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Hi, I am seeing an issue with the slideshow in firefox on the mac where its not centered on the screen. Safari looks ok.

On firefox it goes to one side.

Hi Triadanet, i have tested with Firefox on Mac, and i dont see issue like you described, maybe you should go to then click “Clear all caches”.

thank you.

hello tabvn,

is it possible to use a 2-column layout (left sidebar with navigation, right side = content) in your solaris-theme? thanks!

Hello brehm-a,

Solaris we only have #content , and sidebar second (Right sidebar)

thank you,

Hi tabvn,

I have the same issue as Triadaneton y local installation.

But I can see the demo site here correctly.

Can it be linked to the version odr the content like for this one ?

Cheers, Didier

i tabvn,

Seems it comes from the :



width: 100% !important; }

The first slide use _slideshow-block_0 but the next ones uses _slideshow-block_1, _slideshow-block_2 and there is no 100% !important for them.

Cheers, Didier

hi DidierInty, could you send me screenshot for that issue, i would like to look at your screenshot for details about Issue, so i can look into that problem

thank you for purchased the theme.

Kind regards,

So… how can I get the non-responsive version? I can easily set minimum width, but the superfish menu still changes to vertical if the window gets too small. Very annoying.

Hello nashin8or

Thank you for purchase the theme, If you want to disable responsive Follow this way:

You check sites/all/themes/Solaris/

You remove this line

stylesheets[all][] = css/responsive.css

Then Go to

And click “clear all caches”

Enjoy with your site

i can’t login to admin

>> You are not authorized to access this page

Hello nusmagnon, Follow this URL


Then login

Username : admin Pass: admin

Enjoy your Drupal site.

can i remove categories? Thanks

Yes you can do that if you want,

Thank adambradway for purchasing the theme .

Best regards , Toan

I am having an issue instaling this template. I have looked in the documentation folder and there appear to be nothing related to any instruction in it am not sure if thats was its intended purpose.

i have copied all the files to a new locahost install and all I get is

PDOException: SQLSTATE 28000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of C:\xampp\htdocs\lakesolaris\includes\

Any idea what the issue might be?

Hello timlakes,

I looked at your error message , its problem with your MySQL data connection

Could you please check again at sites/default/settings.php

Make sure that database connection is right

Thank you for purchasing the theme

Good luck!

Follow the documentation again , step by step .

In case you could not solved this problem , email me (see my email address in documentation) I will give you Skype and I will help you over Skype .

:) thanks again.

Sorry am such a noob, found the instructions and it appears to be working fine. Thanks.

Hi. I’ve only just starting using Drupal and installed your template. I was expecting all the homepage items as the default install but I cannot get them working. I think the relates to the default front page setting. Can you help please? Thanks. Roy (trying a reinstall 11:20)

Pls send me an email, so I will reply you my skype Id and then I can help you.

I need to know more details about your problem, , I Just looked at your website . Seem it working fine now .

Thank you.

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I reinstalled and everything is working fine. Obviously user-error! Thanks again


Sorry to hassle you again. I am trying to replace the logo and I keep getting an error

File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.

This is me testing on a localhost. What could be cause this.

timlakes, that is promblem by permission

Folder /sites/default/files

Must readable and writeable. Pls Change permission for that fodder . And It shoud works fine.

Good luck !

just another question I noticed that this template was responsive, this does not mean the same as mobile ready right? I am testing this on my mobile and other mobile browesers and it does not appear to be loading all to well. Its fine just the text is too small to read. Would it take a lot to get the template mobile ready?

Hi timlakes,

The template is responsive , but i guess CSS is problem with your site , you shoud check folder “files” under sites/default/

That folder must readable and writeable Then Go to And click “clear all caches”


wow what a quick response. I was about to give up. This is not a huge priority but it would be a nice added bonus.

Have tried your solution but no result.

What basically happens is if I test the resizing on my PC everything moves accordingly. i.e the images, columns and menus adjust accordingly. However when I do it on a mobile (Google Nexus also test on a galaxy s3) and when I try to zoom in to make the text larger not everything resizes. Only the “Who are we” text resizes and everything else remains the same size. This is both in opera browser and the default browser.

Hi timlakes

So send me an email with your site URL and admin account information , so I can look into your problem, check my email address in the documentation .

Thank you.

will need to move the site over to live server should have it ready in the next hour or so.


Hello tabvn,

I am also seeing a MySQL error upon a frsh install of your theme:

PDOException: SQLSTATE HY000 Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (111) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /var/www/my_site/includes/

I have checked all the setting.php variables and can’t explain why it crashes.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi rsalman,

Thanks for purchasing the theme , You should check sites/default/settings.php And try configure database connection ,

Make sure match with database username , dabase password, and database server

Also after that if you sure db connection is right . So Your MySQL is problem , Drupal 7 uses innod db So If your server disable innod db so plse turn it on. Thanks again


Is it possible to just upload the theme without installing the core files + database provided with the package? I already have my installation set up and configured the way I want, and just need the theme.

HI meshleman, so you just only copy “Solaris” under sites/all/themes/

and put to your installed drupal site, (sites/all/themes/)

and you configure theme. and modify style.css file.

thanks for purchasing the theme, email me if you need any helps from me.

thanks again!

Kindr Regards

Hi there Tabvn, Just installed the theme and started working with it. Great theme by the way :)

I noticed that the “service-title” style which uses font-family: ‘PTSansNarrowRegular’; does not get rendered, it is a times serif font instead.

Although the fonts are listed under fontface folder, I don’t see @font-your-face module in the installed modules.

I cannot access via the CK editor either.

Secondly is there a way to pull these styles (eg. service-title, service-sub-title etc.) in CKeditor via the dropdown menu Styles?

Thank you in advance. Best regards. UC.

Hi uc,

Thanks for purchasing the theme,

Your problem real strange and I would like to see your site URL , send your site URL to my email and I will look into your problem ,

It’s so late here , Gmt +7 , so if you send me an email (email in documentation )

I will reply you tomorrow

Thanks again

Have a nice day!

Good morning urbancat ,

i just take a looked at your website, and i see fontface work perfect, fontface included in theme package, and you dont have to install any fontface module.

for title, and image, you have to upload image,and put it to block, same as other block page title.

CKeditor dont support for that kind of block.

thank you again, email me in case if you need helps. (my email address in documentation)

Best regards.

Hello Tabvn, No problem. The site url currently is

Thank you for looking into this.

Regards UC

Hello Tabvn, Thank you for getting back to me. I just checked in Opera, and it rendered correctly. In Firefox, it was not, but I configured the browser font settings, and for serif and sans-serif, I set Pt serif and sans-serif respectively; and this also enabled me to render the pages, as per your design. In Chrome however, despite having identical font prefs, I don’t see the fonts rendered as they shd be. Interesting, bit puzzled about this. (did clear the browser cache as well).

Ah, what I should also add is that, when I view the same template via, the title nodes do get rendered as intended in all the browsers.

I will reformulate my previous second question “Secondly is there a way to pull these styles (eg. service-title, service-sub-title etc.) in CKeditor via the dropdown menu Styles?” How can I access the theme styles via CKeditor, especially when I am editing node types?

If you prefer to talk to me on skype, my user name is “urbanturk”. Thank you and all the best, UC

Thank you , I will check it , and add your Skype then we can dicuss ,

Thanks Tabvn. UC

Hi Toan,

I cannot import the data.sql into database, it stops at the cache table. Would you be able to export a new data file after clearing your drupal cache for me please. Thanks.

Hi hvan021,

i ‘m ready to help you now, i just got back. send me an email (my email address in the documentation)

Hi Toan, as I said, I cleared the cache, changed my pma settings and successfully imported the db. Just want to post here so anybody encounter problem like mine knows what to do. Will contact you via email should I still need help. Thanks.

Good job