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Great Theme 2 issues. Service page is incomplete http://evgroup.elitevivant.net/index.php/pages/services/ and I don’t want the side bar on the about page how do I turn this off http://evgroup.elitevivant.net/index.php/pages/about-us-2/

Hi @Latifahabdur

Thank you for purchasing my item. Could you please open a support ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com/ with the credentials so we can know what’s going on with your site?

Thank you.


Mobile menu is always open. Can you please tell me how to fix it so it’s closed when visiting the page on mobile devices? Thank you. http://wotmarine.com/new/

Hi @solafi2

Thank you for purchasing my item. Could you please open a new support ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com/ so we can help you better ;)


Hello install the template and when I install the latest version of WooCommerce submenu disappears????

Hi cubo187,

We’re running Sonata with latest version of WooCommerce without errors. Could you please open a ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com/ with your login credentials? We’ll help you to inspect the problem.




We are using the Sonata Theme and have opted to make our posts the homepage, however we can’t seem to find where to customize the homepage title once we do this. Right now it just says Blog> http://bestofsonoma.us/

We want to customize that with an actual title instead of just “Blog”. Can you please direct us to where we can do this?

Thank you so much!

Hi abramarketing,

Thank you for purchasing my item. The easiest way to modify blog title is opening /sonata/index.php file and edit this line:

$title = __('Blog','wi');


$title = __('Your desired name','wi');

Hope this helps,


Perfect, thank you so much!!

You’re welcome :)

Hello! I’m so happy about the theme.

Just I wanted to know if it’s possible to change the language of PREVIOUS PROJECT or NEXT PROJECT on the porfolio pages, to translate to spanish.

Thank You very much

Hi. I’m on the go so I can not answer your question. Could you please open a support ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com

Our staffs are willing to help you out.

Kind Regards,


Home page is not like as I saw in demo. Can you help me to set home page as same as in demo

Hi chandandev. Thank you for puchasing my item. Could you please check & follow instructions in the documentation included in the download package?

Kind Regards,


Hello! I’m loving this theme, quick question.

I have a set of buttons on the front page that are automatically set to align left, is there a way to align a group of buttons centered? When I put the alignment within the generated code, the buttons don’t center together rather they stack and centered on top of each other.

I want the buttons to be centered, so when the screen is smaller or larger (responsive) the buttons are always centered.

Hi Spaztickle,

Please try this way: Put button shortcodes adjacently like this:

[button]Button 1[/button] [button]Button 2[/button]

And do not enter a new line after a shortcode.

If this doesn’t work, let show me the site I’ll take a look help you further.

- WiThemes