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Beautiful looking theme. It looks flexible and classy. I’m sure this will sell well!

I hope so :)

Hello Sara,

congratulations! Thats a real good, professional and user-friendly eCommerce theme for WordPress. And, I am impressed too. I have also just started to code/design my first WordPress eCommerce theme last week (my first WordPress work in general).

I wish you good luck, kind regards

Thank you :)

Hey I’m interested in buying this Theme. It is unclear to me if I get all the plugins included. For example, is the JigoShop plugin and Nivo slider plugin included?



The only plugin not included is the JigoShop. You install the theme and then you can install the plugin for free, don’t worry for this :)

Wow, loving this and it has come at just the right time for me as I’m after getting a new site to sell products but using wordpress. Can you tell me though do you do custom/freelance work as I’d like to integrate a couple of plugins and change a couple of things.


No, i’m sorry, i have no time for freelance work :( but the theme is very easy to set and edit, and you can change a lot of features yourself, by panel.

Can we see screenshots from the admin area?

Yes. Later i will add this screenshot, stay tuned :)

Done :)

In Pages > Admin you can find all admin screenshot.

Sara – You do really great work. I just realized that I have purchased two of your other themes, Kassyopea and Suerte… I really dig your style. Good luck with this one, it’s stunning!

Thank you so much :)

Great! Does it support a mobile shopping cart? Needed urgently and will buy it, immediately.

Best wishes.

I have to test the site in the mobile devices yet. If you can do this, let me know :)

Hi Sara, The theme looks outstanding and seems to have everything I’d need, yet could you give me a bit more details on payment options? The description just says “multiple” and the demo itself has just paypal and some other thing (2 options total). Cheers

Jigoshop has built-in support for PayPal, Moneybookers and Cheque as the payment methods.

Mmmm Mmmm. Just got to get a client for this!

Great :)

Will this handle digital products / downloads?

Sure :)

2 questions regarding the language

1. contains. po file for translation of the theme? 2. in the same way it could translate into Spanish JigoShop plugin?

Yes, the theme contains a .po file for the translation. Also Jigoshop contains .po files for translation :)

Admin screenshot here: (pages > admin)


A really great themes. Got some questions:

1. does JigoShop plugins a mandatory for the themes to be an ecommerce website? or the themes does have built-in its own ecommerce function?

2. if themes does not have ecommerce builtin, is it possible I use the themes to make my website website to be use as products catalog?

Hi, the theme doesn’t have and its own ecommerce function, the shop is based on the JigoShop plugin.

I don’t understand maybe: you want to use the theme as a catalog, and you don’t want the shop features?

yes, if I just want the website use as catalog and do not want the shop features, will it be just fine?

Yes. You can use the features of the shop without the cart, the prices and the button ‘add the cart’, and in this way you have only thumbnail of your products + detail page of each product.

Sorry , I would like know but for use po and mo file for translate ( in IT my language ) the theme and the Shop plugin , what I need to do ? can help me Mrs. Sara ? thanks in advance PS. I already have wordpress in IT language is not automatic tranlsate I need to do myself , I understand this , can tell me what I need to do ? also I have dowload a software poedit , but only for po and not for mo, and also do not work , in short I cannot used don’tunderstand what I need to do…..

Thanks so again

Hi, in the support forum you can find a topic that explains the translate process for dummies, i hope you can understand it!

Wow Nice! Bookmarked for my next project!

Thank you :)

hi,its very nice work, i want to buy but i have a question, i like to build a site like and I wondered if this theme could serve as Groupon, and if you could not tell me where I could find something. I’ve found online is quite expensive


I think Groupon is a really bigger site and is not possible to do it with an template purchased for 40$ ;)

Love this theme and plan to purchase it! Would have loved to see the slider you have in “bolder” theme also in this one. Any chance of adding something similar to that?

I’m sorry, is not possible. Maybe, in the future..

No problem! I was just wishing, but I am still gonna buy this theme!

I hope so :) thank you!

Hello, great theme, Do you include the demo dummy content in your download files?

In the support forum, after the purchase, you can download the complete sample data and the xml files of our demo :)

is that 40 is very cheap, I do not mind paying 200 or 300 for something that actually works, if you do tell me

The price is 40$, and this theme works very fine :) btw, if you want to pay more, no problem for me :D