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Only one question, second in forum.

Then I open single post through image (Ajax call), post premalink must be normal permalink: http://xxxxx.com/simple-post/ , or Homepage link?

Hi, as it is ajax it has to be the homepage permalink sorry

Best Regards

I made a post to new forum.

Hi, please take a look to the forum, i have posted the solution to your customization :)

I made a post in new forum.

Hi, this has been answered in the forum :)

http://mimothemes.com is down i can’t use the forum I have the same problem as sferasoft when I click on the image on my homepage, opens a single post but show homepage url, but when I click on the link at the bottom of the image opens a single post and show normal single post url Which is the solution please ?

Hi, this is because the homepage works with ajax, so it does not load a new page. You can delete this behaviour to work is as normal links deleting some lines from the mimo.js file, if you need them please ask in the forum at mimothemes.com :)

Best Regards

No answer on your forum since 48h

Hi, sorry Antoine, i have been so busy today, let me see

can i make the grid in home page to be squares instead of rectangles? or that need customization? Thanks

OK I’ll buy it. Please send me customization I also need to make the sidebar in each post page to show square thumbnails instead of rectangle

Ok, perfect, waiting to send you the customization :) Once you buy it, send me an email to support@mimothemes.com or contact me here.

Best Regards

Just bought it please send info to juantampabay@gmail.com

Hi there,

Pre purchase questions -

1. We like the Infinite scroll however our question is what effect does it have on Page Speed of the home page.

2. Is there a way to setup Infinite scroll for posts of the website so for example: if a viewer visits the home page and then clicks on an article in the product category and views that blog post and then he scrolls down he should see another blog post from the same category or a blog post from different category so Infinite blog post scroll. Is that possible and if yes how can you set it up?



1.Page Speed has to be with image sizes more than Infinite Scroll

2.No, you should code this, the infinite scroll js is included of course

Best Regards

Thanks for your response.

Can you help us code for point 2 and we will pay extra for it.



of course, please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com with the details

Best regards


i have 2 question before buying your beautiful theme:

1. While testing i realized that it makes my firefox browser on android crash. Can you test and fix this?

2. can i redesign the layout of the posts without coding?

Regards, Emanuel

Hi, thank you !

1. I have tested it in Firefox and Android and for me it works. I depends on the android version , the number of images can break the browser

2.I think no, but, what you want to do exactly?

Best Regards