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Twitter Issues

Unable to configure the twitter as it required the Oauth_comman which is missing by default

Hi there

could you send me screenshot of issue via

thank you.

Hey there tabn,

I purchased Solaris about six months ago I think it was. Love it.

Have you had any issues with upgrading the DS module. I have version 1.6 now but when upgrading to the lasted 2.0 the display on blog and portfolio pages.

Error is something to do with Language not being set.

I have downgraded the module back to 1.6 for the moment.


Hi tabvn

Will send you the detail shorty.

I have set up a new version of the site to see if I get the same problem. I installed and updated several modules:

ds 2.0 – this is the one causing the problem. token better_exposed_filters ctools

There error I get on the portfolio page is:

field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE])) { $term = $node->field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE]; if (!empty($term)) { foreach ($term as $t) { if ($term_class == ’’) { $term_class .= ‘edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } else { $term_class .= ’ edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } } } } ?> ’ . $term_class . ‘ ’; ?>

i did Reply you via email. Thank you.

Thank you finding the problem with this so promptly. I do not know how I missed it.

Can this theme be used with an existing Drupal installation? Someone from your staff seemed to indicate that it is only able to be used for new installations of Drupal. If I cannot use this with an existing Drupal installation it is of no use to me, and I will need to be refunded.

Hi there ,

Solaris is for new fresh Drupal installation , thanks , contact to envato if you need helps.


Votre thème is compatible with Wordpress?


No it’s Drupal theme. Thanks

it seems that when I open the example site on my Galaxy note 2 in chrome , the scrolling doesn’t work in the homepage and the portfolio. only if this will be fixed I could buy this theme.

Hello! I’ve just purchased your great theme. I’m trying to replicate your portfolio css style with Ubercart module views. Although, after configuring everything as you have in portfolio view, I can’t present my view as yours:

- This is portfolio default view: - This is my Ubercart products view:

As you see, something is different (lines, tags…). What have I to change to seem the same way?

Thanks in advance!

hi there, send me message via with your site information + ftp i could help you take a look.


is this theme for fresh install only too?

yes, it is.

Thank you again for the great theme. I’ve been using it for several months now.

One of my blog threads recently went over 50 comments and the pager did not appear. I confirmed it was set to display 50 per page. I also changed it to 10 per page and confirmed that the pager did not appear. My research has turned up threads like these with other themes that seem to indicate there is something I can change in Views to eliminate this issue, however I can’t find where to change what they are talking about:

Here is the page on my site that has 50+ comments but does not display a pager:

I’m using this theme for a while now. Just wanted to mention something:

To run this theme seriously it is highly recommanded to do a lot of performance improvements (creating image-sprites of basic layout-graphics, smush them with ysmush), otherwise this page will be too slow.

I’ll also added a lot a basis css-styling and did a lot of code improvemences, simply to make this theme more handleable on a daily basis.

It’s also a hell to create a multilanguage website. It took hours to configure all blocks the right way.

Will there be an update for the lastet Superfish-Modul Version? Menu breaks in the latest SF 1.9 Beta5.

Does Display-Suite 2.0 work?

Good job ! Thanks for purchasing the theme , you can update ds module to latest version.

what about superfish? is there an upgrade path to the latest version?

Hi There

you need backup your site (data + code) before update your site. Superfish you can download newest version here


Nice theme! I am considering buying this theme, but when I viewed it on my iPhone, it just appeared as a miniature version of the full site. Does it scale (responsive?) when viewed on iPhone/iPad the way Centum or Sensation do, or do phone users just view the regular website?

Hi I have purchased this theme. It’s possible to update them to the latest version of drupal (at this moment 7.21)? I will replace all files, but I don’t know if something will fail

HI Daniel,

upgrade your site (core, or modules) i would recommend use Drush you can install drush on your computer or your vps hosting and use it to update modules, or drupal core.

thank you very much,

Kind regards.

I’m configurating for many languages with i18n module. At portfolio content type, the field link has a static title and I don’t know how translate it for the current language. Do you know how configure this?

Hi danieldiazdelaiglesia

could you submit a ticket at

then give me your site admin account, i would take a look.

Thank you Kind regards, Toan

Yes, it’s created! Thanks!

At front-page, when I see Latest Projects if the window browser it’s small (ex: smartphones) shows only 1 project (that is ok) but the next button skips to the 4 project, when I want view the next (the second)

I recorded a video capture:

HI Danidel

here is solution

follow the URL

see dropdown “Scroll “

default is “auto” but you need select value is 1.

That mean when scroll it only one item slide. Any question please post on

Thank you

Kind regards, Tabvn

But when the window it’s normal size, only scroll 1 item. It’s possible to scroll 1 item when only 1 item it’s displayed, and 4 items when 4 items it’s displayed?

Hi Guys,

One of my clients wants to buy the solaris template and I would like to know about the slide show if could be possible to not have the photos to take 100% width on the screen…

Thank you,


Hi Jean,

Default slideshow must 100% width screen. You could custom by your self. Modify css if you want.


That was the question. So I can Change the css to have a blank space of both sides? What is this based theme ? Omega ?

Thank you !

HI jpcolemonts,

i build it from our theme, not base on any theme.


CKEditor in any mode does not allow bold or italics to be shown for example in a blog entry. If i turn off solaris theme and switch to default seven theme the formatting shows correctly. I can replicate on my pc and hosted site with a fresh install.


Hi Ikalooby,

add this following css code to /sites/all/themes/solaris/css/style.css

.node p em, .node em{
  font-style: italic;
.node p strong,.node strong{
   font-weight: bold;

Thank you

Kind regards

thanks for the prompt response – fixed

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme too :) any question dont forget post it at

Kind regards.

I am thinking of purchasing the theme… I was just wondering if someone has implemented this theme in a Drupal 7 Multilingual Website. Where there any issues? Are there any examples? Thank you!

HI Nbran

I recommend this install extra module if you are going to setup multilingual .


tabvn, thanks for the quick response!

I am aware of the Internationalization module, I was just asking if someone has experienced any issues using the theme in multilingual.

Hi, I’m having the same issue as jvostermans on the portfolio under the images, I get this:

field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE])) { $term = $node->field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE]; if (!empty($term)) { foreach ($term as $t) { if ($term_class == ’’) { $term_class .= ‘edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } else { $term_class .= ’ edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } } } } ?>

Please can you provide the solution. Many thanks John

Dear Schoddy1982,

could you explain for me your issue, i recommend submit your problem at


I am having the same issue as here:

jvorstermansPurchased 3 months ago?Flag

Hi tabvn

Will send you the detail shorty.

I have set up a new version of the site to see if I get the same problem. I installed and updated several modules:

ds 2.0 – this is the one causing the problem. token better_exposed_filters ctools

There error I get on the portfolio page is:

field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE])) { $term = $node->field_portfolio_term[LANGUAGE_NONE]; if (!empty($term)) { foreach ($term as $t) { if ($term_class == ’’) { $term_class .= ‘edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } else { $term_class .= ’ edit-field-portfolio-term-tid-’ . $t[‘tid’]; } } } } ?> ’ . $term_class . ‘ ’; ?>

tabvnAuthor 3 months ago?Flag

i did Reply you via email. Thank you.

jvorstermansPurchased 3 months ago?Flag

Thank you finding the problem with this so promptly. I do not know how I missed it.

Dear There,

here is solution you could try

follow the URL

then enabled all modules under “Display Suite” package.

i think you missing enabled sub modules when upgrading your ds module


Best regards.

Thanks buddy your spot on, cheers :)

Your’re welcome :)

What does this mean “the theme is for a fresh installation only”? Why can’t it be used for an existing drupal site? What does it make different from ‘normal’ drupal themes that can be used for any drupal site?

Dear bluecafe,

if you would use for exist drupal installation you could choose “Aqua” or “Centum” Or “Incredible” , “Proma” ...

Solaris is build with full drupal installation.


Best regards,


In solaris I like the option of adding header images. I haven’t seen this in any other theme. If this is not a theme but a drupal distribution it would be better to add this in the item description. If I hadn’t read the comments I would have bought the theme thinking it was a theme like any other theme.

Dear bluecafe,

so this is for new fresh site, that mean you have to install it on new site branch, and could not use it for existing drupal site. (if you like it, you can install it and have site like the demo , then you can move content from existing site to solaris.)

As i recommend if you would use for existing drupal site, better visit my portfolio or other Authors and select one.

when you buying it dont’t forget use our support system and we ready to helps you .

Best regards,


Hi tabvn, your theme is awesome. I wanna know if I’d purchase it, it will come ready for me to add content, or I would need to install tons of modules to get it started? Sorry for the amateurism and bad English. Thanks.

Dear Luizeduardomga,

after you purchasing the theme follow the documentation, you will have site like the demo. It can take 5-10 minutes to get it done.

Don’t forget submit ticket to our support system if you need helps

Best regards,


You’re welcome!