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Hi Toan,

I added new translation/language to my site but the menu items display in both languages at the same time (for eg. [Home] and [??] are shown together on the main menu while the content display correctly ie English content for EN & Chinese content for CN…). How do I change it for the menu to show correctly pls.

For the menu i used this module

see this node for more information

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hi, Just want to make a quick instruction for anyone who also want to have multi-languages with this theme. In order to tame the main menu so that it displays correctly (eg. English menu for English, Chinese for CHN , JPN for JPN …), you need to:

1. Update superfish module to at least Superfish 7.x-1.9-beta4

2. Apply this patch

3. * Up to this stage the menu should display correctly BUT the menu style is broken.* In order to fix it, find this line: (line 904 of original file “superfish.module” from SF 7 .x-1.9-beta4)


$output['content'] .= ' class="menu sf-menu sf-' . $menu_name . ' sf-' . $sfsettings['type'] . ' sf-style-' . $sfsettings['style'];

Then replace with


$output['content'] .= ' class="sf-menu ' . $menu_name . ' sf-' . $sfsettings['type'] . ' sf-style-' . $sfsettings['style'];

Alternatively, you can fiddle with CSS but this fix it quick for me.

Enjoy, HTH .

Thank you , good job :)

I recently purchased the Solaris theme and would like to customize the colors on the /sites/all/themes/solaris/images/top_conner.png image which is 2000×90px. However, the PSD isn’t the same width and therefore I am not able to duplicate the top_conner.png image. Do you have the original artwork that would allow me to make changes to this image?

Thanks for your help.

Hi georgiebon

i will contact with designer and get back to you soon,

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hello Tabv, Please let me know if you have contacted the designer yet about the original PSD files for the Solaris template.


HI there

finally i i got this from designer

download it thanks for purchasing and being patience.

I just purchase this theme, however, I am unable to unzip the Solaris Drupal Theme. How do I solve this problem.

hi there please download package again. or send me an email via


I tried downloan the theme again and when I tried to unzip it again, it is asking if I want to copy the folder without encription. I do not know what this is. I need some help here.

this is strange, i think you download is not complete yet. this is first time i get this issue from my customers . could you send me an email via


This is not my first time of downloading script or theme online, also, I am using a different computer, and it is still the same problem.

i just sent you link to download the package via email, check your inbox. thanks for purchasing the theme.

Looking to buy this theme to overlay on an existing site (use as just a theme). Can you point me to documentation about this process, and tell me what Drupal 7 modules your theme features need installed to be fully functional? Thanks.


John GS

Hi there, Solaris is prefer for new site , thanks

tabvn, I know it prefers a new site install. Can it be used as a theme only? I’m code literate, volunteering with youth who want to use it to theme their site ( which is the public face of a Drupal 7 + civiCRM intranet site. I can unpack the pieces and tweak css and php as needed, particularly if I know what modules you expect. Will by for theme only, and manually install, if you provide some info, and minor support. Otherwise, if a “new site” is required this is a no sale, and I suggest that you stop calling it a “theme”. JGS

Hi tabvn,
Thought I’d follow up my last post asking if Solaris can be used as a theme to overlay on an existing site.
I consider this to be a very reasonable pre-sale question, expecially since I remembered you replying to similar queries when I first looked at Solaris on behalf of our organization.
Having not received a response, I’m putting the best light on things, and am assuming that you’re quite busy. So, I’ve just reviewed the post history here at Themeforest, and you clearly responded to 3 people, meshleman, samsweeny, and mitch76, with instructions about how to copy the theme files only for an existing site. So, I’m guessing that, yes, it can be done. Can I use the info in those posts as the “available documentation” and make it work?
I also noticed one post that mentioned you are using “superfish” as a module for menus. Are there other modules that Solaris expects to see installed to be happy? Your posted history makes me think this is likely the case.
So, my original questions still seem fair ones to ask before buying. 1) Can it be used as a theme on an existing site, and 2) what modules are expected? If there’s no pre-sales documentation available, that’s O.K. but I’d prefer to buy with some confidence. A fair reply is a reasonable expectation. Do I need to buy to get a reply? I am reasonably willing to do so. Please let me know :)

Hi there, solaris is prefer for new fresh drupal installation, thank you for interested in the theme have a nice day!

Thanks for your prompt reply.
We will look elsewhere for a suitable theme; will be a hard search to find one that looks as nice! Best wishes for sales of Solaris.

Thank you , and good luck :)

Does the Solaris theme include a license to use the photos?

Hi there. No photo only for preview.

Follow your guide for installation I have a blank page, and in the log: Call to undefined function _system_rebuild_theme_data () in / includes / on line 795

but if I install drupal normally do not have problems, why? what should I do?

Hi, This template supports version 7.17 of drupal?

Hi there.

Solaris is prefer for New fresh Drupal installation , thanks

HI ,

I just purchased and installed the theme to Drupal 7 but when i saw i can see any image or slide image except logo

Hi There

please follow the documentation, Solaris is for new Fresh drupal installation.

thanks for purchasing the theme.


It is mentioned in that you would provide us the HTML files. Can I just edit it and use it in my site? Or it is a must to have drupal ? I do not want drupal.. I just want static HTML that can be hosted in IIS ?

Solaris is Drupal theme, there is no HTML version for it.


My knowledge on this is very limited. What do you mean by Drupal theme? What are the HTML files included in this package ?

Hi. Thanks tabvn for this beautiful Solaris theme. I have installed it on This is just for testing solaris. I can’t access to login page with the default login and pwd. All the nodes are unavailable : The server can not find the requested page: (port 80) The .htaccess is empty, and I think it is my problem. Any idea about those problems ? Thanks in advance.

Hi there

that mean

1/ your server does not support clean URL (Mod rewrite) 2/ you upload missing file .htaccess to root of your site (.htaccess is hidden file on your computer try to enable to see hidden file and upload it again)

login URL is

and if clearn URL does not work try this

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hello, I’ve just bought this template and install it. First think I’ve noticed is that very annoying message asking me to update (security updates), specially one manual to core Drupal 7.15 and a lot of modules as Token (Security update) Better Exposed Filters (Security update) ... etc… Should I update all the modules and core as requested for the system? What do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

Hi there

You can update it

Thanks for purchasing the theme .


Great work on the theme. What are you using for the slideshow?

Thank you

it’s flexslider. :)


I am interested in your theme, but I would like to know if it coul be possible to have a 2 or 3 columns portfolio.

The social icons of the page are easily customizable?

Hi there

current only has 4 columns, if you have 2-3 columns you have to custom it.