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This is a very clean and easy template. Good job! I’m thinking about buying this and want to know how easy it is to remove the full screen option and use the original image sizes instead. GoDaddy is my host and it can’t handle these sizes. Please let me know and I’ll buy after you add those drop down menus.

I will add the option to show the image in full screen or in original size on next update

Thanks for your interest

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I look forward to the update.

Updated on Aug 12 – Sub menu added

Im almost done, but i have just one problem, the favicon works when you enter the website but if you go to any section like #contact it goes away.

Any idea of how to fix this in order to always show the same favicon in every section/page ?

I can’t see any problem in <a> link on favicon in all section.
Please check if you use separate page, you need to set correct path of the page instead of anchor link (Ex: index.html#contactus for separate page)

If you still have any problem just contact me through my profile page with details and link

When i upload it to my wordpress it wont work it says

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Siggi112 this is not a wp theme…

Thanks for your answer :)

okey how can i then put it on my webpage with what softwer?

Just upload all files into ftp (server) that’s all, no need for installation or software

how do i do that is pretty poor that i buy this theme and can then not use it. it did not say that you could not use it in wordpress

In item details, it doesn’t mention as a WordPress theme. This file is publish under site template category not in WordPress

Don’t worry, Just contact support center they will refund your money

I have contacted the support center and they wont answer why are you selling themes that does not work with wordpress ? i will talk to visa if you dont refund me !

Great theme! Only a question: what does the blog work? This is not a wordpress theme and so…what do I do to insert a item in the blog page? Thanks!

Great theme! how to modify them ? Do you have admin panel? Do I need to edit html codes?

This is a simple html file. No admin panel or backend server coding is written in this template. Just edit the content directly on the html file using Dreamweaver or some html editing software.

In help file I clearly explained how to edit the content.

I’m really pleased with the template but have a problem. I am working with the white version and have found that the thumbnail images in the gallery are behind the footer (this does not happen in the black version) Could you please give me details on how to lift the white gallery thumbnails bar, to match the height in the black version?

Thanks very much

Apologies for above comment: I have gone back to original downloaded ‘White’ file to find the Gallery thumbnail images are indeed above the footer. I had made changes which affected position. Problem now solved. Excellent theme. Thank you very much.

just contact me through my profile page with details and link, I will check the code

hi i want this website (love the simplicity) but my logo is a solid black square with gold font over it) so im worried how the logo will look with those lines. Are the lines added over the pictures? or is it an overlay and i can swap any pictures? can you suggest where i can put the logo without those lines diminishing the sparkly bling of my logo.

You can place any content inside the logo class div. if you have any problem to implement just contact me through my profile page with details

I see only a white screen. sometimes very long loading problem. can look at the source code.

See FAQs page, I answered to thls question

I’m not sure if you have a support page or not, so I’ll try here. I bought your theme and love it. I’m having a problem adding drop-down sub menus to the gallery nav. I want to use gallery as the portfolio page, so I need to add some categories. I also want to get rid of the portfolio section. Can I just delete all the code for that section or is that a bad idea? More questions to come! Thanks

Yes, you can delete the sections which are not use. Please check the menu link name and section name. Do you download the latest file or still using old version?

If you contact me through my profile page with details and link I will help you

Hi FMedia, Great template! Is it possible to play videos (or vimeo links) directly from the portfolio section (using fancybox) or in the gallery section? cheers

Just contact me through my profile page I will send the option to play YouTube video in portfolio page on fancy box

Thanks – will do!

I just replied to your email.

I sent the file which support the youTube and Vimeo videos


Greet theme you made. I like it very much! Easy to use and to edit. I just have one problem/question:

In the portfolio section, when you click on an image I would like to add pinterest ‘pin’ button etc. Where you could add titles now (img_text).

<div class="item cre"> <a rel="example_group" title="Bekijk in het groot" href="images/portfolio/image01.jpg" class="type2"> <div class="img_text"> </div> <img src="images/portfolio/thumb01.jpg" alt="Wonder" /> </a> </div>

But when I try to add the code for the ‘pin it’ button right there the thumbnail disappears and the button doesn’t show. When I add it somewhere else the button does show but the lay-out is all screwed up.

It might be a simple thing, but I don’t know how to fic it anymore :P thx for all the help you can give.

contact me through my profile page with details and link

Great idea. Good luck with your sales!

Thank you :)

I see that all the content sits on the home page and the “highlight” class added to the menu is called through js on the active content item. Is there a way to add a section to the home page and remove the “highlight” function so the menu doesn’t break.

I’m trying to figure it out in firebug, just can’t get it. I’ll purchase the theme, asap if you can let me know how to do it!

Awesome work by the way!

If you need to remove the hightlight bar, just set hightlight bar height to 0px. You see that class in main.css file
.header .headerContent .highlight{ height:3px; }

If you have still any problem. Just contact me through my profile page with details