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hi.. i installed this theme and i found a problem on “Portfolio” page.. if the content is too short.. the responsive doesnt work correctly.. the font overlap the images.

Hello Mr . tabvn

I need some help from you plz . To make an Author Info Block in the Bottom of the content entry .

For more Details

i sent you an email. check your inbox and get back to me.

Hello I already had a working installation of drupal, so I just added the theme to my sites/all/themes folder. Is there anything in addition to that I need to do? The site doesn’t look ANYTHING like the sample. Having placed content in all the blocks, there is virtually no styling. Thanks!

HI samsweeney,

this theme i prefer for new drupal site. so you will have fully site like demo and you can custom content.

otherwise so you just only copy “Solaris” under sites/all/themes/

and put to your installed drupal site, (sites/all/themes/)

and you configure theme. and modify style.css file.

thanks for purchasing the theme, email me if you need any helps from me.

thanks again!

Kindr Regards

HI samsweeney

any question drop me an email i will reply you in faster.

hi.. how about my question? I does not purchase this theme.. but the person who pass me this theme he purchased it.. do i need use his account to post and ask a question then only will get support?

Send me an email via themeforest contact form

So I will verify you had purchased item, and give me your website URL


Just purchased this template.

Can this be installed on a existing site, and how.

I have the documentation, but it seems to be a whole drupal installation they are selling.

I sent you an email Check your inbox . Thanks for purchasing the theme .

also purchased the theme!

And need to install on a existing Drupal 7.15 site.

Is this possible?

HI Mitch79, Solaris is prefer for new drupal site. if you have exits site installed so you just only copy “Solaris” under sites/all/themes/

and put to your installed drupal site, (sites/all/themes/)

and you configure theme. and modify style.css file.

thanks for purchasing the theme, email me if you need any helps from me.

thanks again!

Kindr Regards


how can i a links to the latest_projects view? I the preview the “titel” is shown, but on the home i see only the images.

Thx Peter

HI Peter,

download this javascript file and upload replace to “sites/all/themes/solaris/js”

thank you for purchasing the solaris theme. i will update this to Themeforest now.

if you have any question please drop me an email via themforest contact form, so i will get back to you in shortly.

Best regards


thanks for the fast response and fix. Another small problem appeared.

The last item on the portfolio site is has no border on the right side. In your example site the term “WordPress” has no border.

Best regards Peter

Hi Peter,

could you send me an email about screenshot of problem via themeforest contact form.

see a screenshot



it´s only a “problem” with Chrom. IE and FF works fine.

thanks Peter

How can I get the HTML pages of solaris theme. I have already purchased this theme.

Hi vikrambizz,

HTML under development , currently we don’t have sperate HTML /CSS item

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

When I click on the home page link or the logo I get ’’page not found” error. I can’t see where the home page is when I look at the content. What kind of page is the home page. I love the layout and had added content but it has dissapeared and I desperately (and quickly) need to get this functioning correctly as I am building this site for a client and we can’t afford to have the site down for a long period. Please help!

Could you send me your web site information via themeforest contact form

I will look into your problem , and for now you should revert your site back to original then i will check for you.

Thank you

Thank you so much for the prompt and helpful assistance in getting the site working beautifully. You are worth your weight in gold! I really appreciate prompt and efficient support. I will definitely be buying more of your themes :-)

Hello, I succed in installing the theme, but when I try to personalize the template (after loging in) it seems to hang. No options apear and it remains dark.



Hi bernatcostell,

the URL you given , it broken link. could you send me an email about your website information via themeforest contact form

thank you.


I am unable to install the solaris on my server – I have set up all databases and access but seem to be confused on how to install from your directory. Thanks

Hi could you pls send me an email via themeforest contact form with your server information I can help you .

Thanks for purchasing the theme .

Hi again, I am still having a few issues with the site. Mainly the spacing in the paragraphs. In the WYSIWYG editor there is paragraph spacing and line breaks but when it views on the page the spacing is lost and looks squished up. If you can please help with this that would be fantastic. Also the lovely curves have dissapeared off the home page :-( Thanking you in advance.

Could you pls send me your site information including password login to my email via themeforest contact form, I will look into your problem ,

Thanks for purchasing. The theme.

Hi Tabvn Were you able to help me with the paragraph spacings? I sent a message to your email with the website and contact details. I would really appreciate some assistance on this matter. Thanking you in advance Cheers

I have downloaded this theme and have a slight problem with the menu. It seems that the dropdown menu can only hold 4 items until it overflows out of the menu image container. Is there a way for the dropdown menu to contain more than 4 items?

Send me an email, with your site URL I will look into your problem


Hey there,

i really like this theme. the views are designed nicely and are working really fine.

but the basic pages and blogpages do really need a basic typography. paragraphs, list and so on all needs to get some basic css after the css reset. I did it for myself. but a future update on this problem might be nice.

Thank you , I appreciate that .

Sorry for this question, but how do I do a fresh install with the zip that you gave me? I’d like my site to look just like the test site and then edit it from there.

I’m assuming I should just do a normal drupal installation, but use the drupal package that you provided instead? Let me know if this is incorrect.

See in the documentation Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Sorry, I just found your documentation and figured out what to do. Thanks!

Cool. Thanks for purchasing .