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Is it possible to add a shop into this theme? I want to buy it but I need a shop also….



Hiya, Thanks for this fantastic template, really nice work! I’m trying to customize the contact form by adding some extra fields to it but I’m running into difficulties with validations. Do you have any documentation for customizing this particular contact form? Thanks :)

You can see the validation code in Email submit action code. See 216th line in index.html file You see the form reset code in main-fm.js file in 1562nd line

Thanks for this, I had made some changes to the Email submit action code but missed the reset code in main-fm.js.

it helped some of the validations issues but there are still problems.

Out of the four extra fields I’ve added only one is coming through in the email. Their titles are in the email just not the input data.

I’ve added a ‘phone’ input type (without validation) which now works. I’ve also added an ‘address’ textarea, a ‘date’ input type and a ‘time’ input type none of which get posted.

Your help is much appreciated

I am not good in php anyway just contact me throguh my profile page with detail and link I will check it

Hiya, Yeah, php isn’t really my strong point either. Anyway I just emailed you through your profile page. Thanks

Where/how do i host and update the blog if its not for wordpress?

Hey nice theme! I have a question before I can buy it: Is it possible to change the place of the menu to the right side? Just for the website version (so not for the iPad or phone)..

Yes, you can easily change the position of the menu.

Just set the float: right; to .nav class in main.css file see the below code

.header .headerContent .nav{ 
float: right; display: inline; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 10px; width: 750px;

If you need to make the header to full browser width, just set width:100% to .headerContent class in main.css file see the below code
.header .headerContent{ 
    margin: 0 auto;

That’s all
If you have any question just contact me through my profile page

Wow thanks for the fast reply! You just made another sale haha :)


This template somehow isn’t working in Chrome for me.

See [link removed]

I’m running Chrome version: 22.0.1229.96 m

Template already purchased (not by me but by my customer), so would appreciate if you could give a hit how to fix it.


I can’t see any problem, can you contact me through my profile page, i will try to fix the problem to your side

This is an excellent, feature rich, responsive template - any customization needed to meet our project goals was easy to implement.

Hi Love the template! Just redid my website. One question, I noticed that when I open my website for the first time (on a computer that I had not browsed to it before) It takes a very long time to load. Once it loads it’s fine. It’s just that initial loading. Any idea why that would happen?


Please see the FAQ page

It works fine locally, its on the webserver that it’s slow.

contact me through my profile page with your page link i will check it

Hi mate. Nice theme. I’m having a wierd behaviour with the menu. Every time I click on any link the menu turns white (on the white theme) and makes it disappear. It’s still there but is white over white and the height is less than normal. If I reload the page the menu looks Ok. Any clues on what might be happening? Cheers.

Just contact me through my profile page with detail and your page link i will check it

Great theme, fantastic support. Thanks guys!

I loved it. Very easy to edit. I’ll consider your other products. Thank you!

Great Job!

How do you add more pages and more backgrounds to it? I have a total of 9 sections/pages but the background only changes for 5 and the other 4 shows nothing.


You can see the pageBackground variable in header section (see on 96th line). Just add the background image path as per you need. For more details see the help file in Background section

If you still have the same problem just contact me through my profile page with details

wich server hosting requred this design ... i m upload in linux server but pages can not be show … How can i show the pages …

It a simple html file, it doesn’t need any server. Please make sure whether you use the original file or not. The original file only work in online

Love this file. I do have problem I can’t resolve:
I have followed your instructions to disable the Gallery to play automatically but they don’t seem to work. I want the to Disable galleryAutoplay – Could you please advise? Perhaps give the line of code or something?

Re. my post above:Problem solve – I had been editing th.js file not hte main one. Thanks very much for this excellent file. It is a true joy to have. GREAT WORK

Hi, I really like this template, but originally thought I would be going with a template called [name removed]. I hadn’t seen your template at the time. I am more of a designer and wanted something very simple that I could modify but with a full screen background image or slideshow. This is the closest I’ve come to [name removed] as I have designed my whole site in Photoshop based on that template. When I went to purchase [name removed] I first tested on mobile devices and it didn’t work, so now I’m not buying but looking for a close alternative!! Im wondering how much it would be for you to customize this template or recommend another one of yours that would work, I don’t need bells and whistles just just simple and elegant and code that I can understand. Thanks CHILL http://2.envato-static.com/images/smileys/grin.png?1354765288

First thanks for intersting to my file, i don’t take custome work right now, you can find so many good freelancer here. if you have any other question just contact me through my profile page with details

I was thinking I could probably buy both and mix and match and experiment, thanks for the quick response and very nice work!

Hi FMedia, really great template and I love it. I have questiones about 1.how to hide thumbnails bar on Gallery page.2. how to hide pageholder just on home page and show on other pages. Plz help me about these. Thank you!

Very Nice!! Good luck with sale :)

Thanks khatrijiya