in the main photography when you resize the website. The photo appears in bad proportion. Can you fix it?

When you resize the browser, you should refresh the site.

The “Fix” for above problem:

Just add ‘min-width:1200px;’ to ‘body’ in style css

body {
    min-width: 1200px;    /* + contain background on re-size of view-port */

This is a common issue with a lot of themes.

Hi peterwbowey,

thank you for your comment, but now the theme is 100% responsive, you can resize browser and dont worry about that problem. that is why we dont need “min-width” css tag.

thank you again,

Hi ‘tabvn’ very good!

Please let the ‘other’ buyers know about the new version-and the changes. I note that fact is not announced at the main page for the item! In fact, when I downloaded the new version, I noted the download file-name was the same as the ‘old version’, and only the internal date-stamp’s let me now I was onto a new update!
Solaris theme now 100% Responsive and Mobile-ready! 3 days ago!


Could you please have a look the to right prt of the dash_bg.png file ?

When repeating the latest part is not just in line with the first one. Or is it may be in the fourth line from the right.

Thanks you for this great theme.

Hi ‘tabvn’,

What could be the best way to add a Site Slogan between the logo and the first button ?

Cheers, Didier

Hi DidierInty,

Logo and first button is in an image. so if you want to add a slogan you can open psd i attached in main files, you should find in “PSDs” folder, and you can edit.

thank you.

Very nice template! I wish you good sales!

Hello tabvn,

Thank you for the dash_bg.png modification.

May I please ask you to create a release.txt file at the root of the zip file ?

I noticed some addtion in the latest zip but I don’t know the exact impacts.

Cheers, Didier

HI DidierInty, download images fix here and copy 3 images bacgrounds to /sites/all/themes/solaris/images/

thank you , enjoy with your drupal site.

Hi “tabvn”,

Please place a “Change Set” on the main page for each item you theme!

Your User’s / Buyers do need to know about changes, and the dates applied!

A few of us a ‘mind readers’ – sure!

It is often a good sign of a well maintained and supported theme -to see this updated theme report!

Facts are – a lot of your buyers need to know about changes. Some buyers are also code developers; so please consider adding a history. It helps us all.

Hi peterwbowey,

i have to say thank you very much for your recommendation ,

i will put history released for next changes,

for current, if you purchased the a week ago, you can download new file and then:

1/ copy and replace sites/all/all/themes/solaris/
2/ copy and replace sites/all/all/themes/solaris/css/responsive.css
3/ copy and replace sites/all/all/themes/solaris/css/style.css
4/ download images fix here and copy 3 images bacgrounds to /sites/all/themes/solaris/images/

and then follow this url and hit “clear all caches”
thank you again!

It is a great looking theme but I cannot seem to get it installed, I have install many themes and even more complex drupal themes like “glossy” but the documentation included is a little vague. Can anyone help me with this?

Can anyone interpret this? When I run the site I get this

copy source code to your site Import data.sql to your database in your drupal install folder go to sites/defaut/settings.php and change configure your database ( I get this part) $databases = array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘database’ => ‘database_name’, ‘username’ => ‘database_username’, ‘password’ => ‘database_password’, ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘port’ => ’’, ‘driver’ => ‘mysql’, ‘prefix’ => ’’, ), ), );

Run the site and Login with administrator username: admin password: admin

to custom blocks following this way: click on top menu navigation “Structure”->”blocks”

Hello adambradway,

thank you for purchased the theme, i sent you an email and i hope you can come online on skype so i can look into your website and help you fix with your problem, i can see that other customers who purchased the theme and they completed install the theme without error,

i think you did something wrong with your installing process .

i will be glad to help you .

thank you

Thanks for making this a responsive theme.

Triadanet, Thank you purchased the theme. :)