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Very fresh! Love it :)

Thanks Louiejie! :-)

Verry well design! Keep it up! Druzheskiy privet juzhnoj stolize! ;)

Thank you. A ya dumal, ya odin tut. Spasibo za privet ;-)

Nice and clean work here. Very well done. Good luck with sales ;-)

Thanks a lot ;-)

Congratulations for the work, great!

When you exit the html version?

Hi, alanssnet. Thanks for your comment. I plan to start work on a html version, but do not know when.

Very nice work!

ps. I can convert it to HTML if you wan’t to :)

Thank you for comment :-)

Hi- very nice. Have you prepared this theme for Wordpress?

Hi, thank you. We are making a WP Theme based on Solaris PSD Template. Best Regards.


Is there a corresponding WordPress theme ? Thanks.

Hi heden75,

Unfortunately we didn’t make Solaris WP Theme. We are planning to develop it after big design changes.

Best Regards.