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a couple pre-sale questions…

1) can we remove the checkout/pricing part. Goal would be to use site as a theme where people could select items and add to cart/wishlist… but then their order would basically just send us (site admin) a notice of their selections.

2) Could we use with a membership plugin that allows them to log in with an account user and password?

3) Can video be added to product pages—would love to have video show up in place of image in light box?

1) yes you can remove the checkout/pricing part.

2) yes you can

3) yes, we released a free plugin that enable you to use a YouTube or Vimeo video:

Question. So in the product description page underneath the products is related products, description and more tabs. I want the description tab to be the one that shows up first how would I go about that.

Can I purchase this theme to use as the design / layout for my non-wordpress ecommerce store? I use bigcommerce and I wanted to just use the graphics found on this theme for my own stuff. Would that be an issue?

Hi, you can’t use this theme for a non-wordpress website. The theme will not work.

hi, im trying to add soundcloud player, but it doesn’t work and i really need it, i thought this theme would support the player. It doesn’t show up and says “track currently not available”.

Nvm i got it worked. thanks anyway

hi, On the homepage its showing search, archives, categories etc etc but got nothing on the widgets. Its not going. What can I do?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Good afternoon! I am very interested in your e-commerce solution but I did have a few questions I would like to confirm prior to purchasing:

  • Will WooCommerce extensions such as Chained Products, Name Your Price, Store Credit, and Points and Rewards all be supported with this app? I am new to WordPress and want these functionalities but was not sure if Extensions to WooCommerce would conflict with the template?
  • I would be starting a WordPress from scratch for this project. Would I need to download the prerequisite extensions/apps/widgets/etc. or is this download “all in” in that I can install everything at once and begin modifying my store?
  • Is there a way to allow multiple vendors to create stores or sell items? Such as If this is possible with an extension or plugin, or any standard WP plugins supported with this template?

Thanks in advance!


1) Unfortunately I cannot help you with WooCommerce extensions. We do not know if these extensions works fine with the theme.

2) You do not need to install any plugin. Once you installed the theme, you are ready to work!

3) As per my previous reply, unfortunately we do not have experience with this kind of plugins. You should ask to WooCommerce team if exists a plugin that suits your needs.

Best regards

Have you had any issues or success stories with others trying to add Wordpress plugins to extend WooPress functionalities? They are all standard WordPress Plugins enabled through the Plugins menu.

Hello, generally most of the plugins work properly with our themes.

When I use the woocommerce shortcode to populate a page with the featured products there is a break between the add to cart and details button, do you have any idea how I would remove this?

Hello, could you please submit a ticket to our developers and submit the question? (

Another question. So I have products on my site that include the ” character to represent inches. When I do that it changes the font that follows the character when Im looking at the site in google chrome is there a reason or fix for this.

Hello, could you please submit a ticket to our developers and submit the question? (

This is a cracking theme, easy to use and very easy to customise,= and it works. I’m really pleased with it and didn’t realise WP had these capabilities. Some other developers on here need to take a leaf out of your book, I recently purchased one theme that had that many errors it would have been quicker to re-write the whole code. I’ve not had one issue with this theme its great, exactly what I want. Well done Sarah !!

Hello, Thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate it! Thank you!

Be carefull, this theme is not 100% compatible with wpml ! I had a lot of problem with it and noone from YIT or from Wpml could solve the problems. Since June i’m opening ticket in Yit site and wpml and waiting for a solution but now i just have to forget about sommerce… You should not claim it’s 100% compatible sorry.

i wrote here and here . No solution to the problem, now i don’t want to loose my time anymore with that

Hello Dan, the ticket you posted is marked as resolved. You wrote in this ticket that the issue is solved, as you can see from the screenshot:

Yeah it was this one and here someone from your team wrote that . Finally the solution was to change the theme


how is it possible to add the WPML language switch to the links bar? there is no such an option to your theme’s settings.

Thank you in advance. Nicolas

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your question. You need a custom field in order to do that.

Best regards


I just bought a maya theme but I don’t like it very much. It is giving me an error:

Strict Standards: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method YITH_WCWL_Shortcode::add_to_wishlist() should not be called statically in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\shortcodes.php on line 273

This error occurs right under product name when I view product details.

What can we do about it?

Hello, could you please submit a ticket in our support desk? Our developers will help you in resolve the issue! (


im planning to use in affliate website. Is it possible to display all products with 468×60 featured image without having to hack on css heavily.

For example, I want the home page to have 468×60 image thumbnails but want to have single product to display normally (not 468×60 image)

Will this require heavy code hack?


Hello, you can set the size of your thumbnails from the WooCommerce settings! :)

Hi, before I buy this theme, I have a question regarding the language function. is there any way I can have this theme in another language (portuguese), or can i change the files to appear in another language instead of english? I’m not knew on wordpress so I need a theme for a school in Brazil, and even tough I will write the content in portuguese, still the headers and buttons show in english. thank you for your time, Lisa

Hello, you can translate the theme easily. In our support forum, once you bought the theme, you will be able to read a tutorial for translate the theme.

Sara, I bought Maya theme, but I don’t like it very much. Can I exchange that theme for sommerce theme?

Hello, you need to make this question to ThemeForest. We cannot manage licenses of themes.


I bought your theme and wanted to know if there is a way to have the navigation bar on the same line as the logo instead of having the tabs bar under the logo?

Please let me know

Hello, unfortunately you need to hire an external developer in order to make this change.

Is that something I can hire you to do?

Hello, I’m really sorry but unfortunately we do not offer customization service.

How can I add options for colors and sizes. When users select a color and a size, how can store them in a table.

How can I allow users to add custom text message on a product and store it in a table.

Hello, you need an external plugin to do that. For example


How can I generate a sale report and visitor analytic, something let me know when, where customers visit the site and referral pages.

Hello, you should submit the question to WooCommerce team. We do not manage this section.


Could you please give me some websites that use Sommerce theme?

Hello, you can take a look to the forum thread:

Keep in mind the forum is accessible only for registered users.