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Why are there line breaks on my product pages? They are product category pages or my /shop page. Thanks for your time.

Hello, you need a filter to change the number of products per row. Please submit a ticket to our developers (, they will give you the code to put within your installation.

Best regards

Dear Sara_p , Does it have bootstrap feature? Thanks

Hello, nope Sommerce is not developed with Bootstrap.

I bought the Sommerce theme, but I don’t see any option to upload products and setup payment. Could you please help me with these.

You need to install the Woo Commerce plugin :)


Just wanted to leave a comment to say this is an excellent theme – we have been using it for many months now on our website and it has proved to have been a very worthwhile purchase.

Big thanks to the developers for creating such an amazing product.

Thanks :)

User registration is now ready? Work showing that the client is logged in?

Hello, the registation is ready, but i’m not really sure to understand exactly what you mean.

It already show that the user is not logged in, but does not show his username if you mean this.

Let me know if you need further help!

Thank you!


Do the forms have captcha?

Hi, no it does not have one.

I’m writing a tutorial about how to add an additional field for spam prevention. I can’t give you a timeline for when it will be ready. If you need it urgently, please use an external plugin for the contact form.

Thank you, i apologize for any trouble!


This theme has a fixed layout. Is it easy for me as a web developer to make it responsive?

Hello, it is already responsive.

You can choose to enable or disable it theme options. Also, it would not be hard to edit its CSS if you need. There are proper sections for this in theme options.


Hello Nicola,

All right! Thank you for answering my question promptly.

You’re welcome :D

Hi, great theme!

I’ve got two important questions;

1. How can we embed a 20% discount on items over a certain amount?

2. I cannot for the life of my how to find the sign up page so clients can go onto our site and sign in/sign up?

I will highly appreciate a fast response as the client is waiting for this!

- Again great theme,


- WSS Media


1) For this you have to check WooCommerce documentation. You can create a coupon if you want. I do not know if there are some options by default, i’m sorry.

2) YOu need to enable the login/registration link in the header in Theme Options, then be sure that you allowed registration on “My account” page in WooCommerce > SEttings > General.


Sara, I am using Sommerce theme and I have problem with setting up Paypal. Can you send me instruction how to setup Paypal. When I click on Checkout, the site route me to checkout page, but the page does not have a form to enter information.

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at

We will reply asap!


I just install Sommerce theme, but I don’t see option to setup payment and tax. Is there any plugin I need to install?

Hello, yes, you need to install WooCommerce. This plugin handle all the shop side.


Any update for wordpress 3.7 coming soon?

Hello, we will send an update but it’s not for the 3.7.

We did not find any problem with WP 3.7 and Sommerce.


ok, I am currently having an issue with the latest wordpress update and woocommerce update. I can’t even access the woocommerce area or even the products area which is a big problem. Will be waiting for the update.

Hello, please submit a ticket to our support desk at

Our developers will help you with your questions.

Is this theme still OK for Jigoshop ? Will it be maintain for it ?


it’s supported, but it has more feature for WooCommerce.

Hi, i’m interested about theis template, but i want to know if there is a newsletter plugin integrated with the theme. Can you ask me, please?

Thank you for the attention, and congratulations!

Hello, thank you! :)

We have a newsletter form that can be configured with 3rd parties services for newsletter handling, like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse etc…

We also have some tutorials about how to configure it or you can ask to our developers in the support desk if you have problems with the configuration.

Note that you can’t handle the newsletters directly in the theme if this is what you need.



I’m really interested about this templates for my business idea .. But i’m afraid i’m not very familiar with wordpress

For example, how did they do the “latest product” and “featured products” presentation on the home page ?? I really tried to understand but i can’t notice :(

Thanks for any help

Hello, they are shortcodes. Please check the theme documentation, you will find all the codes of the home pages. Also you can install the theme sample data to get it exactly like the live preview.

Hi Sara, my theme is Sommerce. Page 404 does’n work. Should I make some changes in .htaccess file or any addition setting? Thanks.

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at for this issue!

Thank you!

I am thinking about purchasing this theme to use as a storefront for my eBay listings. Would it work this this plugin: or is it possible in another way?


Hello, i’m sorry but we never tested it with that plugin.

However you can use WooCommerce with External Products. They will link wherever you want and the checkout will be handled on the website you link them.

I registered an account on I go to Theme Activation page, enter the purchase code, then choose correct theme, but after click Active Theme button, there’s notification: ERROR: There was a problem in the activation. Please try again in 5 minutes.

I tried few times, but nothing happen. Please tell me the way to active my account.

Hello, done! Check now please :)

That’s so great! Thank you, Sara :)

You’re welcome!

We got the same: ERROR: There was a problem in the activation. Please try again in 5 minutes.

Hello, i enabled the theme on the support desk for you.

I aplogize for any trouble we caused, we are having issues with the activation system!

Great theme and I would like to use it but the menu is not so useable on a phone, it gets bunched up. Is there an alternative or work-around for this? Thanks.

You can change it using a dropdown on responsive in the Theme Options!

Perfect. Thanks.

You’re welcome :)

Hi Sara! I cannot change the width of sidebar on shop page. It’s width is 170px, and i change the value sidebar width on css to 220px, and its width is still 170px. how can i change the width of the sidebar :!

Hello, please submit a ticket in our support desk at Our support guys will reply you as soon as possible! Thank you for writing us!