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nice theme but you could have added a video background & dropdown submenus…

Thanks for your support.

Dropdown menu will be available on next update

I will check whether the video background work well and it doesn’t have any performance issue, I will add on next update


Nice theme. I have the same issues as @rvp.

If possible i want to buy.

Thanks for your support.

Dropdown menu will be available on next update

I will check whether the video background work well and it doesn’t have any performance issue, I will add on next update

I replied to your email :)

Great!! Would be nice see this as WP ;-)

Thanks for your nice words.

If the html versions have enough interest, I will develop WP version :)

Wordpress please :-) Great Work..

Thanks guy

Nice work! AD rocks! ;)

Thanks pezflash, I am really like your all works, you are one of my best author :)

Thanks for all support. I am really appreciate all your kind words :)

Hi, awesome work buddy!

I just have one question, why does it load so slow while working in my computer? when i watch it online it loads ok, not fast but its ok, but when i work with dreameaver and i want to take a preview it takes years to load…

Any suggestions?

Google font takes much time to load in local host but it load very fast in online.

so when ever you edit in local, just comment the 53rd line

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,600,700,800,300italic,400italic,600italic">

and set googleFontLoad = true; in 74th line in html file. This will be faster in local. After you finish the customization just reset the above two lines

Thank you for your support and purchase.

Good job. I play wp wery well, but ? don’t interest HTML5 before, is it suitable for me? I wanna use it for the furniture company. Because wide images are very good. AdWords

The site is Awesome. Is there a Joomla version for this template?

Would be helpful to have an option of showing the very top line (menu + phone number) and very bottom line (address, e-mail, etc.) permanently, even during scrolling; and artist’s name, too.


Congrats, excelent work! I have two questions: 1)Fisrt, is there a way to remove the “stripes” effect in the background pictures (and full gallery as well)? I would like to show the pictures with no effects. 2)Is there any way that I can increase de height of the slideshow container and the image area? I tried to change the variable “pageHolderHeight_desktop”. It changed the overall area, but not changed the image area

thanks, Rodrigo

1. Just delete 107th line in html file
( backgroundOverlay : ‘images/background_overlay.png’, ) that’s all

2. In main.css file just set the fixed value to height of #flexslider-container class
#flexslider-container {max-width: 900px; height: 500px; margin: 5px 0px 0px 0px; }

Make sure you need to use the correct dimension image since the flexslider will resize and fill the image inside the #flexslider-container div

For more information see the Slide show / Blog section in help file

Don’t forget to minimize the main.css file and rename it to main.min.css


The pageHolderHeight_desktop value is used to set all page height not for single page. If you need to use the different page height, just set data-height-fixed=”false” to the page class div of the slideshow.

For more information see the Page & Scrollbar section in help file

If you still have any problem just contact me through my profile page with details

Thank you for purchase and support

Minor bug fixed and update the file on 04 – Aug, please re-download the file

thanks! And +1 vote to dropdown submenu :)

Sub menu will be added within this weekend :)

Files Updated on 07 Aug:
Option for simple fade In/Out animation is added to Page transition

Hi There

I’ve recently purchased the Solidaire theme for Wordpress but i’m experiencing some problems while trying to instal, either with the wordpress installation panel or using the FTP method.

The main error is the there is no style.css in the theme in the downloaded folder after purchasing, so wordpress can’t install it.

Thanks by advance for helping me to fix it. Cheers, Daniel


It’s not a wordpress theme. it’s a simple html file. Please see the file category. I am not mention any thing about wordpress or admin panel in item description page.

What is the resolution of the background images so that it does not appear pixelated?

I am using different dimension images, most of the images are 1920×1080 resolutions. Make sure I added the image pattern over the background image so that it looks like a pixilated effect if you remove that pattern, the image will show clearly

Just delete 107th line in html file ( backgroundOverlay : ‘images/background_overlay.png’, )


One more question. On the fullscreen gallery, is there a way to show a portrait orientation photo, without scale it up to fit on all screen? The images with landscape orientation are ok

I will add the separate button for image resize, so the viewer will see the full image by navigating the image resize button.

Now I am working on submenu after finishing the menu I will do this for you, just contact me through my profile page with details I will send the file.

Just purchased your theme. What is the best way to add product pages? I want to use the portfolio to show them all and then click the product to go to a subpage that would resemble your features page on the demo site. Thanks in advance.

If you use only a few products, the detail page can be show like a feature page without showing the page link on menu area. But I need to change some code, just contact me I will help you

If you need to show more products, the best way is to open a separate page like a blog page see the link http://fmedias.com/solidaire/black/blog.html.

Now I am working on submenu it will be used to add any number of pages like a normal html template

For further discus just contact me through my profile page with details